Saturday, 18 March 2017

The emergence of NaMonetized Social Re-Engineering in Indian Polity

The UP election has changed the rules and landscape of Indian politics forever. The major factors responsible for bringing this transformation are mainly two :-

1. Economic Re-Engineering through Demonetization
2. Social Re-Engineering of Caste & Religious political alignment

Demonetization in Nov’2016 was ridiculed by anti Modi economic experts, intellectuals, journalists and politicians as a “human & economic disaster” brought on the nation by a Prime Minister without elitist education tags and even as “despotic” by the likes of Amartya Sen. These rootless arm chair critics awaited first for a common men’s revolt during those 50 days and when that didn’t happen - prayed, predicated, instigated and even manufactured the story of a voters revolt in the various elections following the demonetization period. But the very opposite has happened. Modi wave seemed to have taken the shape of a “TsuNamo” following demonetization and swept the corrupt & criminal opposition parties in the local body and assembly elections alonwith those journalists, economic experts & intellectuals. If a wind is blowing from Karnataka to Maharashtra to Gujarat to Rajasthan to Haryana into Odisha & NE, can UP – the laboratory of re-engineering of Indian politics be untouched? Since the time of India’s independence, every political party, intellectual and expert has always retorted that corruption & black money are the main causes of the economic backwardness & misery of majority of poor, underprivileged Indian. Yet, nothing was done till Modi came less than 3 years ago to break the shackles of corruption driven by black money in our country. So much so that Indira Gandhi nationalized banks in the name of poor in 1969 but the poor had to wait till Narendra Modi became the prime Minister for the banks to open their doors to them. it is only a Modi who after 47 years of bank nationalization, took steps to open bank accounts for the majority of poor common men. Demonetization has further shown to the common men of the nation that only the privileged class & beneficiaries of crony capitalism, who were directly affected by demonetization have made a hue & cry by protesting/opposing it without much substance, while the under privileged, honest & hard working class - who were merely inconvenienced have chosen to be resilient for long term greater good of this nation. These self-serving politicians and experts have failed to capture the moral and structural dimension of the demonetization. It was the first ever move to capture the moral high ground by taking on the dishonest class of the society in a way that no other self-certified socialist or communist so called pro-poor leaders or party could do or even imagined earlier. It has strengthened Modi’s charisma and image that he is incorrupt and incorruptible. And that he won’t compromise with corruption even at the cost of his political career. This has enhanced Modi’s personal stature and made BJP acceptable to the large cross section of underprivileged voters. The poor have finally found in Modi a decisive and strong leader, who is determined to do something for their hopes and aspirations. Hence, his statement during UP campaign that “Hardwork matters more than Harvard”, had hit the right cord with not only the less privileged class in UP but across the nation.

Poverty doesn’t discriminate between caste or religion. For far too long, manipulative politicians backed by their boot licker historians, intellectuals and media had hidden the truth about poverty behind a curtain of distorted ancient or newly manufactured caste & religious divide. They prospered by exploiting the economic insecurity and misery of common men for their own benefit. The so called “Socialist leaders” like Mayabati, Mulayam, Lalu etc. have made good governance a laughing stock by their exploits. The established theory was that the hindu votes will always be divided between various class and upper & lower castes. Hence, the winning formula specially after the “Mandal experiment” was to break them into more sub castes by flogging the either ancient or now manufactured stories of exploitation by the upper castes, even play the so called upper castes like Brahmins, Thakurs and Baniyas against each other and appease one minority community to manipulate democracy in India. BJP is working relentlessly to erase this age old and mostly artificially manufactured caste and occupational divides. Urbanization, migration, spread of education/information and breakdown of earlier caste based occupations also have helped made the earlier caste & community distinctions irrelevant. After NDA Govt led by Modi came to power at the centre, in UP - some 52 lakh women have got Ujjwala gas, Rs 20,000 crore loan has been given through Mudra bank, the Rs 2 lakh life insurance has created more than one crore beneficiaries among the poor & backward class, some 3 crore Jan Dhan accounts have been opened, 1,464 villages got electricity connections first time after 68 years of independence, 11,000 new toilets were constructed under a central government scheme. And all these happened without discriminating between any caste or religion. Unlike SP, in whose rule only the Yadavs among OBCs or in Mayabati’s rule, when only Jatavs among Dalits - mostly benefited economically & politically and became so powerful that they became a class by themselves – NDAs benefits encompassed all castes including non Yadav OBCs and non Jatav Dalits as well as economically weaker upper castes. Even Muslims, saw that LPG or Mudra loans or Jan Dhan accounts or toilets or electricity were as available to them as anybody else on the basis of poverty and not faith. They realized the myth created & circulated about Narandra Modi since 2002 were lies designed for electoral benefits. The common men of India, today see in Modi a political leader hailing from a poor backward caste family who has remained personally poor, has no greedy relatives exploiting his position and is serious about uplifting the poor & backward through education, health and economic reforms and change the social, political economic culture of this nation to change its image in the world. It slowly began to sink on the large under privileged voters that Modi believes in delivery rather than false rhetoric/promise as is the case with most other top politicians from other political parties. Modi’s message that election & political power are not about caste, religion or region but about elimination of poverty and all round progressive development though good governance in the entire country without any discrimination – Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikash - has slowly started began to sink into the conscience of the common men of this nation. This has brought various class, caste and religious groups closer to each other leading to a social re-engineering.

