Saturday, 24 January 2015


Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar’s remark yesterday at an event in Mumbai that “some former Prime Ministers” had “compromised” the country’s “deep assets”,  which needs 20-30 years to build without naming the Prime Ministers, has kicked up a storm in the political circles of India.  He refused to name the former Prime Ministers saying “many people know” them.  Parrikar has done the right thing by not naming as had  he named, the same people who are criticizing him now, would have said that he was defaming “great leaders”  who are no more and hence can’t defend themselves.  Also, Parrikar as defence Minister would not have been able to go into a public debate on the exact incidents exposing even the incompetency of the previous Govts in the interest of the nation. However, the reasons behind Parrikar’s statement is two fold – a) to tell the country that India’s defence, intelligence and external affairs policies suffered a lot of damage due to weak, incompetent and indecisive leadership, which some of the political parties still want to continue for their vote bank politics and b) to send a strong message to the adversaries that they can’t expect the same foolish policies to continue under the present leadership and hence better behave rationally.

After this controversy a number of  politicians and ex bureaucrats have spoken in affirmative  without naming or pin pointing the Ex-Prime Ministers and the events.  I would like to throw some light on those  Ex-Prime Ministers and the exact incidents/actions, which undermined India’s  “deep assets” and long term security. However, let’s first understand, what is “deep assets”.  Deep assets  are top secret individuals / agents, intelligence sources and organizations deployed by the Security Agencies  of a nation within or outside its geographic borders even deep inside the geography of nations perceived to be inimical to its interest.  These are  strategically important assets to a nation or where a country requires strategic information/influence. These individuals could also be within the establishment of another country. Lt Gen R K Sawhney, former Director General of Military Intelligence, says  that deep assets are “an essential part of strategic planning and provide a nation the ability to have strategic intelligence… an essential element of statecraft”.

Now coming to the Prime Ministers and their specific actions, which compromised India’s “deep assets” in other words “national security” :-

1.    Morarji Desai – During the tenure of Morarji Desai’s Prime Ministership from 1977 to 1979, Pakistan was  in the process of acquiring Nuclear bomb making technology as  a tit-for-tat reaction to India’s acquiring the same. The primary Pakistani fissile-material production facility is located at Kahuta (KRL), employing gas centrifuge enrichment technology to produce Highly Enriched Uranium (HEU) for producing nuclear bomb. While French assistance to Pakistan for a plutonium reprocessing plant was well known, the uranium enrichment plant at Kahuta was a secret. After the French stopped helping Islamabad under pressure from the then US President Jimmy Carter’s administration, Pakistan was determined to keep the Kahuta plant a secret.  RAW (Research & Analysis Wing,  India’s external intelligence agency) first confirmed Pakistan’s nuclear programs by analysing the hair samples snatched from the floor of barber shops near KRL, which showed that Pakistan had developed the ability to enrich uranium to weapons-grade quality. RAW agents knew of Kahuta Research Laboratories since at least early 1978. General Zia-ul-Haq, who overthrew Zulfikar Ali Bhutto in a military coup in 1977 and arrested him, was anxious to avoid any fresh tensions in Pakistan’s relations with India till he was able to get rid of Bhutto and consolidate his power. So he kept in touch with Morarji Desai over phone in order to befriend him. Like many senior military officers of the Pakistan Army, Zia was a past master in the art of flattery. Often, he would ring up Morarji Desai under the pretext of consulting him on native medicine and urine therapy. Yes, urine therapy - Desai was famous for his championing of Urine Therapy. Nothing flattered Morarji more than advising General Zia on such petty issues but was foolish enough not to understand or suspect Zia’s intentions.  In a unguarded moment one day, Morarji told General Zia that he was aware that Pakistan was clandestinely trying to develop a military nuclear capability – “General, I know what you are up to in Kahuta, RAW has got me all the details ” were the words. The Prime Minister's indiscretion exposed RAW and this “tip-off” made Pakistan aware that India knew what they were doing thus the mole inside Pakistan who passed the blue print to RAW was exposed & killed by Pakistani agencies.   Thus Morarji Desai, the indiscreet and incompetent Prime Minister proved to be the unavoidable occupational hazard for India’s this premier intelligence agency and its profession.

