Wednesday, 30 December 2015

“Congress Darshan” or “Congress Darpan”?

It is said that the truth always comes out inadvertently. In a rare slip of the pen, the Congress party’s inhouse magazine “Congress Darshan” turned into “Congress Darpan” by showing it the mirror.  In its latest issue published on the occasion of 131st Foundation Day of the Congress party, the mouthpiece wrote articles criticizing Nehru for his "inept" handling of the Kashmir problem, adding that India would not have faced so many problems if the first PM had listened to Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. On Sardar Patel, the article said from the correspondence between him and Nehru, it was clear that on major policies, there were strong differences between them. Had Nehru listened to Patel, the situation in Kashmir, China, Tibet and Nepal would have been better, the write-up said. In 1950, Patel had sent a letter to Nehru alerting him on his policies on China and Tibet, and had specifically stated that China's policy lacked credibility. Patel also opposed Nehru’s move of taking the Kashmir issue to the UNO. It also added that Patel was instrumental in reconstructing the historic Somnath temple despite opposition of Nehru. On the Congress chief Sonia Gandhi, the write-up elaborated on her education and career. It said she was born in a small village in Italy and her father Stefano Maino was a member of the Italian fascist forces that fought against the Russian army. In another article, it said that Sonia became a primary member of the party in 1997 and became its chief in less than 62 days. Subsequently, it said Sonia made an unsuccessful attempt to form the government at the Centre.

It has always been the characteristic of Congress party to call the historical truths as  lies and distort history to projects lies as facts. The article actually exposed the well-researched historical truths as to how Nehru handled the economic and political affairs of the country after independence just to promote himself and the cause of his dynasty. But for the current Congress people, Congress’s history starts from Nehru and ends with Rahul Gandhi via Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi.

By 1946, it had become quite clear that India’s independence was only a matter of time.  An interim government was to be formed, headed by the Congress president as Congress had won the maximum number of seats in the 1946 elections. All of a sudden, the post of Congress president became very crucial as it was this very person who was going to become the first Prime Minister of independent India. The last date for the nominations for the post of the President of Congress, and thereby the first Prime Minister of India, was April 29, 1946.  And the nominations were to be made by 15 state/regional Congress committees of that time. In that process, 12 out of 15 Congress committees nominated Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel  but not a single one nominated Nehru's name.  So Gandhi conveyed this to Nehru and tried to make him understand the reality. A shell-shocked Nehru was defiant and made it clear that he would not play second fiddle to anybody. Nehru coerced Gandhi into supporting him by saying that if he splits the Congress, the entire independence plan would go awry as the British would get an excuse in delaying independence by raising the question as to who should be handed over the reins of power, Congress with Nehru or Congress minus Nehru. So Gandhi thought that it would be safe to ask Sardar Patel for making the sacrifice than to reason with a power-smitten Nehru. In fact, he had commented that Nehru had gone power-mad. Gandhi always knew that Sardar Patel would never defy him. So, he instructed Acharya J B Kriplani to get some proposers for Nehru from the Congress Working Committee (CWC) members despite knowing fully well that only Pradesh Congress Committees were authorized to nominate the president. When Gandhi told Patel to voluntarily step aside from the race for Congress president, he readily agreed. When Dr Rajendra Prasad heard of Sardar Patel’s withdrawal of nomination, he was disappointed and remarked that “Gandhi had once again sacrificed his trusted lieutenant in favour of the glamorous Nehru”. Gandhi’s this decision proved too costly for the nation as thereby Gandhi  introduced the concept of forced decisions by the so-called ‘high-command’ in Congress, which is now being followed by this political party for every decision making.  If Congress today says that nobody should doubt the wisdom of Gandhi in making Nehru the PM over Patel, then can they also explain why they forget the wisdom of same Gandhi who said that Congress should have been disbanded after India’s independence?

Yes, it’s a fact that had Patel been our first PM, Kashmir and other such problems would have never existed today alongwith a particular minority community appeasement policy. Patel opposed Nehru’s plan for reservation for Muslims in the parliament which resulted in the then Govt. withdrawing such a proposal. He wanted all communities to forget their religion & first become Indian with their undivided loyalty to the nation. Patel was brutally honest and said that people belonging to the minority community in the country should not try to ride on two horses. Patel also thought that the onus was on Muslims to defeat suspicions about the actions of some of their co-religionists in the pre-partition days. It is well known how Nehru had treated a senior leader like Patel during his tenure, which has been documented by the people who worked with both Nehru and Patel at that time.  It was the exemplary skills of Sardar Patel,  which forced all the 550 Princely States to merge with Independent India. But still Sardar Patel, the then Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister of India, was insulted, humiliated and disgraced by the then Prime Minister, Nehru, during a Cabinet meeting. “You are a complete communalist and I’ll never be a party to your suggestions and proposals,” Nehru shouted at Patel during a crucial Cabinet meeting to discuss the liberation of Hyderabad by the Army from the tyranny of the Razakkars, the then Nizam’s private army. “A shocked Sardar Patel collected his papers from the table and slowly walked out of the Cabinet room. That was the last time Patel attended a Cabinet meeting. He also stopped speaking to Nehru since then”, writes MKK Nair, a 1947 batch IAS officer who worked closely with Sardar and VP Menon his secy., in his memoirs “With No Ill Feeling to Anybody”.  Nehru was against sending Indian forces to liberate Hyderabad and tried to scuttle Patels plan and instead wanted to take this issue to UN. Had Patel not acted tough and inspite of Nehru’s objection liberated Hyderabad during the “Operation Polo”, we would have been having another Kashmir right in the heart of India today. The formation of North East Frontier Service under the Ministry of External Affairs by Nehru and the removal of the affairs of the Jammu & Kashmir from the Ministry of Home Affairs are the major reasons behind the turmoil in both the regions. This was done by Nehru to curtail the wings of Sardar Patel.  We would not have the Kashmir problem if Nehru had listened to the advice of  Patel and the then Army Chief General Kariappa to delay taking his complaint to the UN for three days so that the Indian Army could drive out the Pakistani invaders from Kashmir. Despite this Nehru referred Kashmir issue to UN, Patel totally opposed this and said "it is purely an internal matter and why should we refer this to UN". Patel also said, "if only Nehru had listened to my advice, not a single Pakistani would have been allowed to stay inside Kashmir even for a single day. Patel raised this issue in the Congress Working committee and Nehru & Patel were at loggerheads.  History has proved it beyond doubt that had Patel been the PM in place of Nehru, the country would not have faced the humiliation of 1962 war. Days before his death, Patel had written a letter to Nehru warning him about China’s nefarious designs but Nehru didn’t pay any attention to that letter.

Sardar Patel reconstructed the famous Somnath temple against the wish of Nehru without any state funding and when Rajendra Prasad, the then President wished to attended inauguration of the renovated temple, Nehru objected. But still Rajendra Prasad went ahead but Nehru was absent. However,  later on Nehru wanted to renovate the Babri Masjid at Government expense, a proposal Sardar had turned down as the  Home Minister. Sardar told Nehru that the Babri Masjid’s renovation was different from reconstruction of the Somnath Temple for which a trust was set up that raised nearly 30 lakh for the purpose. Government money was not spent - following which Nehru had to drop the idea (Patel’s daughter Maniben’s diary notes on September 20, 1950).

The consequences of Nehru becoming the first PM of India and the mess he created in India social, economic and political spheres have been tragic and the muddle he created still remains far from being sorted out. The nexus between the Congress led, self-proclaimed liberal-leftist-jihadi sympathiser-secular class, supported by the caste based political parties and the plethora of foreign funded NGOs, who play one community against another in the name of  protection of human rights and poverty alleviation to ensure Congress continues to retain the power to rule India as it suits their interests. Historically, they have together tricked, suppressed, discredited any voice that tried to challenge them - Subhash Bose disappeared,  Sardar Patel side lined,  RSS became Gandhi's killer, Shastri mysteriously died in Tashkent, Jaya Prakash Narayan apparently poisoned in the hospital and now they are running the “intolerance-beef promotion-hindutava bashing Campaign”. They can stoop to any low to retain their stranglehold on power and their not allowing the parliament to functioning for last 2 sessions on one or the other pretext is not coincidental. These forces can do anything to harm Modi as he has risen as the greatest challenger to the rotten dynastic rule, politics of caste & religious  divide, corruption & mis governance and everything else in the name of "secularism" and "pluralism". The congress trickster would do anything to continue the legacy of the dynasty to remain in power. Whoever has written the article has only stated the historical facts and reminded the nation about those true facts. Unfortunately, for the Sonia-Rahul sycophants, it is a sacrilege that the truth has been exposed about their dear leaders.

Sunday, 27 December 2015

Does India need enemies, when we have Congress & its allies?

While all the political parties are united in Pakistan in welcoming Modi’s sudden visit to Lahore, in India Congress is once again proving that it is the lousiest opposition party ever. Congress is peeved that they have been upstaged. They are peeved that Modi has done something, which they could never imagine and that too after proving to the world that India will only talk to Pakistan on its own terms from a position of strength at a time and place of its choice. There is no doubt anymore that Congress is anti-national and their only interest is to keep the rotten dynasty in power. They only have one concern - how much will their “Queen Mother and Prince” gain in any deal even at the cost of national interest. After what Mani Shankar Iyer and Salman Khurshid did in Pakistan, they have no right even to talk on any issues of national importance.