It is this Re-Engineering of Economic Class, Caste and Religious barriers - created over last 60+ years by the so called “fake Secular-Socialist” political parties in collaboration with a section of paid media, intellectuals & activists, just to confine power, policy & discourse making privilege within themselves by twisting, falsifying and distorting India’s history, economy, sociology and politics - is generating an undercurrent with the new age conscious voters of this nation as evident from the various elections from Panchayat to Assembly since 2014. The UP election verdict is surely just the beginning of a “New India”, finally emerging breaking the shackles of the several century old colonial culture and its agents.

Those who have 'illusion' that 2014 was the “Peak of Modi Wave” are terribly wrong. It was just the “Beginning of Modi Era”.

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Enough is enough JNU variety Liberals…

Our pseudo secular politicians from Cong, Left and some of the regional parties, who are ever ready to sale their mother land to garner votes supported by anti-national intellectuals, NGOs and media are deliberately twisting the Ramjas incident to make the narrative as that of Freedom of Expression vs Modi Govt. There is a clear difference between free speech and spreading sedition. These forces are trying to destroy the educational institutions of our country by introducing their dirty anti national and leftist agenda into them. They are using the garb of freedom of speech to break code of conduct, when they themselves do not honour freedom of speech of others. What we see today in India is that a section of our intellectuals, politicians and media are going overboard with the term 'freedom' and 'democracy'. In the name of democratic practices, they are trying to convert our country into a breeding ground for indiscipline, law lessness and anti-national activities backed by forces within and outside India, who are scared that the present Govt. is trying to break the century old shackles of slave mentality of our nation and its people and their weak kneed submission to designs of invaders, who want to rule India by destroying its culture, heritage and civilization. These groups are the remaining artefacts of the colonial and communist forces who ran amok in India's institutions making them political hotbeds to distort India’s history, culture and nationalism to keep them slaves to the teachings of the invaders.

There should be a total overhaul of JNU, HCU and any other such institutions infested by the anti-national brigade masquerading as students. Their perverse and irrational fantasy about an “independent Kashmir” or “workers & peasants rule through Maoist type revolution” must be dealt strongly. Giving credibility to such forces by inviting them on prime time TV debates or for seminars must also be stopped even if that means curtailment of their “seditious freedom of expression”. From their fanatical support to Maoist terrorists and espousing the cause of Afzal Guru & Kashmiri separatists, their seditious activities have reached astronomical levels. This is only because they know that the secular political parties like Congress, Left front and some of the regional parties will come to their support even by defending terrorists and compromise national integrity and security. But, we must expose them alongwith the forces backing and sponsoring them. Questioning the integrity and sovereignty of the nation, espousing the cause of separatists & terrorists, opposing the judgement of the highest court of the land is anti-national activity. It should not be allowed to spread and grow. Anti national face of these Liberal-Leftists-Secular forces should be exposed, These are elements, who sympathize with militants & enemies of the nation and provide moral & logistical support to them. Govt. should clear the prestigious institutions from these forces. Otherwise such incidents will continue to reoccur and tomorrow they will say Hafiz Sayeed and Maulana Masood Azhar are saints and they are being accused only because they are Muslims. Judiciary should also not take these anti national activities lying down, as by organizing such events supporting convicted terrorists they are actually humiliating and demeaning the judiciary. It’s high time we show them limits of our tolerance and stop these nonsense in name of liberal democracy and freedom of speech. If some people in this country don't respect Indian law & oppose India’s sovereignty and take up causes for Pakistan & Separatists, they should actually not be allowed the rights & life of bonafied citizens of this country. JNU since inception has acted as a recruitment & nurturing ground for radical & anti-national ideologies at the cost of tax payers money. The whole atmosphere in the campus of this institution has been moulded to brainwash students by certain political forces towards anti India and pro naxal leanings. If that is called liberal, democratic ideology then better we be conservatives.

