Thursday, 30 October 2014

An Open Letter to Syed Ahmed Bukhari of Jama Masjid

Dear Mr.Bukhari,

My this letter to you is in reaction to your invitation today to Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif for the anoinment ceremony of your son as the 'Naib Shahi Imam' (Vice Imam) of the Jama Masjid and your statements about Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.  

I have a few questions for you which are as below :-

1.       What do you consider yourself to be? Are you living in Mughal era India where your forefathers were “Shahi” Imams and by dint of that coincidence, you still consider yourself to be the “Caliphate” of Indian Muslims as Mughal “Shahi Nababs” have cease to exist? Is Jama Masjid a “state within a state’ in India, which can have independent foreign and strategic policies?

2.       If Indian Prime Minister is to attend the private ceremony of a “Jihadi sympathiser & supporter” like you, I will stop respecting and endorsing him. I am sure even if invited, PM Modi would have never attended your ceremony as the position of Indian PM is far above the position of a petty “thug” godman like you. But who are you to invite the head of Govt. of an inimical nation like Pakistan? Do you consider that you are running a “Shahi Kingdom” in absence of the Mughal Kings? Or do you consider that Pakistan and its PM is the rightful inheritor of Mughal India and still hoping that someday Mughal rule will be restored over the Indian subcontinent?

3.       You said that you and your followers can’t relate to Modi but consider Nawaz Sharif as your friend. That means you don’t care if the person is an enemy of India but still ready to continue your relationship. Nawaz Sharif is responsible for the death and misery of lakhs of people in India in J&K and other places as his Govt. is using ISI and the barbaric Islamic Jihadi groups like LeT, JeM, Al Qeada etc. to spread terrorism and proxy war against India. I am sure you have sent invitation to Hafiz Saeed and Dawood Ibrahim too through “proper channel” to send at least  their representatives to your ceremony.

4.       You also said that Modi has no contribution to Indian Muslims. But can you enlighten us, as to what contribution Nawaz Sharif has towards Indian Muslims except instigating, supporting and financing some of them through ISI and the Jihadi groups to wage jihad against their own Govt. and nation?

5.       You again said that you and the Muslims of India have not pardoned Modi for the killing of Muslims during 2002 Godhra riots. Who are you to pardon or even question the Prime Minister of India, who has been absolved of any complicity in that riot by the highest court of the country? Can you answer, if you have pardoned Sharif for the killings of lakhs of Hindus, Sikhs, Jews and Christians under his rule earlier and even now in Pakistan? Have you also pardoned Sharif for killings of Lakhs of Indians in J&K and other parts of India? Let me tell you, even if you have, the people of India have not.  But your invitation to such a person proves that you and your followers/supporters  consider that killing of Hindus, Sikhs, Jews and Christians in Pakistan, other Islamic countries  and even in India are all right but you value only life of Muslims all over the world. For you, all Muslims from anywhere in the world are your brothers and sisters but not people from other religions even if they are from your own country. For you Islam comes before your own country of birth and where you are living. You are the same person who praised Osama Bin Laden and refused to unfurl Indian tri colour in Jama Masjid complex on India’s Independence and Republic Days a few years back. Now we know where your loyalty lies.

Mr. Bukhari, you have done a great favour to us by your these actions and statements. It remains to be seen now, how many “Indians” attend your function and still be wanted to be called "secular, nationalistic and patriotic". We will now come to know who the traitors of India are. I am sure Jihadi activists, their supporters & sympathisers, Kashmiri separatists along with pseudo secular politicians, intellectuals and media crooks of India will be there to show solidarity with your this “secular freedom of expression and action”. “Sickulars” like Salman Khurshid have already given statement to the media that  India is a "democratic" country and you have the right to choose whom to invite and whom not. After destroying the word 'secularism', now they are out to abuse the word 'democracy'.