2.    Inder Kumar Gujral - I K Gujral  became the third front nominated Prime Minister of India supported by Congress during 1997-98. After Zia’s cleanup  of Indian intelligence network  inside Pakistan in late 70s, RAW still had two covert groups  - Counterintelligence Team-X (CIT-X) and Counterintelligence Team-J (CIT-J).  The first was directed at destabilizing Pakistan by separating Baluchistan from it and the second at Sikh groups fighting for Khalistan during that time. Both these covert groups used the services of cross-border traffickers to ferry weapons and funds across the border. Also these covert actions were making ISI’s interference in Punjab prohibitively costly for Pakistan.  But Gujral had a serious allergy towards RAW and the first thing he did after becoming Prime Minister was to suspend all such covert  operations within Pakistan. Even the IB was asked to go slow on Pakistani agents operating in India. In approximately 11 months, he systematically erased the organisation’s footprints in Pakistan to promote his peace doctrine famously known as “Gujral Doctrine”. Acting on his belief of earning 'goodwill' of Pakistan, he gave details of RAW assets in Pakistan  which led to physical elimination of RAW human assets through extra-judicial means by Pakistan's intelligence agencies. Since they were closed down in 1997, lack of such covert capabilities has left India even more vulnerable than before from ISI sponsored proxy war. For his such weak kneed and visionless policies, Gujral has remained a much-reviled figure within the intelligence community which accuses him of causing the destruction of intelligence network and infrastructure built up over the years.

3.   Manmohan Singh – The UPA Govt in 2012 under Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh had constituted an enquiry to look into the activities of a super-secret military intelligence (MI) wing, the Technical Support Division (TSD), which had  become operational in the year 2010  during the tenure of General VK Singh as army chief. This enquiry was ordered mainly to discredit Gen VK Singh, who took the Govt to court for his retirement age issue and later joined India  Against Corruption (IAC) of Anna Hazare to fight against UPA Govt and eventually joined BJP. In December 2012, all the TSD officials were transferred and UPA Govt ordered disbanding of TSD.  The committee reported that the TSD unit was engaged in conducting covet operations in Pakistan and Afghanistan and that secret Military Intelligence (MI) funds marked for ‘Operation Kashmir’ were funnelled to TSD.  It was trailing the 26/11 mastermind and Lashkar-e-Taiba chief Hafiz Saeed.  UPA Govt also did a complete review of the Military Intelligence (MI) and from then on MI was instructed to engage only in counter-intelligence and anti-militancy operations on border and barred from conducting covet operations. The MI was also asked to submit quarterly expenses statement to the MoD.  Later on it was revealed by Retd  Gen V K Singh that the decision to establish the controversial intelligence unit was taken by the former Chief, Gen. Deepak Kapoor, Singh’s immediate predecessor  and that too after obtaining the required approval from the defence minister A K Antony.  Gen. Singh also said that all the money allocated to the TSD was “supervised and accounted for” with the Army chief, defence secretary and director-general of military intelligence signing to approve it every quarter. It was functioning under the Director General of Military Intelligence (DGMI). The former Army Chief has gone to the extent of saying that had the TSD not been disbanded by the Govt, the beheading and other such incidents along the Line of Control would not have taken place. However, UPA Govt said  that TSD’s work  could have grave consequences for the credibility of India’s “peace initiatives” in the Kashmir Valley.  According to Col (retd) NR Kurup, “when our Secret Service Fund is so secret that it is not even auditable by CAG,  it is suicidal to expose its spending details in public. When we expose our secret service fund expenditure in a bid to fix Gen VK Singh, it is pathetic that we are not realising the damages it can inflict”. Many defence experts  also said that it is important to know the designs of hostile elements in Pakistan – what are their plans,  where are they likely to launch terrorist attacks,  how are they preparing for border incursions and  how are they indulging in the supply of illegal arms &  forged currencies to the terrorists in India. Unfortunately, now the Indian Army is in a precarious position on gathering intelligence from Pakistan.  If General V K Singh had revived some intelligence-gathering in that country and developed contacts across the LOC  in a bid to infiltrate Hafiz Saeed’s inner circle, he was doing a great national service.  Are intelligence-gathering and covert operations for national defence wrong?  It seems that the UPA Govt.  under Manmohan Singh in  its  zeal  to fix Gen VK Singh for political reasons was not even bothered to compromise national integrity and security.

4.    Manmohan Singh – In the year 2013,  India came very close to eliminating Dawood Ibrahim, the country's most wanted  terrorist, accused in the 1993 Mumbai serial bomb blasts and assisting ISI in organizing many other terrorist activities in India. A team of Indian commandos had infiltrated into Pakistan to hunt Dawood and were all set to execute the highly secret operation before they were instructed to not carry out the strike. Indian intelligence agencies have been trying to trace and nab or eliminate Dawood ever since he fled to Pakistan more than two decades ago. After many years of pain staking observations, intelligence gathering and meticulous preparation,  an operation was planned in 2013 to eliminate Dawood. A group of nine highly trained commandos  were selected by RAW for this operation. The members of this group named as “Super Boys” were  given passports of Sudan, Bangladesh and Nepal. Dawood has been living in Karachi’s Clifton Road area in a well-guarded house named “White House”  for years and every day he travels from his Clifton Road home to his office situated at House No. 37 in the Defence Housing Society in Karachi. This was the opportunity the 'Super Boys' chose for their covert operation. A dargah on the way was chosen as the spot for execution. On September 13, 2013, the 9 commandos took positions across the road. The commandos not only knew details of Dawood's car, his stoppage but his latest appearance. But minutes before the execution, a mysterious phone call was made by a senior India Govt official conveying instruction from the very top of India Govt. establishment to abort the plan. And with it India lost one of the best opportunity to eliminate a traitor who till then and afterwards has been responsible for scores of terrorist and anti-national acts on Indian soil.

