Saturday, 10 September 2016

Desh Bada Na Bhaiya, Sabse Bada Rupaiya

Islamic Research Foundation (IRF), the NGO run by the Salafist preacher Zakir Naik to spread Wahabi Islamism and religious conversion in India had paid Rs.50 lacs as donation to the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation led by Sonia Gandhi & her family and run by Congress Party leaders & associates.
It is very significant to note that Zakir Naik, who himself lives on foreign donation to run his activity & his NGO, had selected another NGO led & run by Gandhi family and Congress to redonate Rs.50 Lacs from the donation it received. Also, it is to be noted that majority of the donation received by Naik’s IRF was from Saudi Arabia’s special fund earmarked for setting up of Wahabi centres in India. Saudi Arabia, by establishing Wahabi centres wants to instill a radical thinking in the minds of the Sunni Muslims in India. The Wahabis are an extremely orthodox sect of Sunni Muslims. As per an Intelligence Bureau report, between 2011 and 2013 - Saudi Arabia sent Rs.1700 Cr to India through various sources & Wahabi preachers to conduct seminars in various parts of the country and use it to propagate the Wahabi style of Islam. In 2015, Saudi Arabia's King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud conferred the Arab country's most prestigious “Service to Islam” award on Naik. So what Service, was Naik providing to Islam (and Saudi Arabia) in India is now anybody’s guess. Naik is on the payroll of Saudi Arabia for performing religious conversions. Naik used to lure Hindus, Jains and members of other non-Islamic religions in India with money to make them convert to Islam.
But Congress can’t fool anybody by saying that it did not know that Zakir Naik would turn out to be "controversial hate preacher" in 2016 and hence they have returned the money they received in 2011 in July’2016. First, IRF has claimed that so far they have not received the retuned money. If Congress really wanted to return the money, in today’s E-Banking age, it doesn’t need 2 months to send back Rs.50 lacs. Second, why did Congress not return the money in 2012 itself when security agencies gave a negative report about Zakir Naik owned Peace TV. On 4th Dec’2012, the then Information and Broadcasting Minister Manish Tiwari gave a statement in Parliament that security agencies had identified 24 illegal foreign channels including Peace TV of Zakir Naik, whose content was objectionable and posed a potential security hazard to our nation.
Saudi Wahabi money travels to Congress - but for what? Congress and its supporters should introspect on how it has managed to attract huge donations and patronage from people with radical Islamic sympathies. This was also around the time various Congress leaders including General Secretaries and MPs were making pro-Islamic Jihad, pro Osama Bin Laden statements, opposed Batla House encounter etc. in press conferences. As recently as on 22nd July’2016, Congress leader Digvijaya Singh referred to Zakir Naik as a “messenger of peace” and accused Modi Govt of “relating” Islam to terrorism for investigating Naik & his NGOs track records. Is this not evidence enough that such donations were given as Congress was perceived as soft on letting Jihadi individuals and organizations like Zakir Naik go about their "business" without much scrutiny and to buy patronage & protection? So, can we now infer that Congees charged “professional fee” for its “pseudo-secularism”?
Warren Buffett, said that “it is only when the tide recedes do we know how many had been swimming naked”. After only two years of Modi-rule, the receding Congress-tide has exposed the one family that had been swimming naked for over 60 years. Foundations and Trusts in the name of charity are proxy fronts used by the Gandhis to siphon off illegal money including bribes and commissions from various scams. The Gandhi family has always maintained such unholy alliances and the Congress party is also infested with radical and criminal elements. It is no surprise that their funding comes from bribes, commissions and donations from shady individuals and organizations including Islamic Jihadi groups such as Zakir Naik’s.
The root cause of most of the problems India is facing since independence including Islamic Jihadi terrorism is Congress. Directly or indirectly Congress party has given patronage to anti-India , radical, inimical individuals & groups who are threat to India’s civilization, culture, heritage, integrity and security. Congress sold India to Islamic terrorists piece by piece. Its leaders like Shinde & Chidambaram coined the term Hindu Saffron Terror, Digvijaya Singh held Osama Ji & Hafeez Saheb in high esteem and termed Batla House encounter against Indian Mujahedeen as fake, Rahul Gandhi commented to US Ambassador that not Islamic Jihadi terrorism but Hindu extremists were the main threat to India, Mani Shankar Aiyar openly urged Pakistan while in Pakistani soil to help topple the Modi Govt. and help install Cong Govt for Pakistan’s interest, Salman Kurshid while in Pakistan lauded Sharif while slamming PM Modi for taking a tough stance against Pakistan for its cease fire violation and cross border terrorism in Jammu & Kashmir. Gandhi family and Congress would not hesitate to sell India to Wahabis & Jihadi terrorists even at a price. Congress party and it’s the then UPA home minister Chidambaram did everything to first kill Modi by LeT terrorists and then falsely implicate Modi in Ishrat Jehan encounter case, so that they don’t lose power and their un holy alliances with anti-India forces remain intact for money & power. Congress also sold “Freedom of Expression” & “Tolerance” limit to enemies of the nation and anti-nationals at certain prices. For Sonia Gandhi’s Congress "Desh Bada Na Bhaiya, Sabse Bada Rupaiya". This woman, her family and party have their fingers in every dirty deal in this country (as I am writing this another dirty deal in Embraer Aircrafts acquisition is tumbling out of the Congress’s cupboard). If Zakir Naik could pay Rs.50 lakh to the Rajiv Gandhi foundation, wonder how much Dawood Ibrahims, Hafiz Sayeeds, Yasin Bhatkals and the ISI would have paid to the corrupt Congress party over decades in power?
The alliance between Congress party/leaders and shady individuals/organizations including Zakir Naik’s require much intense and thorough probe to find out why Congress over decades always received donations, patronage and sympathy/support/vote from anti-Indian individuals & organizations.