Thursday, 19 November 2015

All the Queen's Men & all the Queen's Horses are back to being Humpty-Dumpty again...

Why the “Award Wapsi”s have suddenly stopped ever since the Bihar election results have been declared? What happened to our Secular media too, they have stopped all the debates and discussions on “why & how India has become intolerant”? Kalburgi’s killing, which was one of the main “provocation” for the start of the “Award Wapsi movement”, happened in Karnataka ruled by secular Congress Govt. But instead of questioning the Congress Govt. of Karnataka for the slow and tardy investigation, these long forgotten writers, historians and artists were blaming the Central Govt. for the killing. They are also now not questioning the secular UP Govt. of Akhilesh Yadav, on the progress of the investigation into the Dadri incident and as Bihar election is over Mohammad Akhlaq is done & dusted into the dustbin of history. May be now, we are back to being a “tolerant nation”, as we always were.

Is it a mere coincidence that the conscience of all these writers, historians and artists about “tolerance” level in India woke up suddenly when the BJP Govt. came to power at the Centre? If their conscience were true, unbiased and not manufactured, they should not have accepted those awards at the first place after seeing emergency, Bhopal gas tragedy, anti Sikh riot in Delhi, Bhagalpur riot, Genocides of Kashmiri Pandits, Loot of India through scores of scams during the earlier Congress Govt.

It’s high time we learn to differentiate between political writers, historians and artists and true writers, historians and artists. We need to distinguish between deserving award winners and award winners due to their excellence in bootlicking of Nehru-Gandhi dynasty and kowtowing the left-liberal-pseudo secular line of thought. Political agenda behind, why and what these fraudsters are doing needs to be examined, publicly discussed and exposed.

Frustration and the desire to be back in public memory to earn a few bucks has led them to perform this publicity gimmick. They were doing it because returning the awards would fetch them more publicity than getting those awards. This nation can see through their 'intellectual thuggery'. Their "manufactured rebellion" actually is proof enough of their intolerance towards a democratically elected central Govt.

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Why the Congressi-Marxist-Radical-Jihadi-Castiest (CMRJC) Brigade hates Modi??

Narendra Modi has been the victim of the longest running defamation and distortion campaign in India’s social and political history.  Since  2002, India’s CMRJC (Congressi-Marxist-Radical-Jihadi-Castiest) brigade of media, politicians and intellectuals are using their propaganda machinery for their hate campaign against Modi and thereby against all nationalistic, patriotic, progressive, developmental forces of our nation. This propaganda has been going on for the last 68  years against the  nationalistic forces.  But their hatred towards  Modi and the systematic mis-information campaign against him is the severest ever seen in India.  

This opposition to Modi stems mainly from the Hinduphobia  engraved  in the biased minds of this leftist-liberal-Islamist brigade. For them, inspite of all historical, logical and rational evidences, Hindus are inherently intolerant, fascist, communal and inferior race, who have no right to survive and prosper in the land of their origin and must either remain chained in slavery of the descendants of the invaders or convert to the religion and culture of those invaders.  This brigade believes that for India being a secular democracy, only non-Hindus have a right to assert their identities, but not Hindus. They can’t accept that Hindus too can have religious rights and sensitivities and can demand tolerance about their religious sensitivities from other religions. For them, only Hindus have to prove their secular credential by sacrificing their history, culture, rituals but consider other religionists as born secular. They believe that one can’t be truly secular, unless he or she is publicly seen to be strong anti-Hindu in thoughts and actions. Needless to say that this attitude is  inherited from their colonial masters. First the invading Islamists and then finally the imperialist colonial masters had created an intermediate class of people in India, who are always apologetic about their civilization, race and culture and find nothing good in Hindus. So strong is their Hinduphobia that they have spread distorted theory on   “Hindu history and sociology”  borrowed from their colonial masters to denigrate Hinduism to create loss of self-respect amongst Hindus and make them fit for capitulation. For them, Hinduism is complete evil and only way out for our nation is to totally annihilate Hindus by breaking them into various castes, sects etc. and not allow them to remain as one race.  So accusations against  Modi, always  contain one word - “Hindu” - labelling him as ‘Hindu nationalist”, ‘Hindu radical” , “Hindu taliban” etc. and liberally use Hindu sacred symbols like “Om” or ‘Saffron colour” to denote his Hindu background . It is therefore, intolerable for them to see a leader who is proud of being a Hindu and can rise to great heights without resorting to Hindu bashing. They also consider it blasphemous that Modi and his followers have demolished the notion that Hindus only should demonstrate virtues like tolerance and assimilation for the sake of Hindu-Muslim unity. This brigade hates Modi as he has also demolished their  age old anti-Hindu propaganda and showed to the world the modern but assertive side of Hinduism, re-establishing it as on the most progressive early civilization in the world.