By now it should be clear to all that these controversies are being engineered on a frequent basis by the Congress and Leftists since the time they are on a decline infront of the nationalist forces. They cannot bear to see a nationalistic, patriotic, courageous & proud Indian in power and want to create all kinds of mischief & trouble. The nationalistic Indians have to send a serious message to the Congress and Communists to stop this kind of anti-national behaviour & activity by making them politically extinct. All nationalist & patriotic Indians also need to keep their eyes, ears & mind open, to burst all plans & conspiracies of the enemies sitting outside India and fighting a proxy war through their puppets inside India to weaken our nation.

Sunday, 26 February 2017

Mr Chidambaram & Mr Abdullah – Army Chief has not crossed his line on Kashmir but both of you have

All Nationalist and Patriotic citizens of India must rally around army chief General Bipin Rawat over his warning that those who indulge in secessionist activities, create hurdles during anti-militancy operations and display flags of Pakistan & ISIS in  Kashmir would be dealt as anti-nationals and will face harsh actions.

But Congress leader and Ex Home Minister, P Chidambaram made a disgusting comment in a TV Interview saying that it is a “wrong approach” and that the Army Chief’s warning to anti nationals is ‘intemperate’. Can he dare to explain to  the nationalist & patriotic people of this country, why even after knowing the ‘right approach’,  he failed to solve the Kashmir problem during his tenure as Home Minister of India or his party Congress during their 60+years of rule?  Can he also tell us what effective action he or his party ever took to deter the militants and their supporters from anti – national activities including waving of the Pakistani flags?  Can he enlighten us, what was so ‘intemperate’ in the Army Chief’s statement and how his or his party’s ‘temperate’ statements helped bring about peace in the valley over so many decades?

National Conference (NC) president and Ex CM Farooq Abdullah, addressing party workers at a meeting said that the youth in Kashmir are sacrificing their life to fulfil their promise to God “for freedom of this nation”. Also, that Army Chief’s statement was wrong and Kashmir problem can’t be solved by  “bullet or gun but by dialogue”. Can Mr.Abdullah explain, why he doesn’t give the same advice to those youth sacrificing their life attacking Indian army with “guns & bombs” and waging Jihad in the name of their God for freedom from India? Yes, this nation is aware of the dialogue these radical Jihadi separatists seek - loot, murder, rape & convert of all non islamists and make Kashmir a province of Pakistan. This nation has tolerated them for far too long as  earlier Govt’s didn’t have the courage but now we are paying them back in kind in their own language.

Any statement and action by anybody, overtly or covertly, in support of  people or organization engaged in anti-national activities or waging war against the sovereignty and integrity of the nation, must be regarded as abetting such activity or war and a crime of high treason. And under our country’s law abetting a such a crime is a cognisable offence. Netas like Chidambaram and Farooq Abdullah should be put on trial in Military court for high treason.  Both these highly corrupt persons engaged in “Business of Politics” should realize that Kashmir is a problem for last 70 years and suffering for the nation because of  primarily 2 families, Nehru-Gandhi Family & Abdullah family. Both these 2 anti-national families over generations are not only failing to solve this problem but rather keeping it alive due to their own political interests.  Chidambaram should know that Kashmir is not lost today instead Pakistan is scared that they are losing credibility on their Kashmir cause as International community is completely isolating and rebuking them on this issue and even people in PoK are agitating for the first time to be free from Pak occupation. There is no chance of India losing Kashmir today as Modi Govt has given a free hand to the Indian armed forces and retaliating  aggression of Pakistani army, jihadi terrorists, Kashmiri separatists & their radicalized supporters/sympathisers with disproportionate ferocity. Rather, Kashmir was almost lost to Pakistan when Nehru didn’t allow Sardar Patel to handle it while he was merging all other princely states in India after independence, Part of Kashmir was  lost when Nehru didn’t allow India Army to pursue the Pak Army and Invaders from occupying Kashmir valley, Kashmir was lost when Nehru went to UNO requesting it to intervene  in J&K, Kashmir was lost when he patronized, secretly negotiated &  accepted anti national demands of Sheik Abdullah, Kashmir was lost when Indira Gandhi released lakhs of Pakistani PoW without settling the Kashmir issue during Shimla agreement, Kashmir was lost when Congress manipulated & rigged assembly elections to retain power in that state or to keep Abdullahs in power, Kashmir was lost when Congress remained mute spectator to the genocide and displacement of 5 lakhs Kashmiri Pandits, Kashmir was lost when it refused to give free hand to Indian Armed forces while dealing with separatists & Pakistani backed terrorists for over 60 years.