The problem   with  the successive Indian Govts.  (mostly Congress or the ragtag Third Front) flawed defence and intelligence policy was that it assumed that peace would flow from unilaterally dismantling India's defences. A gentleman in politics or  a peaceable Prime Minister, but whose incapacity or unwillingness to signal strength - at home and in the conduct of diplomacy with our immediate adversarial neighbours - has cost India dear. When weak and incompetent politicians occupy the highest   positions of power in the Govt., they endanger the life and future of a nation with their lack of vision, courage and decision making capability.  This reminds me of the observation of the legendary General and former French President, Charles de Gaulle, that “politics is very important, so important that it cannot be left to the politicians alone”.

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Right to “Freedom of Expression” vs “Freedom of Reaction”

This phrase “Freedom of Expression is not absolute” is in news again.  After the Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris, the “Pseudo Secular”  media, intellectuals and activists in India are on an overdrive now to make us all believe that “Freedom of Expression is not absolute” and what happened with Charlie Hebdo was due to its crossing the line as it mocked the prophet and hurt the sentiments of Muslims.  They have a point but there are loads of inconsistencies in their arguments and timing. I have two questions for all those “Pseudo Seculars”:- a) who decided the thin line between absolute and relative freedom of expression? And b) if no one's freedom of expression is absolute, then why should certain people be given the right to do so in select cases?

These “Pseudo Seculars” are not only just inconsistent, but it also makes me think that they don’t really care for the principles at stake. If they really always felt that “Freedom of Expression” is not absolute, where were they when PK controversy was on in our country just a fortnight back? I saw most of them either silent or taking up the case for PK and lambasting the Hindu activists and protestors. Or do they believe that :

अल्लाह  का  कार्टून  बनाओ……डेथ फ्री
भगवान्  का  मजाक  उड़ाओ…..टैक्स फ्री

I saw many films since my childhood with a sense of guilt as a Hindu when I saw that Hindu priests were  mostly always greedy, lustful rotten people, who didn’t mind duping even poor people and raping a lady even in sacred temple precincts. I appreciated the angel incarnate Abdul Chachas  and Father Thomas with a golden heart,  who always came to the rescue of the little Vijay and his orphaned sister and felt deep inside  my heart why our despicable priests couldn’t be like them. I am sure many of you also can identify these films and characters easily. So, for generations in India brought up on such depiction of our religious figures,  PK fell into the same pattern and we were hurt but not agitated so much to call for the blood or head of the director, producer or the actors.  So movies like “Fire” and ‘Water” or depiction of nude Goddesses by MF Hussain always disturbed me but I kept quiet as a ‘good modern’ Hindu. Where was the cry at that time from this pseudo secular brigade that “Freedom of Expression is not absolute? I saw  the same pseudo seculars in TV debates for days together at that time frothing from their mouth, outraged over the curtailment of “freedom of Expression” by “fundamentalist Hindu groups”. But they never showed outpouring of such anguish when in India a film gets banned that shows a Catholic Priest lusting for a woman or a Bishop hungry for money. You can get a movie song removed or a large part of a movie cut because it hurts the sentiment of Muslim community due to perceived threat of violence.  Movies like “The Passion of the Christ” and “The Da Vinci Code”  were  not allowed to be released in India by the Govt. as they hurt the sentiments of Christians and was a threat to social harmony. Very recently “Vishwaroopam” by Kamal Hassan was banned after objections were raised  by Muslim groups regarding the portrayal of the Muslim community in a bad light and later allowed to be released only after  7 scenes were cut.  One can get a TV serial banned just because the script was written by Taslima Nasreen.  India earned the distinction of being the first county in the world to ban “Satanic Verses” of Salman Rushdie as it hurt the sentiments of Muslim community and even after decades he  was  not allowed to attend “Jaipur Literary fest”  in 2013 as his presence would jeopardise social harmony. But surprisingly, our so called Pseudo secularists and torch bearers of “freedom of expression”  never expressed their righteous indignation in those cases. These Hindu haters and their pimps in the media always stand for “Freedom of Expression” when some book or film or painting etc. depicts Hindus in poor light even if incorrectly. For these “Secular Saints”- deriding Hindu culture, faith and Gods through literature, art etc. are secular freedom of expression and then it’s absolute.
This is because we have been taught since our school days in even text books that there was something seriously rotten about   Hindu religion  which resulted in horrors of caste, superstition, sati, child marriage, dowry, poverty that finally resulted in slavery under the benign rule of Mughals and British. We have even been taught to call the “Poor performance of our economy” as  “Hindu rate of growth”  though it was Nehru’s visionless socialist rate of growth.  Nehru’s half-baked knowledge of history written in good English as ‘Discovery of India’ was the beacon light for our historians, who  taught us that Shivaji was just a  Sardar of a community and Prithviraj Chauhan paid the price at the hands of Md.Ghori  in association with Jaichandra for eloping with Sangjukta.  The left secular’s hijacking of history under Indira Gandhi completed this sense of loathing for anything Hindu by depicting Akbars  and Aurangzebs as role model rulers, Vir Savarkar was a fundamentalist and Bhagat Singh was a terrorist. If anything good like Yoga or Astronomy or Mathematics or Science was ‘discovered’ from any Hindu scriptures,  it was to be dissociated from Hinduism and presented as something that sprung up inspite of anti-human, inequality based Hindu religion not because of its universal scientific philosophical system that encouraged open minded enquiry.
Is this because these Pseudo secularists know that except protests for a few days  there is no real threat to their life and property,  if they spread anything against Hindus? They don’t dare to do that with Christianity as they know that even if Christians protest peacefully but with strong lobbying they are capable of stopping their bread and butter. And with Islam, they dare not speak or they may be beheaded/shot or their families may be bombed.