• It was Congress – who didn’t allow Sardar Patel to intervene in Kashmir & allowed a part of India to be occupied by Pakistan
• It was Congress – who took Kashmir issue to UN and created unending problems for India
• It was Congress – who freed 90 thousand POWs without gaining anything for India
• It was Congress – whose cowardice and appeasement policies gave birth to terrorism in Kashmir
• It was Congress – who allowed Dawood to flee from India & made him the Don operating from Pakistan and later supported Yakub Memon.
• It was Congress - who let 26/11 happen in Mumbai and tried telling us it was RSS handiwork
• It was Congress - who allowed monsters like SIMI and IM to flourish and bomb blasts to happen in India
• It was Congress – who inspite of proofs by international intelligence agencies blamed Samjauta Express Blast on “Hindu terror” & played into the hands of Pakistan
• It was Congress- who to protect Pakistani terrorists, created hurdles for our intelligence agencies
• It was Congress - who ordered our army not to retaliate against Pakistan's ceasefire violation and never acted against Pakistani forces who infiltrated in our territory to behead our brave soldiers, whose leaders even said that our soldier are only meant to die.
• It was Congress - whose leaders like Mani Shankar Iyer openly asked for Pakistan’s help to come back to power by removing Modi & BJP and Salman Khurshid criticised Indian Govt. to impress and appease Pakistan and the anti-national forces in India.

And still Congress expects Indian Foreign and Defence policies to be based on their unsolicited advises, whose ranks are full of Pakistani agents and supporters. In the past one and half years, that they are out of power, no one has seen anything positive from Congress. They seem to have lost their sense of balance and has taken the word ''opposition'' too literally. The Congress party never had a plan to deal with Pakistan strongly, primarily because that would upset their vote bank and the anti-India elements whom they have been patronizing to remain in power. They alongwith a section of Indian media and intellectuals are responsible for denigrating India and making it a soft state. But Modi and Doval are too nationalistic to give away anything to Pakistan even for any personal or electoral gains. And this is acknowledged by the Indian Armed forces and the intelligence agencies. The systematic destruction of India’s internal security apparatus by Congress and its allies during their rule in centre and states can’t be only for vote-bank politics, it has a larger dimension which is evident from the nervousness displayed by this dispensation with regard to ISI or Jehadi terror. After watching words and deeds of Sakeel Ahmed, Digvijaya Singh, Sushil Kr. Shinde etc. during UPA tenure, Salman Kurshid’s behaviour during and after his tenure as India’s foreign Minister and now what Mani Shankar Aiya told openly in Pakistan, is Congress worried that their age old practice of obtaining the services of the ISI, LeT, Dawood etc. for influencing vote-bank politics in India and winning elections to keep the dynasty in power will be exposed and stopped?

Saturday, 26 December 2015

Modi’s Bold Statement – Pakistan is just a small stop in India’s Global Diplomacy

In what took India, Pakistan and the whole world by surprise, PM  Narendra Modi  today made a diplomatic coup by flying into Lahore on his way back from Moscow and Kabul for a two and a half hour stop over to meet Pakistani  PM Nawaz Sharif for a brief bilateral dialogue.  Anybody with a little sense of global politics and diplomacy would admit that this conveys a right message to the international community and caught many in Pakistan and India including the worthless and anti-national Congress party napping. The fact that he made this visit in itself is important inspite of Pakistani Army & ISIS’s plans and Congress &  its allies criticism. But mark my words, it should not be seen as a sudden shift in Modi Govt.’s position vis-à-vis Pakistan. National Security Advisor of India - Ajit Doval, the main adviser to Modi on Foreign and Defence policy doesn’t make any move without deep analysis. It’s very evident since Modi took over as Prime Minister that India has dumped the Congress’s policy of appeasement and cowardice subjugation towards Pakistan. It has been proved beyond doubt  now that India will talk to Pakistan only at a time and place of India’s choice from a position of strength on an agenda selected by it. Till this Govt. came to power Pakistan was calling the shot and humiliated India at every opportunity. Now it’s payback time for India. Pakistan has very well realized it repeatedly - when bilateral meetings were cancelled at the last moment by India, ticked it off during UN summits and strong & massive retaliation to cross border firings by them – that Modi Govt. is very different from the earlier  spineless, cowardly, apologetic and submissive Congress led Indian Govt.  Now after this visit by Modi, Pakistan would be in trouble in the eyes of the International Community if they don’t reciprocate in the right way. But, India still doesn’t expect them to reciprocate and any false step by Pakistan will be India’s victory. So, Modi’s this diplomatic coup is actually to create trouble for Pakistan internationally and project India in the right perspective without conceding anything to Pakistan. And Congress and their allies understand this but don’t want to concede as that will either expose their failure in dealing with Pakistan or upset their constituency of anti-national vote bank.

Gobal diplomacy is more a matter of maneuver & perception then actual facts on the ground and Modi understands it very well. Hence, these “blow hot and blow cold” positions depending on time, place and situation. He just wants to show to the world that India is a large economic and military power  too powerful to be constrained by a small irritant like Pakistan in its plans and designs. India will treat Pakistan and drive its policy towards them as per its own wish and need,  without being bothered by Pakistan’s likes, dislikes or needs. India knows very well that not only Pakistan, but no Islamic state in this world can be a true friend and well-wisher for not only India but any non-Islamic nation in this world. Like USA’s friendship with Saudi Arab or Pakistan, which is not due to any bond of heart, ideology or civilization but due to only economic or political reasons, India also needs to engage with Pakistan only for political and economic reasons but not for developing any brotherhood. No amount of concession and good gesture will change the hearts of Islamic zealots in  Pakistan or for that matter in any Islamic theocratic state. For this first those Islamic states including Pakistan has to move their education and social life away from religion based culture, value system, thinking and behaviour. Till they move to modern and progressive education and social system based on respect for all religion, human values and universal good, they can’t be equal and true global nations. Their citizens are made to believe that only lives of people of their religion has value and all others are Kafers meant to be enslaved and slaughtered. Pakistani nation state is based on hate towards India, its culture and civilization. We are not dealing with a civilized, rational and progressive country and people. So all rational thinking, nationalistic and patriotic Indians should stop their idiotic pipe dreams that a jihadi Pakistan will guarantee a safe and peaceful India. Trust Pakistan at your own peril and this is realized by Modi & Doval. This Islamic theocratic state and humanism don’t go together. Irrespective of whatever we offer or do, they will continue their war of bleeding India through thousand cuts. Hence, Modi Govts. long term objective and interest is the negation of this failed rogue state for our own benefit and the benefit of a peaceful and civilized world order. And in this endeavour, creating difficult situations for Pakistan - bilaterally and internationally, humiliating and defeating them in every move, every forum, every encounter – economically, politically, militarily is the mission of this Govt. And Modi’s this visit to Lahore is part of that plan only. Pakistan is just a small stop in the Global Diplomacy of Modi’s India.

Thursday, 19 November 2015

All the Queen's Men & all the Queen's Horses are back to being Humpty-Dumpty again...

Why the “Award Wapsi”s have suddenly stopped ever since the Bihar election results have been declared? What happened to our Secular media too, they have stopped all the debates and discussions on “why & how India has become intolerant”? Kalburgi’s killing, which was one of the main “provocation” for the start of the “Award Wapsi movement”, happened in Karnataka ruled by secular Congress Govt. But instead of questioning the Congress Govt. of Karnataka for the slow and tardy investigation, these long forgotten writers, historians and artists were blaming the Central Govt. for the killing. They are also now not questioning the secular UP Govt. of Akhilesh Yadav, on the progress of the investigation into the Dadri incident and as Bihar election is over Mohammad Akhlaq is done & dusted into the dustbin of history. May be now, we are back to being a “tolerant nation”, as we always were.

Is it a mere coincidence that the conscience of all these writers, historians and artists about “tolerance” level in India woke up suddenly when the BJP Govt. came to power at the Centre? If their conscience were true, unbiased and not manufactured, they should not have accepted those awards at the first place after seeing emergency, Bhopal gas tragedy, anti Sikh riot in Delhi, Bhagalpur riot, Genocides of Kashmiri Pandits, Loot of India through scores of scams during the earlier Congress Govt.

It’s high time we learn to differentiate between political writers, historians and artists and true writers, historians and artists. We need to distinguish between deserving award winners and award winners due to their excellence in bootlicking of Nehru-Gandhi dynasty and kowtowing the left-liberal-pseudo secular line of thought. Political agenda behind, why and what these fraudsters are doing needs to be examined, publicly discussed and exposed.

Frustration and the desire to be back in public memory to earn a few bucks has led them to perform this publicity gimmick. They were doing it because returning the awards would fetch them more publicity than getting those awards. This nation can see through their 'intellectual thuggery'. Their "manufactured rebellion" actually is proof enough of their intolerance towards a democratically elected central Govt.

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Why the Congressi-Marxist-Radical-Jihadi-Castiest (CMRJC) Brigade hates Modi??