Modi by refusing to do politics of minority appeasement and symbolism but focusing on development and prosperity has upset the established political system of  caste and communal segregation  and those who seek to keep India permanently fractured along communal and castiest lines. His developmental politics offers no reservation to Muslims or any particular caste or free bees or even subsidies but only promises to create opportunity for work and enhancing prosperity for those who are ready to educate themselves in contemporary skill development and work hard. He is working to  attract investment and talent from within India and abroad for converting India from the largest consumer  economy to a manufacturing economy by improving its infrastructure from highways to i-ways and promoting liberal, market friendly economic policies for creating job/entrepreneurial prospects, breaking social barriers resulting in prosperity for common men irrespective of caste, creed or religion. He has shaken the  Congressi-Marxist-Radical-Jihadi-Castiest (CMRJC) brigade of  elite media, politicians and intellectuals as  inspite of belonging to a lower caste, he does not  evoke caste politics for his political journey but still able to break the glass ceilings and threatens the monopoly of the traditional elites by his mantra of mass prosperity and equality. The caste system is based on denial of economic freedom. The  Communist-socialism actually strengthens the caste identity and division for political gains of the ruling elite class as evident in Communist and Samajwadi dominated states in India by stereotyping the education and thinking,  to reduce the scope of entrepreneurship & choice. Modi’s leadership of systemic and cultural change for progressive development is giving nightmares to the Leftist-Samjwadi-Congressi political dispensation and their stooge media & intellectuals, who never want people to come out of castiesm and poverty by persuing economic freedom. In Modi’s economic and social policies, this brigade sees the lifetime of their work collapsing like a heap of cards.

This CMRJC brigade is also encouraged, nurtured and sponsored by various anti India forces controlled by inimical countries of the world, who don’t want India to come out of it slumber and assert itself in the world stage. Modi’s no nonsense approach towards India’s internal and external security and threat perception has become a headache to these anti India elements within and outside the country. Modi has stopped linking India’s actions - against Jihadi elements inside India or against their supporters & sympathisers or against Pakistan - to the sensitivities of Indian Muslims. He has made it clear that anybody who is sympathetic to the Jihadi elements nurtured and sponsored by Pakistan can’t be a true Indian. Modi has made completely irrelevant the forces who supported mercy for the Afzal Gurus and Yakub Memons or Kundankulan protesters  or Maoist ideology & actions or aggressive evangelism wearing the mask of human rights & anti- caste discourses, which seek to install a sense of alienation among different sections of the society.  The prospect of Modi leading India for next 10-15 years has rattled these elements as  they fear that their free run in India will come to an end. Hence, we see the massive and unprecedented national and international campaign by these “rights” groups and lobbying with even foreign Govts against Modi.