Whatever PK wished to convey, could have been conveyed using various different religious practices. For example,  if going to temple is out of fear, then so is going to Church or Mosque. Though it’s a different issue that ‘God fearing’ is an English term and  Hindus have no such term. Hinduism teaches ‘Prabhu Prem” – God loving. If pilgrimage is superstition, it is so for all religions.  Indian  Govt. makes all the tax payers  from even other religions pay taxes, so that Muslims can go for “Haj” at subsidised expense, which even Muslims countries don’t do.  If so called Godmen are spreading superstitions and false beliefs,  what are  “Friday Prayers”  of Islam or “Miracle Sessions” of evangelists?

I am for absolute freedom of Expression but it must be religion/custom/belief/nationality and above all God neutral. One can’t have the freedom to mock only Hindu God or religion or belief just because Hindus are more peaceful and not have the freedom to mock Islam as that might bring casualties like Charlie Hebdo. I strongly feel that there should not be “boundaries of freedom” but only “boundaries of reaction”. “Boundaries of reaction” should be decided by how much ones reactions are going to cause damage to others. If someone does not like what Rushdie or Taslima wrote or Hussain painted or Vishwaroopam or PK showed - he can oppose the book/painting/film, criticize it by writing an article or another book or by any other means of  democratic protest in a peaceful manner. But if in any situation, the opposition takes upon a shape of  call for beheading, killing, bombing or any such destruction of life and property, then those propagating such actions must be treated as criminals and their actions as terrorism.

I would have agreed with all thoughts on putting restriction on “freedom of Expression” had a reasonable boundary could have been drawn. But alas! That’s not possible as there is limit to human need but not for their greed. For example again, what about works of Taslima Nasreen - Lajja, is a book based on inside stories of exploitation of women in Islamic countries. But this was banned in the name of hurting sentiments of religious people. Now should these books be banned simply because that satisfies someone’s ego? Again, in the Hindi movie “Billu Barbar”,  the name barber seemed offensive to some people and SRK had removed it from the title. How justified was that?  Should we call barbers as hair-cutting specialists or hair-cutters? So, who sets the limits for “freedom of expression”? I think, if we start setting limits, everybody will push their agendas into the system and finally freedom will be only in the grave yard.