Narendra Modi has been the victim of the longest running defamation and distortion campaign in India’s social and political history.  Since  2002, India’s CMRJC (Congressi-Marxist-Radical-Jihadi-Castiest) brigade of media, politicians and intellectuals are using their propaganda machinery for their hate campaign against Modi and thereby against all nationalistic, patriotic, progressive, developmental forces of our nation. This propaganda has been going on for the last 68  years against the  nationalistic forces.  But their hatred towards  Modi and the systematic mis-information campaign against him is the severest ever seen in India.  

This opposition to Modi stems mainly from the Hinduphobia  engraved  in the biased minds of this leftist-liberal-Islamist brigade. For them, inspite of all historical, logical and rational evidences, Hindus are inherently intolerant, fascist, communal and inferior race, who have no right to survive and prosper in the land of their origin and must either remain chained in slavery of the descendants of the invaders or convert to the religion and culture of those invaders.  This brigade believes that for India being a secular democracy, only non-Hindus have a right to assert their identities, but not Hindus. They can’t accept that Hindus too can have religious rights and sensitivities and can demand tolerance about their religious sensitivities from other religions. For them, only Hindus have to prove their secular credential by sacrificing their history, culture, rituals but consider other religionists as born secular. They believe that one can’t be truly secular, unless he or she is publicly seen to be strong anti-Hindu in thoughts and actions. Needless to say that this attitude is  inherited from their colonial masters. First the invading Islamists and then finally the imperialist colonial masters had created an intermediate class of people in India, who are always apologetic about their civilization, race and culture and find nothing good in Hindus. So strong is their Hinduphobia that they have spread distorted theory on   “Hindu history and sociology”  borrowed from their colonial masters to denigrate Hinduism to create loss of self-respect amongst Hindus and make them fit for capitulation. For them, Hinduism is complete evil and only way out for our nation is to totally annihilate Hindus by breaking them into various castes, sects etc. and not allow them to remain as one race.  So accusations against  Modi, always  contain one word - “Hindu” - labelling him as ‘Hindu nationalist”, ‘Hindu radical” , “Hindu taliban” etc. and liberally use Hindu sacred symbols like “Om” or ‘Saffron colour” to denote his Hindu background . It is therefore, intolerable for them to see a leader who is proud of being a Hindu and can rise to great heights without resorting to Hindu bashing. They also consider it blasphemous that Modi and his followers have demolished the notion that Hindus only should demonstrate virtues like tolerance and assimilation for the sake of Hindu-Muslim unity. This brigade hates Modi as he has also demolished their  age old anti-Hindu propaganda and showed to the world the modern but assertive side of Hinduism, re-establishing it as on the most progressive early civilization in the world.

Modi by refusing to do politics of minority appeasement and symbolism but focusing on development and prosperity has upset the established political system of  caste and communal segregation  and those who seek to keep India permanently fractured along communal and castiest lines. His developmental politics offers no reservation to Muslims or any particular caste or free bees or even subsidies but only promises to create opportunity for work and enhancing prosperity for those who are ready to educate themselves in contemporary skill development and work hard. He is working to  attract investment and talent from within India and abroad for converting India from the largest consumer  economy to a manufacturing economy by improving its infrastructure from highways to i-ways and promoting liberal, market friendly economic policies for creating job/entrepreneurial prospects, breaking social barriers resulting in prosperity for common men irrespective of caste, creed or religion. He has shaken the  Congressi-Marxist-Radical-Jihadi-Castiest (CMRJC) brigade of  elite media, politicians and intellectuals as  inspite of belonging to a lower caste, he does not  evoke caste politics for his political journey but still able to break the glass ceilings and threatens the monopoly of the traditional elites by his mantra of mass prosperity and equality. The caste system is based on denial of economic freedom. The  Communist-socialism actually strengthens the caste identity and division for political gains of the ruling elite class as evident in Communist and Samajwadi dominated states in India by stereotyping the education and thinking,  to reduce the scope of entrepreneurship & choice. Modi’s leadership of systemic and cultural change for progressive development is giving nightmares to the Leftist-Samjwadi-Congressi political dispensation and their stooge media & intellectuals, who never want people to come out of castiesm and poverty by persuing economic freedom. In Modi’s economic and social policies, this brigade sees the lifetime of their work collapsing like a heap of cards.

This CMRJC brigade is also encouraged, nurtured and sponsored by various anti India forces controlled by inimical countries of the world, who don’t want India to come out of it slumber and assert itself in the world stage. Modi’s no nonsense approach towards India’s internal and external security and threat perception has become a headache to these anti India elements within and outside the country. Modi has stopped linking India’s actions - against Jihadi elements inside India or against their supporters & sympathisers or against Pakistan - to the sensitivities of Indian Muslims. He has made it clear that anybody who is sympathetic to the Jihadi elements nurtured and sponsored by Pakistan can’t be a true Indian. Modi has made completely irrelevant the forces who supported mercy for the Afzal Gurus and Yakub Memons or Kundankulan protesters  or Maoist ideology & actions or aggressive evangelism wearing the mask of human rights & anti- caste discourses, which seek to install a sense of alienation among different sections of the society.  The prospect of Modi leading India for next 10-15 years has rattled these elements as  they fear that their free run in India will come to an end. Hence, we see the massive and unprecedented national and international campaign by these “rights” groups and lobbying with even foreign Govts against Modi.

That a so called low caste person can be the fountainhead of so much dynamism, efficiency and progressive intellect is intolerable for this  CMRJC (Congressi-Marxist-Radical-Jihadi-Castiest) brigade and thus they are hostile to him to the extent of insanity. They are shocked that the social, political and Governance culture in India is changing wherein the new generation of Indians today are demanding merit, performance, accountability and aspiring India to be a proud & assertive - spiritual, economic, industrial and military superpower. Connections are not working in the corridors of power and no one is ready to respect anyone for his/her surname or the family he/she is born in. Modi also doesn’t play by the rules set by the CMRJC brigade over last 68 years, creates his own rules and gives a damn shit to their criticism based on falsification of facts and logic. Their leftist-socialist mentality is being lampooned and  the welfare schemes that made this brigade prosperous are being withdrawn one by one. Modi is trying to change the political discourse of India from caste and secularism to development, infrastructure and business friendliness. This is a major paradigm shift from leftist and socialist stance that this CMRJC brigade had thrust upon the nation for last 68 years. If Modi succeeds, India's politics will change forever as then people will vote based on whether the Govt. built roads and infrastructure, provided 24 hrs power, arranged for education, healthcare, provided an intermediary free fare market for produces and helped people by creating opportunities for livelihood & prosper instead of voting just on caste, religion and free bees.  This is not acceptable to this brigade as they are never really interested in India progressing to become a developed nation - they want to have more poor and socially divisive population, dirty-filthy cities, towns & villages, corrupt and scam full ‘status quoist” governance - so that they can continue to bake their bread on India’s  woes. But the Modi Govt has thrown their apologetic & submissive foreign, defence and economic policies into the “Nehruvian graveyard”. His policies are forcing the world to look at this new resurgent India with a different eye. That is what makes them cringe in anger the most as they are increasingly  becoming irrelevant in social and political circles. Therefore, the personal attacks on Modi has increased and that too now not just from obscure politicians, journalists, intellectuals and artists, but also from well-known personalities who thrived on a regressive, colonial India . So far, these Left-liberal-Jihadi sympathisers were following this policy with the so-called Internet Hindus. They would say something totally outrageous and when people would counter them with facts & logic, they would complain that people are intolerant and they are being victimised. So all the opposition, protests that we see today inside and outside our country against Modi are actually manifestation of hatred and frustration of this CMRJC brigade as they feel that the rise of Narendra Modi is the beginning of the end of their age old hegemony on this nation and its people.

Thursday, 12 November 2015

To the BBC and Guardian Correspondents in the Joint Press Conference addressed by Modi & Cameron in London…

Dear Mr. Correspondents of BBC and Guardian,

There is an old English saying that those who live in glass houses don’t throw stone at others. This is so true about your misplaced concerns about tolerance, secularism and Modi’s track record in India. Today I want to show you a mirror – a mirror where you can check your own standard of tolerance and limit of hypocrisy. Now, let me tell you about a study by an organization based in your own country and manned by your own countrymen. A report, released by your very own Institute of Race Relations (IRR) on the topic 'Racial Violence: The Buried Issue', analysed hundreds of cases of racial attacks in Britain annually and found that 45% of the victims of all racial attacks in Britain are Indian and hold your breath, as per the study “it is spreading in your country due to your Govt's approach towards racism”. The study found that the victims of attacks are overwhelmingly Asian (45%), Black (18%), and migrant workers (10%). The IRR report also reveals that the map of violence has changed quite dramatically since studies were first done a generation ago, when primarily areas like Southall, Tower Hamlets, Hackney & Newham witnessed the most racial attacks and murders but now have spread to more affluent towns and cities of your country. The IRR report also questions your Govt's assertion that racial violence is linked to migration saying that "The Govt's line that community tension is based solely on new immigration to the UK is partial and opportunistic. And politicians themselves are responsible, through their neglect of poor disadvantaged areas, policies including the demonization of certain groups. Whilst the main political parties in UK are in denial about the extent and severity of racial violence and popular racism, their racist domestic and foreign policies and the terms of the race debate - that immigration is indeed a problem, that British jobs are for British workers - are helping to fuel the misinformation and disaffection that can lead to such violence".