That a so called low caste person can be the fountainhead of so much dynamism, efficiency and progressive intellect is intolerable for this  CMRJC (Congressi-Marxist-Radical-Jihadi-Castiest) brigade and thus they are hostile to him to the extent of insanity. They are shocked that the social, political and Governance culture in India is changing wherein the new generation of Indians today are demanding merit, performance, accountability and aspiring India to be a proud & assertive - spiritual, economic, industrial and military superpower. Connections are not working in the corridors of power and no one is ready to respect anyone for his/her surname or the family he/she is born in. Modi also doesn’t play by the rules set by the CMRJC brigade over last 68 years, creates his own rules and gives a damn shit to their criticism based on falsification of facts and logic. Their leftist-socialist mentality is being lampooned and  the welfare schemes that made this brigade prosperous are being withdrawn one by one. Modi is trying to change the political discourse of India from caste and secularism to development, infrastructure and business friendliness. This is a major paradigm shift from leftist and socialist stance that this CMRJC brigade had thrust upon the nation for last 68 years. If Modi succeeds, India's politics will change forever as then people will vote based on whether the Govt. built roads and infrastructure, provided 24 hrs power, arranged for education, healthcare, provided an intermediary free fare market for produces and helped people by creating opportunities for livelihood & prosper instead of voting just on caste, religion and free bees.  This is not acceptable to this brigade as they are never really interested in India progressing to become a developed nation - they want to have more poor and socially divisive population, dirty-filthy cities, towns & villages, corrupt and scam full ‘status quoist” governance - so that they can continue to bake their bread on India’s  woes. But the Modi Govt has thrown their apologetic & submissive foreign, defence and economic policies into the “Nehruvian graveyard”. His policies are forcing the world to look at this new resurgent India with a different eye. That is what makes them cringe in anger the most as they are increasingly  becoming irrelevant in social and political circles. Therefore, the personal attacks on Modi has increased and that too now not just from obscure politicians, journalists, intellectuals and artists, but also from well-known personalities who thrived on a regressive, colonial India . So far, these Left-liberal-Jihadi sympathisers were following this policy with the so-called Internet Hindus. They would say something totally outrageous and when people would counter them with facts & logic, they would complain that people are intolerant and they are being victimised. So all the opposition, protests that we see today inside and outside our country against Modi are actually manifestation of hatred and frustration of this CMRJC brigade as they feel that the rise of Narendra Modi is the beginning of the end of their age old hegemony on this nation and its people.

Thursday, 12 November 2015

To the BBC and Guardian Correspondents in the Joint Press Conference addressed by Modi & Cameron in London…

Dear Mr. Correspondents of BBC and Guardian,

There is an old English saying that those who live in glass houses don’t throw stone at others. This is so true about your misplaced concerns about tolerance, secularism and Modi’s track record in India. Today I want to show you a mirror – a mirror where you can check your own standard of tolerance and limit of hypocrisy. Now, let me tell you about a study by an organization based in your own country and manned by your own countrymen. A report, released by your very own Institute of Race Relations (IRR) on the topic 'Racial Violence: The Buried Issue', analysed hundreds of cases of racial attacks in Britain annually and found that 45% of the victims of all racial attacks in Britain are Indian and hold your breath, as per the study “it is spreading in your country due to your Govt's approach towards racism”. The study found that the victims of attacks are overwhelmingly Asian (45%), Black (18%), and migrant workers (10%). The IRR report also reveals that the map of violence has changed quite dramatically since studies were first done a generation ago, when primarily areas like Southall, Tower Hamlets, Hackney & Newham witnessed the most racial attacks and murders but now have spread to more affluent towns and cities of your country. The IRR report also questions your Govt's assertion that racial violence is linked to migration saying that "The Govt's line that community tension is based solely on new immigration to the UK is partial and opportunistic. And politicians themselves are responsible, through their neglect of poor disadvantaged areas, policies including the demonization of certain groups. Whilst the main political parties in UK are in denial about the extent and severity of racial violence and popular racism, their racist domestic and foreign policies and the terms of the race debate - that immigration is indeed a problem, that British jobs are for British workers - are helping to fuel the misinformation and disaffection that can lead to such violence".

So Mr. Correspondents, you have no moral right to give us and our democratically elected Prime Minister any sermon on tolerance. History of your country and countrymen are good enough to keep us reminding of your tolerance over the centuries in the colonies you used to invade and exploit. We Indians still remember the atrocities you had committed during your rule of India in Jallianwala Bagh, over our artisans and weavers, during Sepoy Mutiny and our freedom struggle. And now about the organizations you work to earn your bread – BBC and Guardian are known all over as two of the most racial, biased and hyporcritic media organizations which have a history of numerous socially, politically, racially motivated programs, articles, policies and persons.