Mr. Bukhari, you should thank your God that you were born and living in a civilized nation where the majority of the people are tolerant and believe in progressive ideology. Had you been in one of the theocratic Islamic states and would have behaved in a similar way against the interest of that state, by now you would have been beheaded on live TV. But, don’t take the generosity of this country and its civilized people for granted considering it as their weakness. Now this country knows how to retaliate towards its traitors and enemies and refuse to be slave of the earlier spineless, cowardly, apologetic and submissive culture. You are a traitor and   enemy of the Indian state. You are also an agent and working for the interest of the enemies of the nation.  Very soon this nation will put you into trial for sedition and treat you at par with Kasab and Afjal Guru.





Wednesday, 29 October 2014

The Media Bubble of Black Money

Since last Monday Indian media was in a frenzy over the 3 names disclosed by the Modi led NDA Govt. to the Supreme Court and along with the UPA allies (and Arvind Kejriwal) were questioning the Central Govt. as to why it failed to disclose more names specially of the “Big Fishes’ and how it’s stand on “Black Money” is different from the previous UPA Govt. They even went to the extent of saying that the NDA Govt. was doing a U turn from its election promises on this issue and also trying a cover up for “some people”. When the Supreme Court asked the NDA Govt. yesterday to submit to it in a “sealed envelope” all the names of the “Foreign Bank Account Holders” collected so far by Govt. of India, the media got another stick to beat the Govt. saying that this is a “major blow” to the Modi Govt. But when the same Supreme Court chose not to make public the list of 627 names submitted to it in a sealed envelope by the Govt. today and left it to the Special Investigation Team (SIT) to carry out necessary investigation and evolve a procedure to ensure proper probe into the matter, the bubble bursted on the face of the print & electronic media, arm chair intellectual critics and the corrupt UPA allies.
Now the questions that arise are the followings –
a)      Why did Supreme Court pass the order of yesterday?
b)      Is this order in contradiction to what the Modi Govt. has been all along saying both in court and in public forum (that the names will remain undisclosed until investigation agency’s probe and find any illegal act)?
c)       Is this a blow to Modi Govt.?
The Finance Minister Arun Jaitley told very clearly that Govt had already given list of all names obtained so far from foreign countries to the Special Investigation Team (SIT led by retired Justice MB Shah) as early as on 27th July as soon as the SIT was formed by the new NDA Govt.  It is to be noted that, the SIT was asked to be appointed by the Supreme Court itself in the year 2011.  Jaitley also  said that once SIT is through with the investigation and find any illegality in any of the accounts, the names shall be submitted to the Supreme Court. This has been explicitly stated in an affidavit recently filed by the NDA Govt before the Supreme Court. As SIT is being supervised by the Supreme Court itself, hence sharing the names with SIT is as good as sharing it with Supreme Court. Where does the question of hiding names arise? So, why did Supreme Court ask Govt. to provide it the names which the SIT already has? That is a million dollar question that has no logical answers. And now today when Supreme Court has said that it is not going to open the envelope and entrusted the same SIT with the investigation and submission of  report to the Supreme Court, is it not a bizarre order by the Supreme Court, which has no real purpose?
It was evident from the time the order was passed by the Supreme Court to submit the names of foreign account holders currently with Govt. of India and SIT in a “sealed envelope”, that it was not for public consumption. But the media and specially Congress led UPA allies (and also Kejriwal) created an impression that Court wanted all the names to be disclosed in public and the NDA Govt. was running away from it. Now that the Supreme Court has explicitly said that it is the SIT, who only can open the envelope and continue the investigation, does the same media and the UPA political leaders, rejected by people during the last Lok Sabha elections and Assembly election after election thereafter, owe an explanation to the people of this country? And there’s a legal reason, why NDA Govt. was not revealing the names in public but given to the Supreme Court supervised SIT formed by an order of the court. In Supreme Court’s own judgment of 2011, it clearly stated that disclosure of names without preliminary investigation indicating a prima facie violation is a serious violation of an individual’s right to privacy guaranteed under the Constitution. Moreover, the Supreme Court realizes that disclosing names received from foreign countries without establishing any illegal act will significantly impede on-going efforts to get more information from such tax havens and is also a serious violation of international treaties.