I would   advocate disproportionate response towards the perpetrators as this nonsense of “Oh, you have hurt my faith and hence let  me go and kill someone”  has gone unchecked for too long. I have read pathetic pieces saying people should understand Muslim   sentiments and that they are marginalized and oppressed community in most places of the world including France.  Excuse me,  it’s now known that the brothers who killed 12 people in Charlie Hebdo shoot out, were rap loving normal youth till they were indoctrinated by some radical mullah. People have now also discovered bikini clad pictures of the female terrorist on beaches in France alongwith the guy who took people hostages in the super market in Paris.  Is that how oppressed Muslims look like?  If you are so oppressed please migrate to Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Qatar, Jordan, Iran etc. where you will get equal rights and emancipation. That is the height of hypocrisy and ingratitude.  The cold blooded slaughter and the aftermath only show how wide the Jihadi network has spread, how well trained and motivated they are and how they can spring up from anywhere unexpected.  Anyone justifying this type of incidents hasn't really grasped the real problem, which is global jihadi extremism, which sadly is only increasing due to the tacit support of “pseudo secular” media and liberals.
People of all religions are insecure about their faith and morality, so they want others to keep mouth shut, no matter how good or bad their beliefs are. Strange and   sad that in most cases, we sing along those fanatic’s   tunes. When the Danish Prime Minister   said that he can do nothing against the Cartoonist who drew cartoons of Allah, Indians were shocked.  How can   the   head of a Govt. can say that he can do nothing against a cartoonist? But the fact of the matter is that   Govt. in those countries are limited there and not the citizen. The  Govt.  is duty bound to protect the individual freedom there and not the Individuals the other way. Salman Rushdie or Taslima   Nasreen may write all they want, Charlie Hebdo can mock Christianity or Islam for all I care. It’s their individual freedoms. Words or cartoons never killed anyone but when thousands of people resort to violence and terrorism around the world, incited by their “religious” faith, it affects others – you and me – directly. Muslim or  any other organisations – who say that rational progressive criticism of their doctrines or scriptures is illegitimate, should be banned. Every religion on earth had its age of barbarism and inhuman unjust conduct  but they reformed. People of most of the faiths have abandoned the outdated beliefs, rituals and ideologies and moved on with the good, progressive ones. The current criticism of Islam is to ensure that it undergoes its own transformation which is due.  And the reason why non-Islamists are concerned is  because Islamic conservatism is killing them, killing entire modern progressive world order.

Let the “right to freedom of expression”  be equal for all - whether somebody wishes to criticize Hindus or any other religion. I completely agree with Salman Rushdie that “Religions, like all other ideas, deserve criticism, satire, and yes, our fearless disrespect”.  But “right to freedom of reaction” to any criticism or satire as John Stewart Mills stated more than a century ago  is limited – “your liberty to swing your fist ends where my nose begins”.

Friday, 9 January 2015

Decoding Terror Apparatus – from Owaisi to Charlie Hebdo

Since last Sunday, two incidents have captured the headlines in Indian media :-

1. Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (MIM) leader and Hyderabad MP, Asaduddin Owaisi’s statement on last Sunday that “Every child is born a Muslim. His parents and society convert him to other religions. And Islam is the real home of all religions. There is no forced conversion in Islam”.
2. Three Islamic terrorists (2 of them are brothers) killed 12 people including 2 police officers and 10 injured in a shooting at the Paris offices of the satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo on Wednesday, which was also target of an earlier firebombing in 2011 after publishing cartoons on Prophet Mohammad on its cover.

When we look at both the incidents, we find that there is a similarity of “belief” which led to the above. However, another similarity we find is in the way the “Secular Media” in India alongwith their panellists consisting of “pseudo secular” politicians, journalists, intellectuals and activists are trying to explain the reasons for the above incidents. Therefore, I would like to analyse these two incidents impartially and factually:

1.   I am appalled to see that  the “secular press and political parties in India” are terming  Asaduddin Owaisi’s  this outrageous  statement as a tit-for-tat reaction to claims from Hindus organizations that ancestors of all Indians are Hindus and their recent “Ghar Wapsi’ programme. I just don’t understand why this “Secular Brigade” don’t feel embarrassed to  link everything to Hindu fundamentalism making such lame arguments. If some so-called Hindu fundamentalist terrorises or kills or loots or incites people for violence, by all means, please arrest him. And we have seen earlier how and why Varun Gandhi was arrested and Sadhvi Pragya was arrested. But no media house or secular party tried to defend them citing their alleged deeds to be a reaction to “Islamic fundamentalism”. But when Owaisi abuses Hindus and Hindustan – they blame “Hindu fundamentalism”.  Why our secular brigade start linking everything to Hindu fundamentalism whenever we talk about Jihadi terrorism in India? Which came first? Hindu fundamentalists or the 850 years old Islamic terrorism in India? Who waged war on India since 1192 AD, looted towns and cities, killed millions of Hindus, raped Hindu women, destroyed every major temples in India viz, Somanath, Kashi, Mathura, Ayodhya etc., burnt even libraries and universities like Nalanda, converted millions by the sword and imposed Jizya tax on Hindus? Who wanted separate country based on religion in 1947? But no, let us not talk about that and instead blame the fictitious “Hindu fundamentalists”, who are neither in “Most Wanted List” of any country nor have any organized groups like Al Qaeda, ISIS or Lashkar-e-Taiyeba. How can the statements of a few aged sentimental “so-called Hindutva” leaders, who can offer nothing more than empty rhetoric to which no one listens, can be stretched out of context and linked with a random spurt of provocations, riots and systematic well planned jihadi activities? Why nobody dares to say that Hindu fundamentalism is a reaction to centuries old Islamic atrocities, loot and conversion  in India, which is still continuing under patronage of "secular political parties, media, intellectuals and activists” and now has been made into an industry? But still secularists call it the "religion of peace" and the Hindu rights organizations are called “saffron terror groups”.

