Sunday, 29 September 2013

Dehati Aurat & Indian Paid Media

Broadcast Editor's Association(BEA) has issued a statement taking objection to Narendra Modi's speech today in Delhi in which he questioned the conduct of a particular journalist (read Barkha Dutta). This is just another of the many instances where the Indian mainstream media closes ranks and shields powerful media personalities even at the very hint of some external scrutiny.

The controversy has its roots in a comment by a well-known Pakistani journalist Hamid Mir on Geo TV. Mir described and quoted -  Sharif smilingly told Barkha “it seems Manmohan Singh went to complain to Obama about me not like India’s Prime Minister but like a ‘dehati aurat’, during a breakfast meeting with him and NDTV’s Barkha Dutt on Saturday while expressing his unhappiness that Singh complained to the US President Barack Obama about Sharif on Pakistan. Geo TV is on record, has telecasted live the statement of Mir where he was clearly heard saying the above. After the controversy erupted, Mir later tweeted: "PM Nawaz never said anything derogatory against Manmohan." But didn’t say that Sharif never used that phrase. This shows that for Mir such a statement about Indian PM is not derogatory.

Now let’s examine what Brakha Dutta has to say about this incident. Barkha tweeted that "Sharif's allegorical account was all about how disputes should not involve third parties. Not once was a slur passed by him against the PM. Sharif was upset that Pakistan (was) raised by India with Obama. In this context, he told an allegorical tale. In Sharif's tale, there was a dispute between two villagers, one of whom was a woman. Story ended with how fights should be settled between parties". But here she actually revealed more than she could hide. She accepted that Sharif actually narrated about a fight  and mentioned about a village women. What she avoided to clarify was who Sharif compared with the village women (dehati aurat).

BEA is upset because Modi during his speech said "the journalists who were sitting in front of Nawaz Sharif when he was insulting our Prime Minister should also answer to the people of my country. I want to ask those journalists, I don't know who were they but journalists of my country who were having sweets sitting with Nawaz Sharif when he was abusing our Prime Minister calling him village woman, I expected those Indian journalists, the country expected them, to refuse the sweets and walk out”. Can BEA explain what wrong Modi said about Indian Journalists? Our so called secular media could not digest "puppy" or "burqa" analogy, but they are quite comfortable with "dehati aurat" analogy made by the Pakistani PM about their own PM. If Nawaz Sharif narrates an anecdote which is malicious, they describe it as "wildly misconstrued, misinterpreted, and misreported" (Times Of India report).  But if Modi tells an anecdote, then that is construed as ill and derogatory. What kind of ethical and nationalistic journalism is it? BEA is quick enough to issue statement objecting to Modi’s speech but can they explain to citizens of India – what action did they take when a section of media created controversy by publishing imaginary news that a mall in Gujarat on the idd day refused entry to muslim youth, which later proved to be completely false?? Can they also explain, what action did they take against those journalists, who published a fake report that Modi claimed to have rescued  15,000 people during Uttarakhand flood and gave him the name “Rambo”? Can they also explain what action they took against Barkha Dutta, who was caught on tape brokering deals among political parties during the “Radiagate”.  Therefore, BEA has no credibility to question Narendra Modi on anything.

Narendra Modi is perfectly right in criticizing Sharif and the Indian journalist for making and tolerating a joke about our Prime Minister. BEA’s defence of the Indian journalist means that they don’t understand the stature of the Prime Minister and have no sense of dignity & patriotism. A sincere and mature leader of a country never indulges in such joke about leader of another country, when they are headed for a serious talk. There are protocols to be followed when two Prime Ministers engage in talks with each other,  which have long term implications for both the countries. Modi with his sense of patriotism could never  tolerate  such an act. It seems that BEA and some of the paid secular media don’t even feel the sense of being an Indian - a proud nationalist Indian. Defending such an act is more heinous than the insult.

If Sharif dares to insults our PM,  we should be able to hit back firmly saying that his country behaves like a prostitute and is enjoying paid sex with USA. It is a fact that Pakistan can do anything for aid money and material from USA. USA has already impregnated Pakistan and she has delivered an illegitimate child to this world called “Islamic Terrorism”.