So Mr. Correspondents, you have no moral right to give us and our democratically elected Prime Minister any sermon on tolerance. History of your country and countrymen are good enough to keep us reminding of your tolerance over the centuries in the colonies you used to invade and exploit. We Indians still remember the atrocities you had committed during your rule of India in Jallianwala Bagh, over our artisans and weavers, during Sepoy Mutiny and our freedom struggle. And now about the organizations you work to earn your bread – BBC and Guardian are known all over as two of the most racial, biased and hyporcritic media organizations which have a history of numerous socially, politically, racially motivated programs, articles, policies and persons.

Now, I want you to realize that this India of 2015 is a different India then the one you had left to be ruled by your proxies in 1947. These proxies made up of an intermediary race of Indians whom you could entrust with your work at middle-level echelons during your rule here and who one day could be convenient instruments of ruling India by your proxy of distorted history and social & political culture. The tool to shape these British clones was your education which gave rise to a class of persons - Indians in blood and colour but English in taste, in opinion, in moral and in intellect. The unfortunate element of course is that journalists like you in Britain and elsewhere in Western World now quote these so called Indian intellectuals comprising of politicians, journalists, historians, writers and artists from various fields saying “see we are not saying anything, Indians themselves are saying it”. Who are you or your proxies to tell us who or what is best for us? Do you all know what Hinduism is actually? We are the most tolerant people and the reason why so many religions have found home in India is that it’s Hindu majority and follows Hindu culture of embracing all religion and culture. Do you ever think about the Hindu minorities in Pakistan and Bangladesh? Do you also recall the Anti Sikh riots of Delhi in 1984, where not only Delhi Police and administration but the entire Central Govt. machinery under a dynastic proxy Prime Minister colluded to teach the Sikhs a lesson? Are you aware of the 5 lacs Kashmiri Hindu Pandits either displaced or massacred in their home of thousands of years when a central Govt. based in Delhi did nothing but gave its silent approval for the worst genocide in the recent history of the world? Do you also reacall how many more riots took place in India before and after 2002 in states where Congress, CPM & other UPA allies Govts were in power? Where were your so called inner consciousness and concern for India during those incidents? Why your hearts didn’t bleed then and you didn’t come out with such concerns? Also, the less said is better about the bunch of “self-appointed non-resident conscience keepers” of India, who are protesting about Modi’s visit to UK. These idiots contribute nothing to India except talking nonsense to add nuisance value. If they would have been really so concerned with what happens to India, they would not have run way from India for their personal benefits & growth, rather they all would have been working for the upliftmant of our country and try to stop those cronies who have robbed this nation and its citizens by plundering the scares resources and hard-earned taxpayers money. If they all are so well wishers of India, why it has not bothered them during the 60+ years of misgovernance, corruption and scams of the Congress Govts. If they all are a little shameful and have little courage, let them come out and hit hard at the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty, Sharad Pawars, Mayabatis, Mulayams, Lalus and the Leftist politicans. Before these stooge of anti India lobbies open their mouth, let them have the decency to acknowledge their own stupidity and character. These born slaves will remain slaves for generations flaunting their misplaced intellect and would rather have us vote repeatedly for the most corrupt, criminal and castiest politicians and political parties of this country rather than break the shekels which are preventing us from becoming an economic, industrial and military super power by throwing at us biased and motivated definitions and descriptions of tolerance, secularism, history, culture and civilization. Their apologist mindset and social/political ethos have kept us slaves for centuries and now it's time for us to liberate ourselves without caring for what hypocrites like them and you in the world think about us. This “modified” India of 2015 has stopped bending backwards and started bending forward so that asshole like you can kiss our ass.
So, I would like to conclude by quoting your Prime Minister Mr. David Cameron, who said sometime back… "I believe we should be more confident about our status as a Christian country, more ambitious about expanding the role of faith-based organisations and frankly more evangelical about a faith that compels us to get out there and make a difference to people's lives". He further said "first, being more confident about our status as a Christian country does not somehow involve doing down other faiths or passing judgement on those with no faith at all". At that time, none of you raised any such alarm anywhere in the world that UK has become communal? But when in India, someone says that we believe in “Hindutava”, there is immediate hue and cry from you and your proxies that this is communalization by the “Hindutva” forces of BJP and RSS. India is the birth place of Hinduism and Hinduism is synonymous with secularism. So why can’t we say proudly that we are a Hindu country but believe in equal treatment and opportunity to all other religions? So, next time before opening your mouth on such issues related to India, pls check where your ass is.

Yours Not-Faithfully….

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Tales of Secular killings & Secular Bans in Secular India – for the Secular Sahitya Academy Winners, the Secular Media & the Secular Politicians

A person of Muslim community was killed in Dadri, UP by some people (one of them is a UP police constable) for their personal enmity with the excuse that he had killed a cow and consumed beef and the secular media, politicians and intellectuals are competing with each other to telecast, debate, sympathize to prove themselves as the flag bearers of secularism and bashing the present Govt. for communalizing our hitherto secular nation. Some 15 left-liberal poet and writers, who made their career even by praising Indira Gandhi for emergency are returning their long forgotten Sahitya Academy Awards (but keeping the money that came with it) accusing the present Govt. of destroying the secular fabric of the nation. So much for the value of a life from India’s recognized No.1 minority community.

But a few months back, in “secular Bihar” under the “secular CM” Nitish Kumar – a Hindu boy Sanjeev was murdered by the family members of a Muslim Girl he married. The deceased Sanjeev married the daughter of Mohammed Ajajul of Hajipur, Bihar four months earlier. After the love marriage, Mohammed Ajajul registered a case of kidnapping against Sanjeev, but the bride, Chandni, confirmed in the local court that she wanted to stay with her Husband. So, angry relatives of the bride, along with some villagers, abducted the bride and the groom and the next day Sanjeev’s dead body was found near the bride’s village. Police made all efforts to not give it any communal colour and hence the death of Sanjeev remained an unsolved mystery.

But no mainstream media ever picked up the story (only reported by Dainik Bhaskar), reported in their prime time with interviews of Sanjeev’s family members with graphic description of what happened, secular politicians didn’t make beeline to visit the aggrieved family and announced compensation or even flown the family members in state aircraft to meet the CM in full glare of the media. And no Sahitya Academy award winner felt it important enough to return his award.

Why only in the above one off killings, 26 years ago on the intervening night between 19th January and 20th January 1990, death was what a whole community of about 500,000 Kashmiri Pandits faced and hundreds of them were killed, hounded and eventually the whole community was thrown out of their homes of thousands of years. This genocide and ethnic cleaning of the Kashmiri Pandits in the Kashmir valley - the largest and the worst in the whole world after World War II - was perpetrated by the local Muslim majority population of Kashmir valley with active help and support from Islamic Jihadists backed by Pakistan. But, these Sahitya Academy Award winners never ever wrote an article in support of those killed and displaced, let alone returning their awards. Hindu's are in majority in this country, so killing a few of them makes no difference for the pseudo-secularists whereas Muslims are in minority (reproducing very fast and in many parts of the country they are on way to become majority) and even if a single Muslim is killed, these “pseudo seculars“ cry hoarse, distort actual picture and communalize by blaming Hindus but never report Hindu deaths even if it’s a genocide in the same way as reporting Hindus deaths don't increase the TRP of the secular channels run by the Barkhas Dutts, Karan Thapars, Rajdeep Sardesais, Sagarika Ghoshes etc. Dadri was just another example of the absence of any semblance of law in a state (mis)ruled by the Mulayam Singh Yadav family just like they say that the killing of Sanjeev in Hajipur, Bihar was another law and order problem in Bihar. However the biased media, which continues to remind us daily that Narendra Modi was the Chief Minister of Gujarat in 2002, pretended as if Akhilesh Yadav or Nitish Kumar don’t even exist in these cases. Instead it made the UP incident all about subverting secular fabric of India under the demonic rule of Narendra Modi and then stretching further by converting it into a debate about beef ban.
A few days back, Ghulam Ali, the Pakistani Ghazal singer was banned by Shiva Sena from performing in Maharashtra during Indian Ghazal maestro Jagjit Singh’s death anniversary saying Pakistan is sponsoring terrorism in India and killing Indian soldiers at the border by their unprovoked firing regularly. But now the secular politicians in India like Arvind Kejrial, Mamata Bannerjee etc. are queuing up to invite Ghulam Ali to their state to prove their secular credentials to their Muslim vote bank by distorting Shiva Sena’s opposition to Pakistan as opposition to a Muslim artiste. For them, opposing Pakistan is opposing Muslims and are ready to go to any length to appease the Muslims even at the cost of National integrity by playing Muslim card to favour our biggest enemy nation.

But, last week a play titled 'Agnes of God', which was supposed to be staged in Mumbai has been called off as some Christian religious groups, including the Catholic Bishop's Conference of India, has protested and written to the Union Home ministry asking for a ban on its performance, claiming it hurts their religious sentiments. It’s to be noted that the same 'Agnes of God' was performed at Sophia auditorium, Mumbai, more than two decades ago and was very successful. In another instance, Mumbai-based Raza Academy initiated and got fatwa issued by Muhammad Akhtar – the chief mufti of Mumbai against Oscar winner music composer A.R. Rahman for working in an Iranian film “Muhammad: Messenger of God”, which narrates the story of the Prophet's life from birth to the age of 13. They are also asking Indian Govt. to ban the screening of the film in India, which was released in Iran earlier this year and at the Montreal World Film Festival last month.