Radical Islam has tortured humanity more than anyone else for centuries and it still refuses to die. Rarely any effective voice is heard highlighting such radicalism from within Muslim community and condemnation of such terrorism. Many in the clergy give silent support to these terror-mongers. Thus an Owaisi is able to brainwash Muslim youths telling them that all their sufferings are due to injustice meted out by the Hindus. They are taught that Hindus killed them, looted them, discriminated against them, raped their women and that is why Muslims are backward. And that their religion is in danger in India. But Owaisi and the “pseudo secular brigade” refuse to highlight that thousand times more Muslims are killed in Muslim nations or by Muslims than in any unfortunate Hindu-Muslim riots. There are no Hindus in Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Algeria, Sudan, Somalia to dominate Muslims. But still mosques are bombed, innocents are killed, rape incidents are highest. The culprits are so-called Radical Muslims themselves.

2.      Now that there is a hue and cry after the shooting in the office of Charlie Hebdo in Paris, the same Pseudo Secular Brigade in India are condemning it very guardedly but at the same time saying that Charlie Hebdo has a history of angering Muslims and thereby was asking for such destruction and killing. And that we should not “stereo type” a whole community and only a few among them are engaged in such acts. What they fail to explain is that when cruel, inhuman, intolerant and barbaric terrorist acts are committed and justified in the name of religious duty called “Jihad” by members of one religion, naturally all other people would be forced to ask questions and issue statements referring to that religion. And there are valid reasons why most people/countries in the world today are forced to talk and suspect  the members of a particular religion in a way, which is not very pleasant for any one. But this so called “stereotyping people” of a religion  is though unpleasant and unfortunate but can’t be avoided for reasons of history, data, facts and logic. The members of this religion always say that Islam is a religion of peace but if you leave the faith - you have to be killed, if you insult the prophet - you have to be killed,  if you harm the Quran in any manner - you have to be killed. And still just saying that Islam is violent and intolerant could get people killed. Less said is better about Sharia. Probably that is why George Bernard Shaw once said, "Islam is the best religion in the world  and Muslims are the worst followers". If Islam is not a violent and intolerant religion, why don't we hear more Muslims voice their protest then we speaking out against the intolerance, violence and other atrocities carried out in the name of Islam by people around the world?  Unfortunately, Islam has a long history of  violence being perpetrated and the general silence of Muslims must be interpreted as consent or the fear of speaking out. By contrast, anywhere anything is said, written or done that offends Muslims, brings cries of outrage and appeal for violence and killing from the followers of this religion. So how can one say that we should blame only a few among them and not generalize, when their numbers are growing every day. That means, most of the passive followers also believe in the same ideology and it’s just a matter of time or opportunity they are waiting for to become active.

Whom are we requesting "to live and let live"? That's the ideology of all other religions but not theirs and hence they would ask others to follow such ideology but they need not. Hence when questioned on his above statement Owaisi said that “this is his religious belief and others may disagree but he won’t change his belief. In India he has the constitutional right to follow and practice his religious beliefs as taught by his religion”. But the irony is that his co-religionists don’t believe that the same right should be enjoyed by the cartoonists in France and hence they need to be killed. People from all other faith can be beheaded in thousands but not one of them should be touched or it is unsecular. Other people can be forced to change their beliefs into false beliefs but their people will be killed if they leave Islam. Others women can be converted and give birth only to forcibly Muslim children but their women will force other  men to convert. Other women should mix with their men and marry them, but their women will sit uneducated at home as baby-manufacturing robots. Others  law need to be secular, but their nations will be Islamic and force all non-Muslims to pay tax and harassed them into converting or flee or die. Others must protect their people using the secular laws, but they will use their Islamic laws to root all other  belivers out from their nations. Others must preserve their architecture and mosques, but other’s  heritage must be destroyed when they begin their rule. Is that the difference between teachings of other  religions and the  "religion of peace"?

If we keep our heads buried in the sands of denial saying that terror has no religion or remain non vocal about the real threat of Jihadi terrorism, this problem neither gets solved nor Jihadi’s  are going to change their heart. We need to make all peace loving, liberal people aware about the threat from the ambition of majority of Muslims of the world to convert the whole world specially wherever they are majority into Islamic theocratic states and eventually either convert or kill all non-Muslims from all over the world. They are working with a long term plan very systematically. This is a historic reality. Only by making people aware of it and also preparing a systematic plan to stop their adventure, we can save the modern, secular, liberal civilized world.