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Indian Prime Minister & His “Aman Ki Asha Shop”

Today once again Pakistan sponsored terrorists affiliated to LeT, killed 12 Indians including 6 army man, 4 police man and 2 civilians by crossing over to India near LOC in J&K and attacking a police out post in Kathua and an army camp in Samba. But still our Prime Minister is adamant on talking to Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to further the “Peace Process” on the side lines of UN general assembly meet in New York.

Mr. Manmohan Singh, this nation has not forgotten that you  had assured us through both Houses of Parliament after 26/11, after beheading of two soldiers by Pakistani army in the beginning of this year and more recently after killing of 5 Indian soldiers by Pakistan inside indian territory near LOC, that India would not hold talks with Pakistan till it takes satisfactory action against terror. The same Nawaz Sharif with whom you are eager to talk, allocated more than Rs.6.1 Crores in June 2013 to Hafiz Saeed and the result of that is there to been seen for all today. Even after such open state sponsor of a terrorist like Hafiz Saeed and many others, to even think that you can talk peace or even shake hand with those whose hands are drenched with blood of Indian citizen and armed forces, will be absolutely a traitorous move  on the part of your weak and incompetent govt . Mr. Prime Minister, if you have an iota of concern for Indian sentiment and national pride, you must reject or atleast postpone your meeting with Pakistani PM Nawaz Sharif. Due to incompetency of your govt., we Indians have got into the habit of saluting the martyr’s coffins wrapped in our tri-colour and consoling with their families. But we are not used to seeing our govt. taking aggressive action to stop such acts from our neighbouring country. Is this not another example of shameful hypocrisy of your govt., who prefer to ignore such heinous crime towards it’s citizens by this enemy nation? What’s the point of talking with a terrorist nation, aren’t we making a fool of ourselves? Inspite of they killing our soldiers, we are inviting them for talks and having dinner over our soldier's dead bodies. Pakistan alongwith the whole world is laughing at us, as  how they can kill our people and still we are begging them to talk with us. How long will India be seen as an “Impotent Nation"?


This is not the first and last tragic incident of Pakistan sponsored terrorism, happening in Kashmir or any other part of India but the main question is India govt’s  response to such brazen act. Your govt. is giving only lip service and no concrete action is evident. It is time the govt. acknowledges the futility of diplomatic gestures towards Pakistan. With our past experiences, India should treat Pakistan as an enemy with whom there can be no business as usual and we are in a state of war with it. Why can’t we boycott and isolate Pakistan till it stops all state and non state terrorist activities and destroy all terror infrastructure in it’s soil? There can be no diplomatic, bilateral, sporting or cultural relations, no trade, transport & commerce with Pakistan- cripple them economically, hit where it hurts them most. If they want to behave like enemy State so be our response. Why are we falling over each other to please them?  It is the result of our weak leadership that has encouraged Pakistani army, ISI and terrorists to come and kill our citizens in our territory. Also, there can’t be any talk with Pakistan under any foreign pressure – let’s not bother what the US or UN will think or say. Until Pakistan understands  that India is not just serious in words but even in actions about the loss of Indian lives and that it must provide answers that India has sought for so long and hand over all the terrorists like Dawood etc., India would not talk to Pakistan. Also, crush the militants and their supporter/ sympathisers inside our country ruthlessly. The reality is that this problem is not going to be solved even in another decade and after another 100 rounds of talks at the highest level unless Pakistan's capabilities – both economically and militarily- are not destroyed.  And this can only happen when, Indian armed forces are allowed to respond at a time and place of its choosing. This drama of talks with Pakistan  has become a bit too predictable. Every time, talk of talks emerges, these intrusions and incidents happen. But our govt, keeps harping on expecting Pakistan to take some credible action against its state and non state actors of terrorism. When we ourselves fail to take any action against our enemies, why would Pakistan act on our behalf? Are we not ashamed of referring to our own territory as Pakistan occupied Kashmir (POK)?