However, none of our secular Chief Ministers considered it appropriate to invite “Agnes of God” to be staged at their capital cities or arrange screening of “Muhammad: Messenger of God” in their states let alone declaring them as “tax free” similar to what they did for “PK”, which was opposed by Hindu groups as offensive to their religious sentiment.

Not surprising, the killed youth Sanjeev or the Kashmiri Pandits are Hindus and don’t determine winners or losers in any election and also are not backed by Fatwa following, fundamentalist, jihadi religious zealots. Therefore, these so called secular poets/writers/literary award winners, journalists and politicians don’t consider them appropriate for their attention. None of the “secular media” demonstrated their remarkable rage in reporting the smallest details, no investigative films with horror-inducing titles have been made, cases after cases are not filled in the Courts of India, no demonstrations have been arranged demanding judicial commissions and SITs, nobody returned their awards as the victims are all Hindus. Why Hindus can’t retaliate for any incident & why the pseudo seculars create so much of fuss even if one Muslim is killed? Why is it that if the affected party is Hindu, the same media coverage is not given and does not arouse the same kind of “public sentiment”? There appears to be a cardinal rule - never publish or debate anything that would be in the least bit negative about Muslims and Christians in general and Pakistan in particular. Hindu bashing is the truest form of journalism, literature or politics in this country. For these pseudo seculars – the only good Hindu is a dead Hindu. Secularism as practised in India today has become a defining manifestation of anti-Hindu communalism that is packed and marketed as ‘secularism’. The selective morality has redefined secularism as a politically convenient and expedient concept for maligning Hindus.

It’s high time, that all nationalist and patriotic people of this country socially and politically orchestrate these pseudo seculars from all kinds of social, political, cultural and literary activities. We are better off without you, your so called distorted history, left leaning biased literature, manipulative journalism and vote bank politics.

Saturday, 10 October 2015

Decoding Left-Libtard Pluralist hypocrisy

1. The Mumbai-based Raza Academy initiated and got fatwa issued by Muhammad Akhtar – the chief mufti of Mumbai against Oscar winner music composer A.R. Rahman for working in an Iranian film “Muhammad: Messenger of God”, which narrates the story of the Prophet's life from birth to the age of 13. They are also asking Indian Govt. to ban the screening of the film in India, which was released in Iran earlier this year and at the Montreal World Film Festival last month.
2. A play titled 'Agnes of God', which was  to be staged in Mumbai has been called off as some Christian religious groups, including the Catholic Bishop's Conference of India, has protested and written to the Union Home ministry asking for a ban on its performance, claiming it hurts their religious sentiments. It’s to be noted that the same 'Agnes of God' was performed at Sophia auditorium, Mumbai, more than two decades ago and was very successful. The play is based on a true story adapted from an American play that was also made into an Oscar nominated film where the lead, Sister Agnes, gives birth to a child and claims she is a virgin.
3. in a Bareilly village in UP, a 6 years old girl was killed by her own father Zafar, allias Chand Miyan after she failed to keep her head covered while having food. Zafar had a strict rule for the women of the house to wear veil at all times and they were not allowed to step out of the house nor were any visitors allowed inside.
4. The Missionaries of Charity founded by Mother Teresa says it has shut down its adoption services in India over religious objections to the country's new adoption rules. A new guidelines by the Govt. of India has brought ideological differences between the Charity and the Indian government in two points - first, Missionaries of Charity will not allow adoption by single parents and second, they also have issues with couples, one or both of whom has had a divorce earlier. Speaking about the decision not to offer adoptions, Sister Amala of Missionaries of Charity told media, "the new guidelines hurt our conscience. They are certainly not for religious people like us”.

But I don’t see any outrage among the Secular Media, Politicians and Intellectuals of India on the above incidents. Neither the main stream secular media carried these news and debated repeatedly in their prime time with interviews of the sufferers on how “fascist forces are on the rise” nor the intellectuals wrote “Op Ed”s, or tweeted their heart burn seeing the “death of secular fabric” of their nation or returned their long forgotten awards. For them, “Muhammad: Messenger of God”' or “Agnes of God” are not creative pieces of genius like PK or a MF Hussain painting. But the same set of “secular saints”, are frothing from their mouth to protect and promote the “Right to Eat Beef” for everyone in this country as if that’s the only burning issue for us. These “secular saints” despise anything Hindu or Hindutava and get offended when any references to Hindu Gods or customs are made but they merrily quote Biblical or Koranic references. I am not surprised that these Hindu haters and their pimps in the media always tirade at anything and everything Hindu - be it sanskrit, Gita, ghar wapasi or beef ban. They have no problem if Muslims or Christians ban anything citing their religious sentiment but are outraged when Hindus do the same. They never show outpouring of such anguish when Muslims and Christians stick to their religious belief even at the cost of breaking Indian law - Beef party is just a small form of protest to uphold secularism for them - but never fail to express their righteous indignation when a Hindu organization bans a book which makes derogatory remarks about Hindu religion.

The biggest divisive and bigoted force in India today are these “secular saints”, who selectively highlight issues to suit their agenda and spread lies in the name of upholding secular fabric of our nation. The root cause of all problems of India today are these so called pseudo-secular intellectuals, historians, politicians and the highly biased media.

Ghulam Ali and Indian Secular Brigade’s Pakiphilia

During the last couple of days, I have seen much heartburn from the Indian “Secular Brigade” of Media, Artists, Politicians and Intellectuals as Ghulam Ali was banned by Shiva Sena from performing in Maharashtra. These Sickulars and AAPtards want to hear Ali’s “Mujra” over the dead bodies of our soldiers and citizens. We have become a soft nation because of these people, who are indifferent inspite of Pakistan hitting us with their policy of thousand cuts in any and every way possible. They don’t allow India to change, because they are baking their bread on appeasing Pakistan and its constituency in India by their anti-India stands and ideologies. As per them, so what if we have been hit on one cheek ,we have still 1 billion cheeks left, that’s what they believe in. They are only good at holding candle light processions, every time there is a terrorist attack and giving sermons of peace and brotherhood with Pakistan – the failed terrorist state and its people. As per them Pakistani public are flag bearers of peace and brotherly relation with India. But they fail to explain how the same Pakistani public is donating money to all the terrorist organizations like Jamaat ud Dawa, Jaish E Muhammad, Harkat Ul Ansar etc. and also participating in thousands in all the anti-India rallies conducted by such terrorist organizations? Can they explain, if the foot soldiers of these terrorist organizations have come from any other planet if not from the Pakistani public? So entire Pakistani public irrespective of rich or poor, educated or uneducated, rural or urban, artists or sportsmen, politician or journalist, intellectual or armed forces – every single person hates India and hope for death/destruction/distress/division of India and Indians and contributing towards this goal. Every single day in Kashmir, Pakistani sponsored terrorists are killing our Jawans and every few months Pakistan sponsored attacks on different cities in India is responsible for killing of hundreds of our fellow citizens. Pakistan is sending thousands of jihadis to Kashmir to destabilise it and also the rest of the country. They are circulating fake currency in India to destabilise our economy. When Pakistani PM goes to UN, he openly criticises and opposes India’s bid for permanent seat in the security council and says that India is violating human rights in Kashmir while its they, who are the perpetrators of all terrorism – economic and military in India. And on the other hand we keep allowing these Pakistani bastards to perform in India and earn money here and donate to Hafiz Sayeeds and their organisations so that they can fight Jihadi battle back in India. So indirectly its we, who are paying to kill our fellow citizens and destabilize India. There should be a complete ban on Pakistani players, artists, goods and services until they start behaving and acting like a civilized neighbour. If these Pakistani artists, sportsmen are so great human beings, why can't they jointly issue statements and hold demonstrations in Pakistan condemning terrorist attacks emanating from Pakistan or against the state policy of that country? But they would never dare to do that else either they will be beheaded or deported. Whereas, people like Mahesh Bhatts, Sabana Azmis, Arundhati Rays, Sagarika Ghoshes, Mani Shankar Aiyars can say/write/propagate anything here in India and still get away with it.