Today Prime Minister Narendra Modi seems to be having the last laugh. Had the NDA Govt. kept on saying that they can’t reveal the names due to domestic and international legal reasons, it would have been under constant fire for days and months to come from the Congress led UPA and their paid media. Now the ball is in the Supreme Court's court and the argument rests there – now since the Supreme Court has kept the names secret and not made them public - NDA Govt.'s stand is vindicated. It has done its job by handing over the explosive envelope to the Supreme Court and the SIT under supervision of the Court has the responsibility to do effective & quick investigation and find legally valid proof to prosecute the offenders. If Supreme Court goes ahead and make the names public at any stage for any reason, without investigation and valid proof of illegality, the Govt. will be able to claim that it was Supreme Court, who derailed Black Money investigation. Actually Supreme Court has taken the monkey off NDA Govt.'s back. Now if the Supreme Court fails in its mission due to its immature and childish over enthusiasm like how it was displayed in plenty so far in this case, eggs will be on its face and not Modi Govt.’s.
Actually, the Supreme Court seems to be jittery over the Judicial Accountability Bill passed by both houses of Parliament - and wants to score points on Govt. – and this bizarre order is an outcome of that fight. But probably the Supreme Court has bitten off more than it can chew in this black money case?  It should not forget that in our country constitution is supreme and not the courts, the executive or the legislature. Each of these institutions has its own domain, duty and accountability. If the elected Govt. can’t be trusted to do their public duty, why should we believe judges appointed by a collegium system whose functioning was shrouded in secrecy for the last two decades? Therefore, it should not try to be in a popularity and publicity competition on an issue, on which the Govt. of the day has shown its commitment and resolve from the very first cabinet meeting it conducted.
The “News Traders” and “Presstitutes” of the media houses along with their politician and intellectual friends from the UPA club (including AAP) created an illusion that Modi led NDA Govt. is the culprit for India not able to recover the black money so far and it was a crime by BJP that they raised the issue of black money first and for so long.  They have also never highlighted that Supreme Court ordered the then UPA Govt. in 2011 to constitute a SIT to probe this issue but UPA  Govt. never obeyed the Court order till 2014, when they went out of power. They created all hurdles and delays in investigating the same. In contrast, Modi led NDA Govt. constituted the SIT on its first ever cabinet meeting with an ex Judge as head and including representatives from all the economic and criminal investigation agencies of the country under supervision of the Supreme Court. They submitted the list of names of account holders to the SIT on 27th July. The SIT started its probe and the first list of 3 offenders were submitted to the court on 27th Oct – that is within a space of 3 months from the date of handing over the names, investigation started in right earnest and complete proof against 3 persons were collected so that those names can be made public as per international legal requirements. The Govt. also told the court that very soon more names will be made public as investigations are almost complete against more names. This is a sharp departure from the pussy footing by the UPA Govt. for 10 long years, when they failed to even constitute the SIT to start the investigation, let alone find proofs to make names public and start prosecution.
The media, the UPA allies, Arvind Kejriwal and his “Char Aadmi Party”   has been discredited thoroughly today, who went to town claiming that NDA Govt. had something to hide and is not sincere in investigating the Black Money issue. Within a period of 5 months they are expecting miracles from NDA Govt. but why they never showed such haste when UPA was ruling?