The current Indian govt. doesn't have a strategic policy to deal with the Pakistan's proxy war against India. Pakistan abandoned the conventional all out battles with India long back to focus on constant proxy war of “thousand cuts” with attacks on our border, attacks inside India through both it’s armed forces and  state sponsored terrorists as well as economic warfare of circulating fake currency to cripple our economy. The processes of hate India and islamization have gone so far in Pakistan’s state and society that all institutions of that country and citizens are under varying degrees of influence of Islamists, who do not desire or tolerate improvement of relations with India. We have been holding talks with Pakistan for so many years, but still there is no result and our citizens are getting killed by acts of Pakistan. Why? It shows that the leaders, whom we are talking to in Pakistan are either not serious in improving relations with India or are not capable or influential enough to convince the state of Pakistan to stop acts of terrorism. What is then the use of having talks with such powerless leaders who are not the real masters so far as Indo-Pak relations are concerned? Peace talk with Pakistan will go on without any result as Pakistan’s real power lies with it’s army, and the terrorist organizations and politicians are controlled by it.  So India  is wasting it’s time and resources and rather agree to peace talks only when all the three parties come together. Therefore, India should refuse talks with Pakistan on any issue, unless Pakistan declares and proves on the ground that it would stop terrorism as a state policy and stop using terrorists as strategic asset.

So Mr.Prime Minister, it’s still not too late for you to reconsider your insistence on having dialogue with Nawaz Sharif. Please keep your “Aman Ki Asha” shop shut for a while, hold the terrorists & their supporters/sympathizers by their neck  and retaliate strongly for any breach of LOC.  We have known you as mild mannered and not a tough talker. But for once, please use your legendary silence as an effective weapon of toughness. You need to use it on Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif now and for which your nation will remember you with gratitude.

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Congress ka hath criminals ke sath…

Winston Churchill had said before India’s independence that once the British leaves, this country would be ruled by thieves and robbers. A qualification and character certificate is necessary  to get a job of even a watchman outside the parliament of our nation, but no qualification or character certificate is needed to be inside our parliament and be lawmakers of this nation. What else can we  expect from the most corrupt and criminal government since independence to rule India?? The Congress led UPA know that if they have to survive and again win the next election, they need to save Pawar, Mulayam, Mayabati, Lalu, Kalmadi, Raja, Bansal, Owaisi and Sorens of this country.  They had to do this, else they would run severely short of candidates. They have brought this ordinance so that these "good criminals” can "serve"  the people of this country without any hindrance. This Govt. has reconfirmed once again that being a criminal is not bad at all in India- you are eligible to run this country and the government will protect you from the law, setting a perfect example for all thieves, robbers, murderers, rapists and terrorists to join politics.
The Supreme Court judgement was a major positive step and undoing it, is a disservice to the nation. This has dealt a destructive blow to our democracy. But It hardly matters to the Congress party and it’s allies  that all right thinking Indian citizens, except the largely corrupt political class, had wholeheartedly welcomed the Supreme Court judgment, which immediately disqualifies Parliamentarians and legislators, once they are convicted by a court. For this political class,  all other citizens are just vote-banks. In a country where as much as 1448 MPs and MLAs, have serious criminal charges against them, this Landmark judgment of the Supreme Court had come not a day too soon. The observations of the highest judiciary that ‘the parliamentarians and legislators cannot enjoy a benefit which is not available to the ordinary citizen’ was very apt. But every such landmark judgement of the Supreme Court for the benefit of our country has been over ruled by the Congress starting from Shah Bano case to RTI to autonomous CBI, for their hunger for power and vote bank politics. Can’t the Congress led UPA government see the clear message from the Apex court's rejection of the UPA government's review petition in this matter that it is averse to the obnoxious move of the government to protect criminals and to allow known delinquents to occupy the high pedestals of the Parliament ? Why the UPA government is refusing to acknowledge that the rejection of the review petition is a reflection of the peoples'  voice. Taking the ordinance route to negate such a mandate is despicable. Our country is actually being run by a bunch thieves and autocrats. It’s a “Sham” democracy.

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Yeh To Hona Hi Tha…

The motivated leak to the Indian Express newspaper over allegations that a secret intelligence unit Technical Services Division (TSD), set up by ex-Army chief Gen VK Singh was involved in trying to topple the Omar Abdullah Govt in J&K, to pay off an NGO to try change the line of succession in the Army top brass, to buy off-air interception equipment and to conduct "unauthorized" covert operations - totally seems like a Political Vendetta. It is clearly driven by the desire of the Congress Party to tarnish the reputation of Gen Singh, who during his tenure as Chief of Eastern Command and later Indian Army had rubbed many powerful politicians & bureaucrats on the wrong side by exposing their involvement in corruption in matters related to armed forces. Otherwise, when this information was available with the Govt. for last 6 months, why it has been selectively brought to public domain only 5 days after Gen Singh shared the stage in a public rally at Rewari with Narendra Modi? What was the Govt of India doing for 6 months over a matter of National Security? Does it not make the Defence Minister also culpable for negligence to act fast on such a grave matter that today it warrants a CBI inquiry?