Even after we have seen and experienced, the track record and on-going  misadventures of the members of this religion from Australia to USA and from France to  Philipines- why do we still want say that they are just a small minority? Have you ever seen any Muslim persons, organizations, countries forcefully oppose these organizations and their work? So pls accept the fact that this is a religion, wherein the people who are moderate are not effective and the people who are effective are not moderate. Why Pakistan was created? Why Kashmir is a dispute? Why Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains are almost Extinct in Kashmir valley, North Kerala, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Indonesia etc. ? Why the Parsees had to flee from Iran?  Why Christians are being killed in North Nigeria, Egypt, Libya, Ethiopia, Somalia, Sudan, South Philippines, Turkey, Kosovo, Chechnya, Dagestan, Albania, Bosnia, Indonesia et al? Why Buddhists are being killed in South Thailand, West Burma, Indonesia and Bangladesh? Why Jews are being killed in Palestine and all over Middle East? Why people all across the world are dying in terror attacks by Muslims?

So all these persons (from Owaisi to the killer brothers of Paris) and organizations (MIM to Al-Queda) and the conflicts must be seen from a larger picture – their  ideology and aim is one and the same - to establish superiority of Islam over everyone else (the non-Muslims either by conversion or by force). it’s not that they just want and will remain satisfied by just creating/capturing a Palestinian or Syria or Iraq or  Afghanistan or Nigeria or Kashmir or Chechnya. If any one of these terror organizations is successful, it will be a victory of barbarism over civilization. If a Kashmir or Israel cannot survive, perhaps none of the modern, pluralistic, liberal, secular, civilized nation will survive either. Jihadis of various label view Israel, India, Russia, Europe, USA and the rest of the secular, liberal, modern nations as conjoined and inseparable – “Satanic”. Even though we may not see our destiny as inextricably linked with France or Israel's, they do. If we give up on Kashmir or Israel or Afghanistan or Egypt or Nigeria or Chechnya, they will simply take that as a sign of our weakness and  pressure us next to give up on every other secular, liberal, modern country. What would organizations like ISIS, Al Qaeda, LeT, Boko Haram, Hamas, Hezbollah etc. do if they ever managed to win their immediate goal - pat itself on the back and close up? Not at all. They would then  turn their efforts to spread of Islam in the rest of the non-Islamic world, by force. So, to save Humanity, we all must stop denying the true facts, stop appeasing these terror sympathisers and supports and make them understand that we will use all our might to stop their aggression – overt or covert. All their co-religionists  must understand that either they join us in opposing  these terrorists or they will also not survive as they will be the collateral damage in our fight against these barbarians.

Tuesday, 6 January 2015


When for the first time ever in its history, India after Modi Govt.’s coming to power  is  tackling the Pakistani sponsored and supported cross border  terrorism as well as military attacks  with strong, massive and effective response, the Congress party is raising doubts on the Govt’s version of the “terror boat” episode in the Arabian sea off the coat of Porbandar, Gujarat on the intervening night of 31st Dec- 1st January.  At a time when Pakistan is shocked by the ferocity and volume of India’s retaliation and running for cover in the face of India's onslaught from Kashmir to Gujarat borders, Congress is finding it difficult to digest the fact that this Govt. has been able to prevent a 26/11 type terror attack on our nation.  After miserably failing to prevent the terror attacks like 26/11, bomb blasts in almost every major cities and towns in our country during their tenure in Govt., now Congress party is questioning the authenticity of Indian coast guard operation. The Congress leaders and spokespersons are speaking Pakistan’s language by dismissing the India Govt.’s version and questioning, how did the Govt. come to the conclusion that it was a terrorist boat and which terrorist organization was behind it? It is a fact that during Congress rule of last 10 years, India’s national security was compromised and weakened due to its inefficiency and lack of intent. Ironically instead of standing with the Indian Govt. and thanking the intelligence agencies and Coast Guard for protecting us from a probable terrorist attack, Congress choose to be sympathetic towards the probable perpetrators. When the 26/11 attack took place - Congress floated the theory that it was RSS handiwork, when Samjhauta Express blast happened inspite of confirmation by US intelligence agencies - Congress tried everything to prove that it was a handiwork of Sangh Parivar affiliates, when the Batla House encounter took place - Sonia Gandhi shed tears on the death of the terrorists and Congress leaders like Salman Khurshid and Digvijaya Singh visited the families of the terrorists to express sympathy, thereby lending credence to the Pakistani stand of denial of any involvement.

And just see our “Secular Media” like Indian Express, Hindustan Times and NDTV etc. Looks like they are  official news agency of Pakistan Govt.  They are floating all kinds of theories like, this boat was used by diesel smugglers from Pakistan to India or that these were drug smugglers trying to bring consignment of drugs into India  or even that these were Pakistani fishermen illegally fishing inside Indian maritime geography. They seem to have no faith on the Indian intelligence agencies, Indian Coast Guard or the Indian Govt. but believe more on Pakistani Govt. versions.