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Nobel Laureates for the World – Traitors for Pakistan

This week Malala Yousafzai has become the second ever Pakistani to win a Nobel Prize. Malala came to prominence as an anonymous blogger for BBC Urdu in the deeply conservative Swat region of  North West Pakistan, where she bravely defied Taliban dictates that girls should not go to school and remain in Burqa. In 2012, after she had gone public with her support of education for girls and also against the custom of Burqa (she wears only a head scarf), she was shot in the head by Taliban gunmen while returning on a school bus in the orders of the Taliban supreme leader Mullah Mohammad Omar. Rushed to Britain for treatment, she miraculously recovered and became an international campaigner for the rights of children, especially girls to get education and equal treatment in Pakistan and other Islamic countries. However, most people in Pakistan are not rejoicing on Malala’s winning the Nobel Prize as they see her as someone against their religious and social belief and custom.  Even as people all over the world are praising the young girl for her courage, many conspiracy theories are abounding in Pakistan. Pictures with notes  showing Malala and her father are circulating giving so called ‘proof’ that the Taliban never attacked her and that she alongwith her father are CIA agents. According to some, she was attacked because the USA wanted to malign Pakistan. The belief that the Taliban are not responsible is startling as Taliban commander Adnan Rasheed wrote a letter to Malala and publicly acknowledged the attack. Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan(TTP) spokesperson, Shahidullah Shahid threatened her again recently with a statement to French press agency AFP, saying “she is not a brave girl and has no courage. We will target her again and attack whenever we have a chance”. Even the mainstream media in Pakistan is also condemning her. Tariq Khattack, editor of the “Pakistan Observer”, condemning the prize and Malala wrote in an editorial that “she is a normal, useless type of a girl. Nothing in her is special at all. She’s selling what the West will buy”.
The CIA angle is a very common thing in Pakistan, which tends to see “foreign hands” as the root of all problems faced by that country. Everything that happens in Pakistan is a plot by the Indians, America or Israel or all three - the Taliban, power cuts, flood, corruption, economic stagnation, Osama bin Laden et al. The tendency to see plots and enemies behind every tree is a common trait of the Pakistani people, which is overwhelmingly conservative and suspicious of India and the West. Non-Muslims, foreigners, anyone embraced by the United States (such as Malala) and even minority religious sects in Pakistan are all seen as agents of foreign powers. The powerful Armed Forces of Pakistan who ruled the country more than half of its existence need enemies to justify itself and “foreign hands” are a convenient target. For decades, generations of Pakistanis have been indoctrinated with false stories, distorted history, religion based education and encouraged by the media, the military and the govt. to blame everybody who is a non-believer for the country’s problems ignoring the cancer of “Jihadi culture” that is eating away Pakistan since its birth. Therefore, how can Pakistanis accept Malala to be a hero, when her speeches do not have any Islamic agenda? How can they consider her to be an ideal future leader when nothing she says or does imbues a false sense of superiority in them as Muslim or Pakistani? Just see her plight. When Malala can't even live in Pakistan and is spending her life in exile for what she stands for, do you really think her work is appreciated by the majority in that country? She stood for a just cause but had the majority of the population in Pakistan and Govt.  supported her, she could still have continued her life and fight from the soil of that country. But why is she unable to do so? We have to accept what is reality and no point in trying to deceive ourselves by saying that Pakistanis stand for peace, civilization, rule of law and a modern pluralistic state where people have freedom to live their life as they like. I too agree that there are people in Pakistan who are moderate, love peace and a modern, scientific, rational and liberal civilized social order. But the people who are moderate in Pakistan are not effective and the people who are effective are not moderate. The moderate people in that failed rogue state don't have any say in their scheme of things and they are a miniscule minority. Had they been effective and influential, Malala would have still been living in Pakistan.