If the report is to be believed, an attempt was made to topple a State Government just by paying Rs.1 crore to someone, then it’s the most bizarre thing that one could hear. If one can topple a State Government for just Rs.1 crore, our politicians would keep toppling the Government of each other at the drop of a hat and they would never leave that job to an Army Chief. Congress has mastered the art of bribery and is expert in toppling opposition govts. by purchasing rival members. Congress knows the exact rates of MPs and MLAs. The report is unable to explain - what did Gen. VK Singh try to achieve by toppling J&K govt.? Did Gen. Singh want to do something which Pakistan Army and ISI would love to do in Kashmir ? The story says that Rs 1.19 crore was provided to J&K agriculture minister Ghulam Hassan Mir to topple the state govt, perhaps due to its opposition to the Armed Forces Special Powers Act. But, Mir is an independent MLA, so he would need a group of MLAs to form a majority in the J&K assembly, which has 87 members. Now, let’s consider the strength of various parties- the National Conference has 28 MLAs and Congress has 17, forming a narrow majority. Opposition People’s Democratic Party has 21 and the BJP has 11. But undoubtedly none of the 3 parties, NC, Congress & PDP will ally with BJP. So to get a majority, even by splitting the NC and allying with the PDP, Mir would have still needed the help of Congress — which means that Gen Singh should have gone to 10, Janpath, and not to Independent MLA Mir for help in such a matter. But if he had 10, Janpath on his side, he won’t need Mir — who has, already denied the allegations as "blatant lies".

Interestingly, the entire Kashmir problem today is a gift of Nehu-Gandhi Dynasty. Nehru didn’t allow Sardar Patel to handle J&K’s merger with India in 1947, the way he handled the other muslim dominated princely states like Hyderabad, Junagarh etc. Nehru in the first phase by mishandling the J&K merger and then by taking this issue to UN messed up the problem. Then in the second phase, Indira Gandhi and later Rajiv Gandhi gave birth to militancy and anti India movement during mid eighties by rigging almost every election in J&K and then toppling Farooq Abdullah's legitimately elected government by using puppet governors. If Indian Army is there in J&K today and forced to give their life every day to protect the integrity and sovereignty of our country, it’s because Congress and more particularly Nehru, Indira and Rajiv completely messed up the situation there with their corrupt and manipulative power play to remain in Govt. Now Sonia Gandhi is taking a leaf out of her predecessors and hell bent on demoralizing the army with such ridiculous charges against a honest ex army officer who is highly respected not only in the armed forces but by the common people too. He is being hunted down as he has dared to raise his head and voice against Congress. This nation wants to know from Sonia Gandhi’s UPA Govt., the final count of the coups that General V K Singh had planned. Earlier, it was the rather ‘spooky’ attempt to overthrow the central government itself as reported by coup expert Mr Shekhar Gupta in the Indian Express and now we have this story in the same news paper. Congress party for it’s selfish gain can go to any extent and even compromise National Security. India has never seen this kind of brazen compromise of national security by any past government. This has serious implications on morale of defence forces specially involved in intelligence operations. It only shows how desperate the Congress led UPA has become just before the next General Election.


Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Muzaffarnagar – The Secular Riot of the Pseudo Secular Politicians & Media