This ‘secular brigade” says that breaking cultural, sporting and economic ties with Pakistan is not the way to assert our strength and dialogue with Pakistan is the best recourse. But, is not this 'avoid-confrontation' policy responsible for India's failure to check aggression from Pakistan? What have we gained by following their policy of extending hands of friendship and brotherhood to Pakistan over last 68 years? We gave MFN (Most favoured nation) status in Trade and Commerce to Pakistan long back but till today inspite of repeated assurances, Pakistan didn’t give us the same status. We have given enough opportunity and avenue for earning to people from Pakistan – be it sportsmen, artists, journalists, diplomat or educationists since independence but has that changed heart of Pakistan? So why should we continue the same forever? What worse can happen if we don’t continue the same from what is happening today? Pakistan has formulated it’s nationalism around it’s hatred for India and its national goal is to destroy India culturally, economically and if possible militarily. The Pakistani establishment has a very clear India policy - bleed India by a thousand cuts with the task also outsourced to 3rd parties viz., Jihadi organizations and garner domestic support by transforming education & information into indoctrination of its masses. Yet, India has been tolerating Pakistan and its evil design for far too long with patience and magnanimity, which has been attacking and humiliating us at every opportunity. This approach has obviously not worked and our “generosity” has been mistaken as our “weakness”. Pakistan needs to realize that there is a severe price to be paid for the dangerous game it has been playing with us. We must stop hoping that if we pamper Pakistan with our acts of kindness, which we have been doing for last 68 years and indulge in our “Aman Ki Asha” project, they will suddenly have this monumental change of heart and become our best friend & neighbour. We need to stop the peace charades, confidence building measures, cultural, sporting, economic ties and stop deluding ourselves that we are not at war with Pakistan (which we are for the last 68 years). Anybody who is sympathetic to Pakistan or its actions can’t be a true Indian. We must also stop denying one of the fundamental truths of our relationship with Pakistan – the problem we are facing today is more a creation of our “inactions” of last 68 years, than the “actions” of Pakistan. It is a misconception that a “strong & stable” Pakistan is in our interest. This artificially created state out of our own body with full of hatred for us and with an antithetical self-definition, has caused untold miseries for India as well as rest of the world. Such a state can never ever be either friendly or beneficial for India. Our long term objective and interest is the negation of this state for our own benefit and the benefit of a peaceful and civilized world order.

Sunday, 28 June 2015

An Open Letter to Arnab Goswami

Dear Arnab,

I used to be a regular viewer of your channel and especially the prime time program  from 9 pm to almost 11 pm.  However,  for several months now I have stopped watching your these farcical “debates” as no person with some knowledge of events, logic, facts and civilized public behaviour can tolerate your  sheer arrogance and cocky behaviour. Your method and  style of questioning your panelists  is not only insulting, intimidating and utterly condescending but also against any civilized and democratic norms.  You constantly interrupt  the panelists, refuse to shut up, don’t allow them to present their perspective and thrust your own views on them as well as on the viewers of your program by intimidation and threat. You sit in your chair for those couple of hours  just to sadistically pour scorn, derision and sarcasm on the  hapless panelists, who disagree with you or have a different view point knowing very well that most of them  cannot retaliate.  I am writing this open  letter to you as this is the only way I can express  my opinion uninterrupted, without intimidation, threat and abuse from you.

Arnab, you must be hallucinating that you deserve a  Pulitzer Prize or some other similar awards due to your this digital version of Kangaroo Court better deserves to be referred to as  “Noisy Hour”.  Just because you have taken up the job of a journalist, you have no right to proclaim that you represent “people’s voice”,  ask questions on behalf of the people and demand answers.  Have you ever asked the people you claim to represent,  if they approve of your behaviour and actions? A journalist’s duty is to report the events  and let people judge what or who is right and what or who is wrong. But Lord Goswami, your  intention of presenting a story in your channel is to set an agenda by gagging the opinion of those who disagree with you. Your focus is less on journalism and more on influencing or rather manipulating  opinion by sensationalising to earn TRP. You go as far as possible to influence opinion and set agenda. You come into your “Noisy Hour” every evening with your pre-set views and personal agenda, which you  thrust  on all the panelists and manipulate the direction and outcome of the debate. The  purpose of any debate  should be  to get all sides  of the story but  in your debates  all the panelists having an opposite view to yours  are cowed and overpowered by your  interruptions and self-righteous attitude. You  even don’t hesitate to criticize your  panelists  having a different view than yours  by saying that they "should be ashamed for their views". You consider that only you are right in every issue,  claim to speak for the people and demand  answer on behalf of the people. You ask questions, flaunt unverified facts  and gag those who wants to answer with counter facts and logic.  The panelists come to your show to express their views and the least you can do is to allow them to express their opinion, put forward their facts &  logic and treat their views with a little respect even if they are wrong sometime.  But your approach proves that you don’t believe in any other view point other than your own, believe only your own unverified data & proofs, argue with prejudice  and scuttle all independent thoughts and beliefs of anybody who doesn’t agree with you  by deriding them  and overpowering  them with interruptions and self-righteous attitude. Journalism says that a moderator in a debate should be a facilitator of all the various views and logic, shouldn’t take sides or becomes party to the discussion. But for  you  Arnab - the self-appointed  Judge, Jury and Executioner - no matter what the issue before you, you are always in a belligerent mood, provoking and unnerving your guests. Your questions and responses are always filled with derision and an inexplicable irrelevant anger.

You  choose and focus on a new issue every evening for your  "Noise Hour" on the basis of the amount of media rating it can fetch and are laid on the foundation of a perfunctory research. You are always a party to the discussion and brings with you  what you  perceive as the correct 'notion'.  You start your  show with your own  perceived  correct ‘notion’, give a title to it appropriately  and pre-determine the  verdict undermining the reason to have the debate. At the end of the discussion - Lord Arnab,  you declare your judgement on the chosen issue and convict the people involved in it without any corroboration or validation. You believe that  people should come on your show to confess  and hence you  try repeatedly  to coerce your  “under trials”  to confess to  something by bullying, intimidation and threat.  In you there is neither subtlety nor polite firmness that one would expect from a  News Presenter and Moderator. Instead, what we see  from you  is  constant diatribe of invective, insult,  intimidation, sarcasm, and humiliating below-the-belt personal comments. That even the most basic checks and balances are not in place and inspite of that  you behave as if you are above all laws and regulations, were evident from the Rs. 100 Cr. defamation case that Justice Sawant slapped on your channel  and won.  Have you also forgotten the #ShameOnTimesNow episode or you still consider that it was a handiwork of your competitors in collusion with some political forces?  But still you have neither learnt your lessons  nor taken any corrective measures.  I wish someone with the courage and conviction of Justice Sawant  slaps another case for manipulating and distorting facts on you and you get some time to introspect by  cooling  your arrogance and false sense of self-righteous attitude in a prison cell.

Sorry Arnab,  what you are pretending to do is not journalism. True journalism is not about thrusting 'your views'  as gospel truth on the people  but presenting correct information and all sides of the story for the people  to decide and judge. If you don’t change your behaviour or attitude, the day is not far when someone will be compelled to use your tactics in a different form and degree on you to show you reasons. That day, you won’t be even able to cry foul of victimhood and there won’t be anyone left to sympathize with you.  

Yours Truly,

A viewer of yours who demands an answer

Monday, 4 May 2015

25 Years of Exile, 25 Years of Denial

Yesterday (3rd May’2015), displaced Kashmiri Pandits  staged a protest at Jantar Mantar demanding immediate steps for their rehabilitation and return to their homeland and prosecution of all those involved in the killing of Kashmiri Pandits in the 1990s by reopening the cases. They have been forced to stage the protest after Hurriyat Conference and the political parties in Kashmir are opposing a township planned by the Modi led Central Govt in Kashmir valley for resettlement of the Pandits.

25 years ago in January 1990, death was what a whole community of about 500,000 Hindu Pandit population faced and hundreds  of them  were killed, hounded and eventually the whole community was thrown out of their homes of thousands of years.  This genocide and ethnic cleaning of the Kashmiri Pandits in the Kashmir valley, was perpetrated by Islamic terrorists backed by Pakistan and widely supported by the local Muslim majority population.  But even after 25 years of this tragedy, neither Rahul Gandhi  nor Arvind Kejriwal nor Mulayam Singh Yadav nor Mayabati nor Nitish Kumar nor Lalu Yadav nor Sarad Pawar nor Karunanidhi nor any of the communist leaders or their political parties could find time to remember this humongous tragedy and show solidarity with the Kashmiri Pandits & meet them to share their grief.  But these politicians conveniently find time to stage protest in Jantar Mantar  with the muslim groups in solidarity against Gaza conflict, with which we Indians have no connection. Neither the main stream secular media showed this protest in their prime time nor had any debate on this tragedy.  Not surprising, as this population of Kashmiri Pandits don’t determine winners or losers in any election and also are not backed by Fatwa following, fundamentalist, jihadi  religious zealots. Therefore, these  so called secular politicians and their parties, who were competing with each other for appeasing the Muslim community when 4000 people were displaced during Muzaffarnagar riot can conveniently afford to forget some 500,000 of their country men,  who are living as refugees for last 25 years in their own country of origin. An entire population have been uprooted from the land of their ancestors and left to fend for themselves as a weak-kneed Indian state shamelessly pandered to Islamic terrorists and separatists who claim they are the final arbiters of Jammu & Kashmir's destiny. A part of India's cultural heritage has been destroyed, a chapter of India's civilisation history has been erased. Had this tragedy occurred elsewhere in Hindu majority India and had the victims been Muslims, the same vote hungry political parties backed by pseudo secular  historians, intellectuals and media would have described it as 'ethnic cleansing' and 'genocide.'  They would have made films with horror-inducing titles and  filed cases after cases in the Supreme Court of India.  Govts. run by them also would have constituted judicial commissions after commissions and SITs.  The “secular media” would have demonstrated remarkable rage in reporting the smallest detail. But, this tragedy has occurred in Muslim majority Kashmir valley  and the victims are all Hindus, that too Pandits. What has been lost and erased is part of India's Hindu culture and civilisation. Therefore, these “secular politicians” can afford to make  bold, blatantly false statements that the Kashmiri Pandits had "migrated on their own" and their 'displacement is self-imposed' orchestrated by the then Governor Jagmohan.  The National Human Rights Commission, after a sham of an inquiry, refuses to concede that what had happened is 'genocide' or 'ethnic cleansing,' though facts add up to no less than that, never mind that 500,000 lives have been destroyed. And that there is no room for plural society in highly Islamised Kashmir valley. And, our  jhola-wallah brigade of secular activists rudely turn up their noses to the plight of Kashmiri Pandits- Hindu sorrow inflicted by Islamic terror, stinks.