But disowning and insulting its Nobel laureates is a tradition in Pakistan. Before Malala, in 1979, Dr. Abdus Salam won the Nobel Prize for Physics. He was the first Pakistani Noble Laureate and also the first ever Muslim to win a Noble Prize for Science. But the story of this first Pakistani Nobel laureate is worth remembering and not for particularly happy reasons. He too, is a pariah in Pakistan, rarely acknowledged and never claimed as the “pride” of the nation.  But his crime? He was an Ahmadiyya, a minority Muslim sect whose adherents are considered heretics by so called true Muslims because they don't believe that Muhammad was the last prophet and Pakistan declared them un-Islamic and against which it discriminates horribly. Like Malala he, too, was in exile when he won the Nobel Prize. Despite being a leading figure in Pakistan's space and nuclear program, Dr. Salam was shunned by Muslim fundamentalists when they took control of the country in the 1970s. In 1979, he was joint winner of the Nobel Prize for his research on electroweak unification, known as the Standard  Model of particle physics, which theorized that fundamental forces govern the overall dynamics of the universe. Dr. Salam and Steven Weinberg, with whom he shared the prize, independently anticipated the existence of the 'God particle' which many decades later became formally known as the “Higgs Boson Theory” after the British Professor Peter Higgs who said the particle was responsible for endowing other particles with mass. The 5 million members of the Ahmadiyya community face persecution in Pakistan, where the constitution was amended in 1974 to declare them non-Muslims. The members of the  Ahmadiyya faith believe that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad a 19th century saint from Qadian town of Gurdaspur district was a messenger of the prophet and obey his teaching based on Quranic teachings of Prophet Muhammad. The motto of the Ahmadiyya Community is "Love for All, Hatred for None". In Pakistan, Ahmadiyyas, face prison or even death if they pose as Muslims, practise their faith publicly, describe their places of worship as mosques or take part in the sacred Muslim call to prayer. On grounds that they are supposed "apostates," Ahmadiyyas face the perpetual risk of prosecution for simply observing their faith. None of Dr. Salam's great accomplishments mitigated the bias against his community in Pakistan. In applying for a Pakistani passport, all Pakistanis are required to declare that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad is an impostor prophet and that his followers are non-Muslims. Madrasas of all sects of Islam in Pakistan prescribe reading materials for their students specifically targeted at refuting Ahmadiyya beliefs. As a result, persecution and hate-related incidents are constantly reported from different parts of the country, and Ahmadiyyas have been the target of many attacks led by other Islamic religious groups.
Dr. Salam received the Nobel Prize in traditional Punjabi attire and quoted the verses of the Quran in his acceptance speech. However, he had already been disowned in Pakistan. On his return to Pakistan in December 1979, there was no one from the public or Govt. to receive him at the airport. He was like a pariah in his own country. He could not even give a lecture in the Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad, since there were threats of violence from students belonging to Islami Jamiat-i-Talaba. This was not an isolated event and other institutes also found it difficult to invite him for the same reason. His reputation was further tarnished when the right-wing journalist stalwarts came up with their stories claiming him to be a CIA agent and a traitor, who had sold the country’s nuclear secrets to India. As a result of this, when Dr. Salam decided to resign from his government post and eventually moved to Europe, where he would live until his death, which only gave further wind to those hurtful theories about him being a ‘traitor’. While Dr. Salam was shunned in his own country, the world held him in high regard. The then Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi invited him to India and bestowed a great gesture of respect by not only serving him tea with her own hands but even offered him Indian citizenship. In Geneva, Switzerland, a road was named after him. In Beijing, the Prime Minister and the President of China attended a dinner hosted in his honour while the South Korean President requested Dr. Salam to advise Korean scientists on how to win the Nobel Prize. He was also presented with dozens of honorary degrees of doctorate and awards for his hard work by foreign universities. But despite his achievements, Dr. Salam's name appears in few textbooks and is rarely mentioned by Pakistani leaders or the media. 