For the Pseudo secular politicians & media houses of India, secularism is not a constitutional principle but rather an instrument to stay relevant politically and economically. This has been amply proved by them during the still on-going Muzaffarnagar riot in UP.  These politicians and media houses, who never loses any opportunity to speak on 2002 Gujarat riot conveniently forgetting the Godhra train burning which triggered the riot, are totally silent on giving detailed, factual and live commentary on the Muzaffarnagar riot citing their age old principle of not inflaming communal tension by reporting every minute details of such riots, which they conveniently forgot during and after 2002 in Gujarat while projecting the majority communities brutalities. Whatever little they are reporting are also biased, one sided and only talking about the sufferings of the minority community. For them secularism in India is fashioned and practised only for protecting the life and property of a particular minority community against alleged majoritarian excess. For secularism to serve their political and economic purpose, there needs to be a perpetual fear in the minds of this minority community about the potential threat to their religion, lives, property from the majority community. Only such a scenario suits their needs as only then they can project themselves as the saviour of the “secular ethos” of India. Since, SP Govt. came to power in March 2012, in last about 550 days there are about 100 plus riots in UP. But these are not to be highlighted as they are all socialist secular riots, only Gujarat was a communal one. In the run up to the 2014 General Election the UPA constituents, supporters and their paid media are all desperate. Secularism in India, provides a great escape route to politicians & political parties from performance & accountability. Therefore every mediocre, non-performing & corrupt Indian politician or political party is a self-proclaimed secularist.  After the Himalayan blunders created by Congress led UPA Govt. in economy, social issues, law & order, defence, external affairs and the loot raj they & their allies unleashed on this nation by indulging in scams in every affair of governance, they have realised that the age old  boggy of 'secularism'  would have to be their last resort to hoodwink  people. Therefore, Gujarat gives them an opportunity to build up a fear factor around the BJP and their Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi, so as to claim themselves to be the sole guardian of ‘secularism’. This, they hope, will consolidate minority votes for them. In a fractured Hindu society, managing the 15% Muslim votes would make all the difference between winning election to control power or sitting in the opposition. Congress and it’s allies need only another 20% votes from the majority community to rule & that is what they have done in the last 65 years. The 2002 Gujarat riot provided the pseudo secularists, just the "enemy" that can be projected to this minority community for times to come and ensure that they are kept busy fighting this "enemy" and vote in block for the so called secular parties. A master narrative that has been shoved down the throats of this community is that the only communal riot that ever took place in the history of independent India was the 2002 Gujarat riot and that "communal forces” in the form of BJP are trying to destroy their religion and the supreme commander of these “evil forces” is one man named Narendra Modi.

The Annual Reports of the Ministry of Home Affairs – before it was discontinued in 2012 – used to list “Cattle Trafficking” and “Eve Teasing” as the most common factors for Hindu-Muslim communal incidents in India. If Blood is spilling in Muzaffarnagar today, it’s precisely for these reasons. Massive political manipulation of police is the immediate trigger for Muzzafarnagar riot but that has not been reported by the secular media This belt of western UP is predominantly inhabited by the Jats, whose livelihood is dependent on cattle and cultivation. This hardworking and very proud community has established this belt as the “Sugar Bowl” of India. Their cattle were being stolen by the minority community, which was the cause of many earlier riots in Western UP. The immediate cause of the current riot is that on 27th August last, a hindu Jat girl of Kawaal village, under Jaansath tehsil of Muzaffarnagar was eve teased and harassed by a muslim youth, for which the two brother of the girl warned the youth earlier but when he continued harassing their sister, they had a fight with him in which the muslim youth was injured and died later. This infuriated the muslim community and they attacked the two brother and killed them. While police accepted FIR from the Muslim community against the hindu family of the girl, they refused to accept the same from the hindu family against the muslim community for killing the two brothers of the girl. The hindu community of predominantly Jats waited for a week for the police to take action but when the administration turned a blind eye, they convened a “Maha Panchayat”, which the UP Govt. tried to scuttle. But inspite of many hurdles created by the state govt., thousands of people attended the Panchayat. On the way back from the Maha Panchayat, the Jat villagers were attacked by Muslim mobs in a pre-planned manner, who had spent the last 7 days gathering weapons and people. However, the police administration under the instruction of the UP govt. did not take any step to protect the life and property of the Hindus and selectively allowed the situation to go out of control. Even Army was called in much later. So, when not finding any help from anywhere hindus were forced to retaliate to protect their family and property, now the muslim religious bodies and the vote hungry secular brigade of politicians and media are crying hoarse and spreading conspiracy theory. The secular media which was almost sleeping for the first 10 days when the violence broke out, now have gone to Muzaffarnagar to create tales of minority victimhood. So, suddenly since last 4-5 days our television screens are filled with pseudo secular intellectuals, journalists and politicians. Thus now Muzaffarnagar riot has found salvation in Amit Shah’s visit to Ayodhya and Narendra Modi’s ability to “polarize” the voters. Everything Modi has been accused of during the 2002 Gujarat riots, happened and is still happening in UP. But the secular political parties and their paid media are silent and the truth are being buried unreported as the hundreds of dead bodies of Muzaffarnagar riot victims. This partisan media is today the biggest threat to our nation and should face prosecution for falsification & wilful suppression of facts.