Did any Muslim Group ever condemned the mass genocide of Kashmiri Pandits? Which incident took place first-  Babri Masjid, Godhra or Kashmiri Pandit’s  genocide? Why Hindus can’t retaliate for any incident  & why Muslims create so much of fuss even if one Muslim is killed, that too even if he were a proven terrorist? On every 6th  December- media, pseudo secular intellectuals and political parties celebrate black day but even after 25 years why does no secular political leader has the guts to accept  what actually  happened with Kashmiri Pandits? What is even more unfortunate is the fact that a man-made calamity of such a huge scale has not been given the same media coverage and not aroused the same public sentiment as the Babri Masjid demolition, Godhra riot (though they conveniently forget the train burning which killed dozens of Kar Sevaks which triggered the riot) or the Muzaffarnagar riots have.  It is ironic that not a single judicial enquiry commission has ever been set up to investigate the exodus and killings of Kashmiri Pandits. The killers have not been punished and rather they are roaming freely in Kashmir and have many supporters in the valley. The root cause of all problem of India today is these so called pseudo-secular intellectuals, historians, politicians and the highly biased media. Do we have the heart and mind to look back at India's wretched history of secular politics and consider the terrible price the nation has paid at the altar of appeasement?

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Rahul Gandhi – Congress’s Politics of Suit-Boot, Land Bill and MSP (Minimum Support Price)

Listening to Rahul Gandhi during his speeches in Ramlila Ground and in the Parliament this week, I must admit that one needs more than a thick skin and hypocrisy to call a Govt. “Suit-Boot Sarkar”, headed by a Prime Minister who has proved his worth in administration, good governance, economic development and apolitical progressive outlook in the face of unmatched adversity and sabotage during his stint as Gujarat Chief Minister for 3 terms and throughout his public life. Congress Party whose 60 years of misrule and Nehru-Gandhi leadership are responsible for the economic, social and political mess of this nation, who in its last 10 years in power run the most corrupt Govt. in India’s history and bedded every  corrupt person/organization, crony capitalist, black marketer, anti-national & anti-social criminal, this country could find, want  the people of this nation to forget its past history & track record  and believe Rahul Gandhi’s pathetic rhetoric with crocodile tears that  Modi Govt. is run by a  party for industrialists & business men and that Modi took loan from them to win the last election.  From the Jeep scam during  Nehru Govt. after independence  to the Coalgate scam in 2013, it was the “Suited-Booted” people who have always funded Congress party and the Nehru-Gandhi family’s ill-gotten wealth and this country is not ready to believe Rahul Gandhi anymore.  Can Rahul Gandhi, who has failed to distinguish so far in any form of human activity in his life, answer if  all the PMs from his family since Nehru to Rajiv Gandhi  walked around in South Block in loin cloth? Even after 66 years of independence- Rahul, Gandhi family and Congress want rest of India and Indians to remain “Bhookha-Naanga”, so that only Gandhi family and its chamchas can wear Suit -Boot. Rahul never felt  “Suit-Boot” is evil, when his great grandfather  wore it, stitching in London with an imported Rose pinned on it every day, he never thought about the same when his father wore it but when an OBC Prime Minister could dare to wore it, he felt it is exploitation and disregard to India’s common men. He also never felt bad, when he was wearing suits & enjoying fancy vacations as youngster (not that he has stopped that now), while Narendra Modi  was a tea seller and later a Swayamshevak in a pair of shirt and Payjamah.  The suit is a symbol of modernity and empowerment for those who have been shackled by various social and economic hierarchies. Hence, B.R. Ambedkar always wore suit for that reason. Actually, Rahul Gandhi, his family and Congress party can’t tolerate any leader who can see eye to eye with them and  walk in the world stage keeping India’s head high. This is nothing but sheer jealousy and  naked misrepresentation of facts to pull wool over eyes of people of this nation. Else how can he dare to say such things immediately after his 56 day long “Aam Aadmi’s Sabbatical” abroad?

Even if Rahul Gandhi conveniently forgets, people of this nation have not - that it was Jawaharlal Nehru who made land acquisition beyond judicial review and told the displaced people to make way for the Hirakud Dam saying, "if you are to suffer, you should suffer in the interest of the country". He also forgot that his grandmother  Indira Gandhi amended the law to declare that farmers, whose land was taken forcibly by the Govt. didn’t deserve  "compensation" but only an "amount" because all landowners were  hoarders and exploiters. He also forgot to remember that the  biggest land grab in India's history happened during his Govt.'s rule, under the garb of the sham special economic  zones (SEZ).  Also, this nation has not forgotten how UPA Govt. helped the “National Damaad” Robert Vadra to grab land in prime locations at throw away prices by duping farmers  to eventually sell to corporates & businessmen like DLF owners to make windfall gain. Getting his facts wrong on the Gujarat Model, Rahul Gandhi made ludicrous claims saying Modi wants to turn entire India into Gujarat for Land Acquisition forgetting that the Supreme Court had praised the Gujarat Model of Land Acquisition finding it just, transparent and corruption free.  Perhaps his tutors forgot to tell him that  DIPP under the UPA rule had hailed Gujarat’s success with Land Acquisition as worthy of emulation by other states. So what is wrong if Modi is trying to replicate the same just, transparent and corruption free law every where in the country to give farmers their due, promote industrial development and jobs to large number of  young Indians. Yes, his new law will put Robert Vadras of the world out of job and bring economic development to common men by removing red tape, delay,  land hoarding  and justified price, which is making Congress and the other political parties uneasy who are in the business of  making a career out of keeping India and Indians underdeveloped economically, socially and politically.

Rahul pated his own back by saying that Congress led UPA Govt. raised MSP to help farmers, but what he hide was that it benefited the middle men, hoarders and politicians more than the poor farmers and was the main reason behind the spiralling food inflation in the country which resulted in his party reduced to 44 seats in Lok Sabha during the last General Elections.  True that it is politically impossible for any Govt.  in a predominantly rural democracy like India to consistently pay Indian farmers less than global prices. But domestic  MSP for wheat was raised substantially, year after year, from Rs 650 per quintal in 2006-07 to Rs 1,350 per quintal in 2012-13. Rice and many other food grain prices went up in a similar way and that stoked food inflation. On one side, middle men and hoarders of food products profited by creating artificial scarcity of many food products every year, on the other side farmers never completely got their due and also had to pay higher prices for buying food and other items.  And today, when world wheat and maize prices have crashed, many Indian farmers now get more than American ones. Further, the excess procurement by Govt. due to MSP has led to reduced supply in open market. The CAG report has pointed out that in 2006-2007, 63.3 million tonnes of rice landed in the open market but by 2011-2012, this had fallen by a huge 23.6% to 48.3 million tonnes. Similarly in 2006-2007, the total amount of wheat in the open market stood at 62.1 million tonnes, which by 2011-2012,had dropped to 61.4 million tonnes. Hence,  the Govt. needs to stop procuring more than what it needs to run its various programmes. And once the Govt. cuts down procurement, it will be beneficial on the fiscal deficit front as well as help moderate inflation. This becomes even more important given that the Indian Meteorological Department expects the monsoon to be below normal at 93% of the long period average. But this can’t happen if MSP is continuously raised due to political reasons.  Hence, it is prudent to go slow on MSP increases in the coming years leading to a structural solution to food supply and food inflation, which will benefit  of all people, the common men most.

By politicising the Land Acquisition bill and MSP issue,  actually Rahul Gandhi, Congress  and the opposition parties are doing a disservice to the farmers & the poor and harming the national economy.  It is creating an impression that this nation doesn’t need industry and infrastructure. They are misleading the nation that  agriculture is more important than any other business and economic activity.  The agricultural Census data clearly bear out the fact that Indian agriculture is dominated by small and marginal subsistence farmers providing mainly for self -consumption. In India while land is scarce, there are simply too many people engaged in land intensive employment activities like agriculture resulting in low productivity and thereby low wages resulting in lower standard of living. The proportion of the work force of some 478 million is approximately 52%, 14% and 34% in agriculture, industry and service sectors respectively in India. India’s rural population, most of whom work in agriculture account for 71% in the decade of 2000-2009. At present, the overwhelming majority of farmers earn very little. So, the only way of economic upliftment of this large population is to push the low productive, low earning population out of agriculture based employment activities to industrial and service sectors. This shift in employment will rebalance the economy by improving the productivity of both the industrial and agriculture sectors. This will free up land for making it available for infrastructure, industry and housing resulting in growth of job opportunities in rural areas – making land sellers benefit both from higher value for their land and new job opportunities. It’s also important to provide alternate job opportunities to the landless poor, who are dependent on seasonal agricultural employment for livelihood. Wages will rise as infrastructure projects start blooming in the rural areas. This will reduce the pressure of migration to the cities by making employment in rural areas attractive. This will also lead to improvement in yield of food grains by use of modern technology and free up land for cultivation of higher-value crops which will bring greater remuneration to farmers. The assumption that giving up land will impact food production/security is completely false. Food production depends on improving agricultural productivity, which is achieved from land consolidation, use of improved technology, mechanised farming and more contract (or even corporate) farming etc. None of it is possible if Indian agriculture is burdened with supporting so many mouths. Not just industry and infrastructure, even agricultural growth needs land consolidation by getting people to discard smaller uneconomic land holdings and move to non-agricultural jobs.