Even in 1989, the world's first Muslim woman Prime Minister, Benazir Bhutto, who herself knew prejudice, refused to meet Dr.Salam even after keeping him waiting in a hotel room in Islamabad for two days. He was very disappointed when Bhutto’s personal assistant rang him up to say that the Prime Minister did not have the time. But his misery didn’t end there. For Dr. Salam, not even death saved him from being targeted. The “ultimate insult” was upon his death in 1996 in Oxford, England, his body was brought to Pakistan as per his last wish to be buried in his hometown. The highest official representative of the Govt. of Pakistan at the funeral was the local police inspector. But the wonderfully enlightened Islamic fundamentalists were not satisfied with that also.  The epitaph on his tombstone was defaced and authorities removed the word Muslim from his tomb, which initially read ‘First Muslim Nobel laureate’ on the orders of the local magistrate.  This final disgrace explains why this hero was abandoned in the first place. The theological amendment in the constitution of Pakistan does not allow members of the Ahmadiyya faith to call themselves Muslims. No Muslim nation or countrymen acknowledge him because they don't see him as Muslim
Ahmad Salam, the London-based son of Dr. Abdus Salam  on hearing that Malala won the Nobel Prize said, “I am delighted to hear that Pakistan has gained its second Nobel. It is controversial but we can’t deny she is an amazing young girl”. However, he added that the Pakistani establishment never gave his father his due, “Pakistan still does not acknowledge my father in any official capacity. His name doesn’t appear in any history or science books. He has one small hall in Government College, Lahore, named after him, so there isn’t really any widespread recognition that he was a lifelong Pakistani or that Pakistan should be proud of him”.  Ahmad Salam also said his father was very touched by the warmth and affection he received during his visit to India after winning the Nobel Prize and recalled that the then PM Indira Gandhi had offered him Indian citizenship.
This year alone, at least 13 Ahmadiyyas have been killed so far in targeted attacks in Pakistan. The Taliban insurgency in Pakistan, steeped in sectarian slaughter, has called for the death of Ahmadiyyas and other minorities and the destruction of their holy places. That "stony barrenness" is now once more in view. Like Dr. Salam, Malala Yousafzai, whom the Taliban tried to kill for her outspoken role in promoting education for girls, lives in de facto exile in Britain. She is the source of a conspicuous and disgraceful amount of slander back home, with some critics deeming her a stooge of Western interests, a CIA agent and a "useless type of girl". Islamists of various stripes, including some with a great deal of influence, have all heaped such calumny upon the teenager and will likely to continue to do so. They were pleased with her as long as she was another local victim. But then, she cast off her victimhood and emerged as a hero, a beacon of hope for young girls around the Islamic world. So she is threatened with death, exiled, vilified and scorned so that children like her won’t dare again to rise for their universally accepted civilized rights and the society in particular remains slave to the age old backwardness and injustice.  Perhaps, if Dr. Salam had been accepted and embraced in his own country, science would have enjoyed a completely different status in Pakistan. Surely, Pakistani people would have travelled far on the road of scientific progress. But alas, they did not. Pakistan as a nation does not know how to honour its Nobel Laureates. Hatred, jealousy, bigotry and believing in conspiracy theories are norm of life in that country. Victim mentality and blaming others is prevalent in their society. But if it has to progress in a civilized world order, it needs to come out of being the custodians of religion and let everyone live their lives within their beliefs and help each other as members of the society.
There is a quote from German music composer Johannes Brahms that sums up the mentality of those in Pakistan, who rejected Dr. Salam and are now making efforts to belittle Malala’s struggle-  "those who enjoy their own emotionally bad health and who habitually fill their own minds with the rank poisons of suspicion, jealousy and hatred, as a rule take umbrage at those who refuse to do likewise and they find a perverted relief in trying to denigrate them". However, it is never too late. If Pope John Paul II could apologise on behalf of the Catholic Church for the mistreatment of Galileo in the 17th century, why can’t Pakistanis apologise to Dr. Salam and Malala? But they won’t. I don't think Nobel achievement should be the wakeup call, wakeup call should be the support from the so called educated class of Pakistan for the barbarians who would not even allow girls to go to school. So let's accept the reality. Peace and civilized life can't prevail in the  ‘Islamic Terrorist Republic of Pakistan”.