The first point that needs to be made here is that why would someone from Pakistan smuggle diesel at Pakistani Rupee (PKR) 86 a litre to sell it at Rupees (INR) 56.26 here in India? When one does the conversions, it doesn’t make any sense to smuggle diesel from Pakistan to India at a profit of hardly Rs 2. And when one calculates the cost of hiring a boat, cost of diesel  to  cover the distance from Karachi to Gujarat or Maharashtra and manpower, it would actually be a loss making smuggling business only the Indian Secular Media or Congress Politicians can think of venturing into.  Now coming to the other theory of drug smuggling - a drug smuggler (or any other smuggler) will try to destroy or dump  the material  in the sea when he is about to be caught.  Also, when on high sea, it is easier to drown the material rather than set it ablaze. It is proved by records that in 8 out of 10 cases, the coast guards when  intercepted such smugglers, the first attempt made was to dump the drugs or such contraband material in the sea. When they failed, they have surrendered and not blown up the boat to commit suicide.  Also, it should be noted that the boat was travelling by an uncommon route not used by either fishermen or by smugglers.  Such suicide mission is undertaken by committed jihadi terrorists and not by common criminals or fishermen engaged in illegal fishing.

These Secular Politicians and Media are questioning why the people in that boat were not caught alive or their dead bodies were recovered to prove that they were Pakistani terrorists.  Hello, are you all hallucinating? Even after Ajmal Kasab was captured alive and his accomplice’s dead bodies were recovered, Pakistan was unwilling to accept that 26/11 was the handiwork of Pakistani terrorists. After everything was proved beyond any doubt not only by India but even by USA that the attack was originated in Pakistani soil, Pakistan claimed that the attack could be by “non-state actors” and that only their own investigation was genuine and final. Inspite of given all evidences, not even one handler or mastermind of that attack has been charge sheeted let alone prosecuted by that failed, rough terrorist state in last 6 years.  It is not so easy to recover body or anything in the high seas (as we have seen in case of Air Asia crash too near Indonesian seas). We have seen many times in the past, Pakistan agencies using fishing boats to carry out such terrorist  mission including the 26/11 attack. Similar operations had been conducted prior to the 1993 Bombay serial blasts also  and it was at the Porbandar port that the explosives had landed from Pakistan.

Some of these anti national secularists are even suggesting that the boat caught fire when Indian coast guards fired warning shots towards it and was not actually on a suicide mission as told by Indian Govt. If every operation is going to be questioned like this, I wonder whether the security forces will have the will to act in the event of a real threat. Can the security forces be expected to subject themselves to intense media scrutiny after every operation and yet retain their capacity for quick and efficient responses? Can the media really sit on judgment over the action of the coast guard in the middle of the night and in the middle of the high seas? Don’t you have that much trust in the honesty of our own security agencies?  But you are ready to trust and justifiably report whatever Pakistani Govt. agencies tell you.

The alert levels are particularly high across our nation since the Modi Govt. came to power and security forces have been given free hand to act and retaliate whatever way whenever they deem fit. The vigil along the coasts too has been stepped up after Intelligence Bureau inputs that there were attempts being made by terrorist groups to strike at the Indian ports and coastal areas. The Al-Qaeda too had attempted a similar mission in Karachi where they tried to hijack a naval ship in a bid to launch attacks on US and Indian vessels sometime back. In such situations, it is impossible to take any chances and any suspicious movement from Pakistan should be dealt with an iron fist by the Indian security agencies as we all know what happened during the 26/11 attack. Even if it was a fishing boat or a smuggling boat as its movement was suspicious, what our security agencies did was to protect all of us, who had the pleasure of celebrating New Year eve in our cosy surroundings with our families and friends safely by endangering their own life for the cause of our nation.

The main aim of the Congress party and the “Secular Media” is to denigrate the present Govt.  in the eyes of the people of India and spread  untruth that the present Govt. is incapable of tackling successfully Pakistan's evil designs and make it pay a heavy price for its misadventures.  This is primarily because of the incurable disease that they are afflicted with known as  “Modi Phobia & Obsession”. This Secular Brigade is truly a national shame.

Desperate, careless, depressed Congress party and their stooge media is demonstrating  nuts, idiots and anti-nationals like Salman Khurshid, Sakeel Ahmed, Sushil Kumar Shinde, Mani Shankar Aiyar, Manish Tiwari, Ajay Kumar, Barkha Dutta, Sagarika Ghosh, Karan Thapar, Vinod Sharma, Kumar Ketkar etc.  More than the jihadi terrorists, more than ISI, more than Pakistan, more than any enemy, India's real enemies are people like these politicians, journalists, intellectuals  and activists - who indulge in such anti national acts. We are actually “living and sleeping  with our enemies” within our country. These anti-nationals should be "encountered first" - fake or real for their complete illogical, irrational and unwarranted comments on country's security issues, events and personal. It is “Desh Droh” and they need to be tried for sedition.