Thus, Rahul Gandhi has established once again to the nation that either he is a liar or he has no knowledge about the Land Reform Bill and the various aspects of our economy. Making speeches just 4 times in 11 years in Parliament does not reflect the Intellectual capability of the Congress Vice President but it rather shows what a poor grasp he has on the national issues. So, the best advice Congress party could give him is to keep quiet and let others think that he is an idiot rather than to speak and confirm it.

Friday, 27 February 2015

Opposing the Land Reforms Bill – Economics or Politics??

No doubt India is a sham democracy. Blind populism has become the cornerstone of Indian political system, where if someone wants to free the system from bureaucratic red tape and deliver transparent, speedy governing system and create opportunities for work, earn and live a better life – it is frowned upon as favouring crony capitalism. This is the principle obstacle to India's development. The Nehruvian economic model of leftist economic policies robbed India of 60 years of development and kept two post-independence generations in poverty by refusing to create opportunities for work for the common men. These so called leftist socialist pro poor political parties have made the whole system of governance populist, so that uneducated/semi educated people only fall for populist slogans & the common men have been made to believe that any political party which supports economic and systemic reform is anti-poor. This monster has been created in the minds of generations of Indians raised on expectations of govt. freebies. Such individual centric promises are a natural progression from their well-known practice of purchasing votes by allurements of liquor & cash. This Frankenstein state, created by Congress and it’s leftist socialist allies for vote bank politics over 60 years, found newer ways to extend itself by creating hurdles in systemic  reforms of governance and their opposition to the NDA’s amended Land Reform Bill of 2014 is just one such example.

UPA legislated a growth-retarding land acquisition law in 2013, which would result in an artificial land shortage for infrastructure and manufacturing, so that  the interests of the “Land Sharks”, who are mostly land owners and land hoarders (like Robert Vadra) with their vested lobby of middle men, govt. officials, politicians and benami owners are protected. They are just using the poor common men of India as pawns to argue their own case. The so called failed anti developmental activists like Medha Patkar are working for the anti-India global lobby and even an ignorant Anna Hazare has joined them to show that he is still alive and kicking. I am sure, Anna Hazare has not even read the amended Land Reforms bill and compared its merits with the earlier bills which were in force as law. Even some of the journalists and intellectuals are openly supporting the mind less agitation against the bill just to protect their financial and political masters.

Hence, it is important to understand why the original “Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement Act”  – which is the official name of this Act, which the NDA Govt. wants to amend, is reqd to be amended and who was benefiting from the earlier act. Once we analyse it, we find that it was definitely not the poor who were getting benefited.  

In India while land is scarce, there are simply too many people engaged in land intensive employment activities like agriculture resulting in low productivity and thereby low wages resulting in lower standard of living. The proportion of the work force of some 478 million is approximately 52%, 14% and 34% in agriculture, industry and service sectors respectively in India.  India’s rural population, most of whom work in agriculture, averaged 79% of the total population in the decade of 1970-79 and 71% in the decade of 2000-2009, so a decline of 8%. But India’s total population increased dramatically over this 40-year period.  As a result, the average rural population, which was 479 million in 1970-79, grew to an average of 775 million in the decade of 2000-2009, which is an increase of 62%. At present, the overwhelming majority of farmers earn very little. So, the only way of economic upliftment of this large population is to push the low productive, low earning population out of agriculture based employment activities to industrial and service sectors.  This shift in employment will rebalance the economy by improving the productivity of both the industrial and agriculture sectors. This will free up land for making it available for infrastructure, industry and housing resulting in growth of job opportunities in rural areas – making land sellers benefit both from higher value for their land and new job opportunities. It’s also important to provide alternate job opportunities to the landless poor, who are dependent on seasonal agricultural employment for livelihood. Wages will rise as infrastructure projects start blooming in the rural areas. This will reduce the pressure of migration to the cities by making employment in rural areas attractive.  This will also lead to improvement in yield of food grains by use of modern technology and free up land for cultivation of higher-value crops which will bring greater remuneration to farmers. The assumption that giving up land will impact food production/security is completely false. Food production depends on improving agricultural productivity, which is achieved from land consolidation, use of improved technology, mechanised farming and more contract (or even corporate) farming etc. None of it is possible if Indian agriculture is burdened with supporting so many mouths. Not just industry and infrastructure, even agricultural growth needs land consolidation by getting people to discard smaller uneconomic land holdings and move to non-agricultural jobs.

Quicker land acquisition process will, make it easier for farmers to earn more value from their land. It is wrong that land prices can be mandated to rise only through govt. fiat. Land values rise when more land shifts out of agriculture as is visible in Gurgaon and Noida etc. and this cannot happen if acquisition is made tougher. The UPA’s 2013 Land Act would have resulted in keeping market prices of land artificially low than they should be due to the stiff acquisition clauses. This would have deprived land sellers of justified price for their land and made only the “Land Sharks” benefit. Hence most politicians want the UPA’s version of the act to stay for the simple reason that if land acquisition becomes tougher, middlemen and landlords will benefit from the resultant scarcity.  Most politicians are big landlords especially in the rural parts of India and they gain the most if industrialists and businessmen have to fill their pockets to buy land. Also land aggregators, village officials and other middlemen will benefit from graft if the process of acquisition is made difficult through the need for 70%-80% consent and Social Impact Assessment studies. It has been estimated that acquiring a large  tract of land under the UPA’s  2013 Act would take four to five years – enough time to make any project unviable as all cost estimates will go for a toss. To develop a proper market for land, NDA Govt. is trying to make transactions transparent, faster and easier, not slower and more complicated. The basic purpose of the Act, as per its name is to ensure fair compensation, rehabilitation and resettlement and  none of these are affected by the NDA’s 2014 modifications of the UPA’s Act of 2013. All other major conditions of the UPA’s act remains the same viz., the compensation (2 to 4 times of market value depending on rural or urban area), rehabilitation of the affected by mandatorily proving them job in the proposed project and resettlement in another place if the affected desires so.  In fact, by making acquisitions easier, poor  land sellers will be able to  get market price, realize their money faster and thus get rehabilitation faster. There is ample evidence to suggest that farmers will happily sell their unproductive land, if the price is right. For instance, the Yamuna Expressway, paid about $25,000 per acre to farmers between 2007 and 2009 to acquire land. This explains why the Yamuna Expressway project took off whereas similar infrastructure schemes elsewhere in the country have not.

The NDA’s bill is trying to amend a  few historic wrongs. The main difference between the bills enacted as law by the UPA govt. in 2013 and the NDA’s amended bill of 2014 are on four points – 1. Land acquisition has been made easier only for 5 purposes by removing the 70% consent clause. They are defence, affordable housing, rural infrastructure, industrial corridors, public-private (PPP) projects. So there is no question of favouring private sector for land acquisition for profit as they still need to take consent of 80% of the land owners for acquisition, 2. The removal of  the clause of Social Impact Assessment, where rules impose an obligation on the central or state govt. to appoint an independent organisation as the assessment unit, whose job is to maintain a database of independent practitioners and social activists to  regularly conduct studies and formulate strategies for improving the quality, efficacy and transparency of the assessment process. While on paper, it looks like a great idea, the fact remains that it is an instrument to blackmail as one can be rest assured that no land will ever be sold or brought if it is going to be subjected to a public audit or inquisition, 3. The UPA Act’s provision for the return of land in case it is not developed in five years after acquisition made no sense. Infrastructure projects need more than 5 years to be completed and hence if only a part of acquired land is utilized in 5 years and balance has to be returned for non-utilization, the whole project will be in jeopardy and no sane investor will come ahead for such projects. Moreover, the prices of land don’t stay same over a few years and hence landowners can’t hope to get the land back at the same price they sold it for. So the idea of returning land is not only faulty but impossible to implement. The NDA’s amended  act  removes this absurd clause and 4. The NDA govt’s  move not to include special provisions for safeguarding food security in the ordinance as food security comes not from large unproductive cultivation but  from improving agricultural productivity by using modern techniques.

It is important to note that most state govts — cutting across party line from Congress to Communist to Socialists (SP, JD(U)) to BJP — are most keen that these changes be introduced and have told the NDA central govt. during their meetings before the bill was brought. Even during the UPA rule their own central ministers like Anand Sharma to Congress CMs from Maharashtra, Haryana etc. wrote officially to the then PM to change the earlier bill to include the above amendments.  Therefore, at the heart of the opposition to the modification of this act and all the agitations  lies politics and not economics.