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Taming the Devil

Going by the past experiences of the spineless, cowardly, apologetic and submissive Congress led Indian Govt’s response, Pakistani political and military establishments could never anticipate the strong, massive and effective response of the Narendra Modi led current Indian Govt to the ceasefire violation by Pakistan at the Line of Control (LoC) and International Border. They are shocked by the ferocity and volume of India’s retaliation and now running for cover in the face of India's onslaught. Given complete freedom to act by the Govt, the Indian Army and Border Security Force are firing back at will from every spot the Pakistanis have targeted and systematically destroying the Pak military infrastructure as well as killing both military and civilian on that side. India's retaliation has been so effective that Pakistani television channels have been directed by the Pak military  and ISI to completely black out any media coverage of the damage caused on the Pakistani side and not to show any visual of the casualties or damage on the ground. Even the Pakistani  newspaper “Dawn”, which was covering these incidents widely, have been  asked on wednesday by the Pak Army to tone down reports about killing and damage on the Pakistani side. Pakistan's military establishment is on the verge of losing face and not liking the evolving situation as in Pak occupied Kashmir (POK), demonstrations by the common people have already started against Pak Govt (Hindi news channel “India TV” had covered the same extensively last night).
Indian Home Minister Rajnath Singh told Pakistan in no uncertain terms when he reminded Islamabad that "times have changed in India", implying that this is a different Govt. which will not bend to Pakistan’s bullying tactics and misadventures.  Both defence Minister Arun Jaitley and National Security Advisor (NSA) Ajit Doval have instructed the Indian Security forces to go all out and given them total freedom to retaliate as they deem fit. This is a never before stance of India against Pakistan. This marks an unprecedented toughening of India's stand on border standoffs. Similar resistance was shown by India during the stand-off in eastern Ladakh's Chumar area last month. After India refused to budge, China’s People's Liberation Army (PLA) vacated its positions in the disputed territory and agreed to the old positions.

But if we carefully analyse, we find that since May’14, the new Indian Govt has completely changed its policy and strategy towards Pakistan in its dealings and responses. These are part of a series of deft diplomatic moves that India adopted since Modi became Prime Minister to block every attempt by Pakistan to internationalise the Kashmir issue or humiliate India politically & militarily by promoting the terror machinery as their strategic asset to gain upper hand in the Kashmir dispute. To begin with, immediately after Modi Govt came to power it declared the UN Military Observer Group (UNMOGIP) irrelevant and made them vacate the Govt. accommodation they were using as their office in New Delhi for decades. Then it took tough measures against the terror organizations, their sympathisers and supports in J&K by hunting down and eliminating many terrorists during encounters in last few months. Also it told the Hurriyat and other such over ground Pakistani support groups that their days are numbered, if they don’t change their stance and tactics. The never before security measures resulted in the lowest ever  infiltration of terrorists into Indian territory from the Pak Jihad factories across the border in decades. According to figures compiled by the Army HQ and intelligence agencies, compared to 270 infiltration attempts along the LoC last year, this year only 90 have been made from Pakistan. While in 2013, 90 militants reportedly managed to sneak into J&K, this year only 24 have been successful.  June-Oct is the period of the year when infiltration attempts are made by terrorists with cover fire assistance from the Pak army due to melting of snow. Then calling off the foreign secretary level dialogue with Pakistan because of its continued parleys with Hurriyat leaders was a master stroke which put Pakistan in its place infront of the Jihadi elements in both Pakistan and India, the sympathisers and supporters of the Kashmir cause in Pakistan, India as well as all over the world. India scored the biggest victory when Prime Minister Narendra Modi, addressing the UN General Assembly in New York ensured that Kashmir was not allowed to dominate the agenda and gave befitting reply to Pak PM Sharif by putting all onus on Pakistan for restoring talks and made it very clear that terror and talks can’t go together and India will only talk on its “terms & conditions” . This made the Kashmir issue became irrelevant internationally and Pakistan lost its “K card” to score points over India internally and internationally. Pakistan’s latest attempt at ceasefire violation is mainly for 4 reasons - Firstly, they historically pushed militants to J&K during June-Oct period to reinforce their strength before snow makes the border areas inaccessible. Secondly, after the rebuff they received from India in the form of cancellation of foreign secy. level talks and in UN general assembly, Pakistan wants to bring the Kashmir issue to the forefront again. Thirdly, due to the above incidents, Pakistani political and military establishments have lost their credibility infront of the Jihadi elements in Pakistan as well as in India specially in J&K and trying to reinforce their credibility. Fourthly,  Pak Army is concerned that BJP may do well in the forthcoming assembly elections in J&K and thus may result in a major shift in politico-economic-military situation in J&K.