But, for the Congress party, the situation in Kashmir deteriorated only when BJP and PDP formed the  alliance Govt in J&K. For them, the situation deteriorated only when Modi Govt decided to retaliate against Pakistani aggression & design at the boarder and  taken a tough stand by giving armed forces free hand to deal with the terrorists & their supporters, sympathisers in Kashmir valley. For the Communists and other so called secular parties like National Conference and other regional parties,  the valley is “burning only now” because of the “blood” of the “innocents” and “young” (like Burhan Wanis)  allegedly shed due to excesses committed by our security forces.  For these political  parties, the Modi Govt not Pakistan, is the real culprit.

The Kashmir people and specially the youth are completely radicalised and are seeking total Islamisation of Kashmir. Sponsored and supported  by Pakistan and the Wahabi Islamic nations like Saudi Arabia, the Jihadi militancy is aimed at making Kashmir an Islamic province of Pakistan. They provoke security forces by throwing stones and burning police stations. They destroy schools, courts Govt buildings and infrastructures like roads & bridges. They fly defiantly the flags of Pakistan and ISIS. No amount of civilized concessions and peace gestures to these  separatist people, militants and their leaders will ever appease them as their real goal is secession. They will never reconcile with a non-Islamic India. Hence, a tough approach to show them the futility of their struggle is the only way. This is a long fight and 70 years of appeasement & submissive handling has made it even more difficult.  But we can’t give up as this might embolden many other Muslim dominated areas in the rest of the country to take a similar strategy for expansion of militant Islamism like in Afghanistan or Iraq-Syria. India is the unfinished historical agenda of the Islamists for thousands of years.

All nationalistic Indians need to introspect and look at India’s retched history of pseudo-secular politics and consider the terrible price the nation has paid at the altar of appeasement because the Indian State had toed the line of least resistance. All this talk of struggle for Kashmiriyat is a fa├žade just to hide ulterior motive of the Jihadists of Kashmir. Else why none of the so called indigenous separatists groups like “Hijbul Mujahedeen” etc and their supporters & sympathiser population  of Kashmir never spoke against the illegal occupation of part of Kashmir by Pakistan? Why have they never agitated against Pakistani Govt for poor governance, lack of development and violation of human rights in PoK but only cite the same reasons for their agitation/uprising against Indian state & Govt?

The entire Kashmir problem since beginning  is a manifestation of the Valley people’s desire for Islamic identify rather than  "Kashmiriyat". Had this been a struggle for Kashmiriyat, majority of Kashmiri’s could not have participated in genocide and displacement of 5 lacs of Kashmiri Pandits from their home of  thousands of years and destruction of non-Islamic cultural/civilizational identities/monuments of Kashmir.  At the time of India’s independence, there were possibly some Kashmiris who dreamt of an independent Muslim majority Kashmir state. But soon they realized the futility of such a dream as an independent Kashmir’s  birth, let alone survival was not possible both economically and politically. So, they immediately changed the “azadi” narrative and actions to being part of “Islamic Republic of Pakistan” with active moral, material and financial support of Pakistani state and people. Today Kashmir issue  is part of Pakistan’s desire for revenge  for  losing East Pakistan (now Bangladesh)  and geo-political expansionist strategy to unify co-religionists of the subcontinent. So, it’s high time we see the so called “struggle and uprisings” in Kashmir in the right perspective and devise our response & action. Till we live in denial about the “core truth” about the Kashmir problem and also allow the apologist media, intellectuals, activists and pseudo secular politicians  in the garb of “Kashmir Expert” to pull wool  over our eyes about the real problem – this nation will continue to suffer and remain a playground for our enemies.

These psedo-secular, self-serving politicians for appeasing their vote bank and their collaborator intellectuals & media,  argue in the name of democracy that the radicalised militants may kill hundreds of our security personnel, their over ground supporters & sympathisers may throw stones/petrol bombs, seriously  injuring our security forces and hamper their operations against militants, even help militants cornered in such operations to flee  but the latter can’t use even pellets, let alone bullets against them. For these politicians and the “liberal” intellectuals & media, only the blood & life of the Kashmiri radicals have value but not of our security personnel from the rest of the country. We need to put into their pseudo secular, submissive & apologetic brains that if the Kashmir valley is still a part of India, it is not because of their views, policies & actions but because of the sacrifices made by our security forces since our independence.

It’s high time, that we follow, the preaching of Kathopanishad, popularised by Swami Vivekanand, “Arise, Awake & Stop not, till the Goal is Achieved”, the goal being liberating our country, from the clutches of these self-serving submissive apologists of India’s enemies.