Now, I want you to realize that this India of 2015 is a different India then the one you had left to be ruled by your proxies in 1947. These proxies made up of an intermediary race of Indians whom you could entrust with your work at middle-level echelons during your rule here and who one day could be convenient instruments of ruling India by your proxy of distorted history and social & political culture. The tool to shape these British clones was your education which gave rise to a class of persons - Indians in blood and colour but English in taste, in opinion, in moral and in intellect. The unfortunate element of course is that journalists like you in Britain and elsewhere in Western World now quote these so called Indian intellectuals comprising of politicians, journalists, historians, writers and artists from various fields saying “see we are not saying anything, Indians themselves are saying it”. Who are you or your proxies to tell us who or what is best for us? Do you all know what Hinduism is actually? We are the most tolerant people and the reason why so many religions have found home in India is that it’s Hindu majority and follows Hindu culture of embracing all religion and culture. Do you ever think about the Hindu minorities in Pakistan and Bangladesh? Do you also recall the Anti Sikh riots of Delhi in 1984, where not only Delhi Police and administration but the entire Central Govt. machinery under a dynastic proxy Prime Minister colluded to teach the Sikhs a lesson? Are you aware of the 5 lacs Kashmiri Hindu Pandits either displaced or massacred in their home of thousands of years when a central Govt. based in Delhi did nothing but gave its silent approval for the worst genocide in the recent history of the world? Do you also reacall how many more riots took place in India before and after 2002 in states where Congress, CPM & other UPA allies Govts were in power? Where were your so called inner consciousness and concern for India during those incidents? Why your hearts didn’t bleed then and you didn’t come out with such concerns? Also, the less said is better about the bunch of “self-appointed non-resident conscience keepers” of India, who are protesting about Modi’s visit to UK. These idiots contribute nothing to India except talking nonsense to add nuisance value. If they would have been really so concerned with what happens to India, they would not have run way from India for their personal benefits & growth, rather they all would have been working for the upliftmant of our country and try to stop those cronies who have robbed this nation and its citizens by plundering the scares resources and hard-earned taxpayers money. If they all are so well wishers of India, why it has not bothered them during the 60+ years of misgovernance, corruption and scams of the Congress Govts. If they all are a little shameful and have little courage, let them come out and hit hard at the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty, Sharad Pawars, Mayabatis, Mulayams, Lalus and the Leftist politicans. Before these stooge of anti India lobbies open their mouth, let them have the decency to acknowledge their own stupidity and character. These born slaves will remain slaves for generations flaunting their misplaced intellect and would rather have us vote repeatedly for the most corrupt, criminal and castiest politicians and political parties of this country rather than break the shekels which are preventing us from becoming an economic, industrial and military super power by throwing at us biased and motivated definitions and descriptions of tolerance, secularism, history, culture and civilization. Their apologist mindset and social/political ethos have kept us slaves for centuries and now it's time for us to liberate ourselves without caring for what hypocrites like them and you in the world think about us. This “modified” India of 2015 has stopped bending backwards and started bending forward so that asshole like you can kiss our ass.
So, I would like to conclude by quoting your Prime Minister Mr. David Cameron, who said sometime back… "I believe we should be more confident about our status as a Christian country, more ambitious about expanding the role of faith-based organisations and frankly more evangelical about a faith that compels us to get out there and make a difference to people's lives". He further said "first, being more confident about our status as a Christian country does not somehow involve doing down other faiths or passing judgement on those with no faith at all". At that time, none of you raised any such alarm anywhere in the world that UK has become communal? But when in India, someone says that we believe in “Hindutava”, there is immediate hue and cry from you and your proxies that this is communalization by the “Hindutva” forces of BJP and RSS. India is the birth place of Hinduism and Hinduism is synonymous with secularism. So why can’t we say proudly that we are a Hindu country but believe in equal treatment and opportunity to all other religions? So, next time before opening your mouth on such issues related to India, pls check where your ass is.

Yours Not-Faithfully….