Modi Govt’s  unprecedented, massive and effective response and retaliation has made the Pakistani political and military establishment run for cover. Not finding any escape route, they petitioned UNO for asking India to stop the “ceasefire violation”. But Pakistan has tied itself into knots after even the UN has refused to intervene and told them unambiguously that Pakistan needs to sort this and all problems bilaterally with India. On the other hand, Indian Govt. is prepared for a long haul and has instructed its security forces to keep retaliating to inflict maximum damage on Pakistani infrastructure and manpower. India has even refused “flag meetings” requested by Pakistan to discuss the firings till they stop all cross border firing and infiltration as it wants to underline the point that Islamabad cannot dictate the terms of dialogue. Pakistani defence analysts have admitted that Pakistan’s aim of targeting India to divert attention of Pakistani people from the internal strife and to test the new Indian government has clearly backfired. India does not want to give any space to Pakistan that can dilute or weaken the new Govts. basic condition of 'no dialogue in the shadow of gun and terror'. As under Narendra Modi, India is making Pakistan pay a heavy price for its misadventures, he has become a target of Pakistani thinkers, strategists, media and jihadi elements. Therefore, “Hate Modi” is trending in social media and hackers are attacking Govt. of India websites. Some Indian intellectuals, politicians and media are also attacking Modi for taking such hardline against Pakistan as these elements “bake their bread” on so called “Aman Ki Asha” projects and back channel diplomacy.  But anybody who is sympathetic to Pakistan or its actions can’t be a true Indian and these elements need to be decimated by the Govt. once and for all as they are a threat to our sovereignty, integrity and security.

I have always maintained that the problem we are facing today from Pakistan is more a creation of our “inactions” of last 67 years, than the “actions” of Pakistan.  A misconception has been fed into the minds of millions of Indians over the years by our spineless, cowardice, power hungry, corrupt and incompetent politicians mainly from the Congress and Communist background backed by equally unfit and corrupt bureaucracy that a “strong & stable” Pakistan is in India’s interest. Thus, it was a clear case of failure of Indian political decision making and the result of shoddy & visionless strategic planning of certain unfit and incompetent politicians and their foreign policy/security advisers that India allowed Pakistan becomes a monster. The consequence of this colossal failure is that Indian establishment’s cowardliness has endangered the integrity, sovereignty and security of Indian state and its citizens. India has been tolerating Pakistan and its evil design for far too long with patience and magnanimity, which has been attacking and humiliating us at every opportunity. This approach has obviously not worked and our “generosity” has been mistaken as our “weakness”. Pakistan needs to realize that there is a severe price to be paid for the dangerous game it has been playing with us. We must stop hoping that if we pamper Pakistan with our acts of kindness, which we have been doing for last 67 years and indulge in our “Aman Ki Asha” projects, they will suddenly have this monumental change of heart and become our best friend & neighbour. We need to stop the peace charades, confidence building measures, cultural, sporting, economic  ties and stop deluding ourselves that we are not at war with Pakistan (which we are for the last 67 years). The Modi Govts. long term objective and interest is the negation of this failed rogue state for our own benefit and the benefit of a peaceful and civilized world order.