Sunday, 20 October 2013

Ma Ma Mia’s Escape Velocity

On 8th Oct’13, addressing a function on National Awareness Camp for Scheduled Castes Empowerment at Vigyan Bhavan, Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi said that the dalit community "needs the escape velocity of Jupiter" to achieve success. At another function at Talkatora Stadium to mark Dalit Adhikar Diwas, he described the dalits as the "reed ki haddi" or spine of the Congress party. He said that "Congress is the party for the poor, our opposition does not understand the problems of the poor. They don't go to their homes and hold their hands or discuss their problems”. Again on 17th Oct’13, addressing a public meeting in Shahdol in Madhya Pradesh,  Rahul Gandhi  referring to UPA’s Food Security Bill, sought to strike an emotional chord with ‘aam aadmi’ and tribals, recalling how his mother and Congress party President, Sonia Gandhi, was in tears at not being able to cast her vote when the bill was being passed in the Lok Sabha.  In his ‘Mere Paas Maa Hain’ speech, he described at length,  how his mother said that she had fought for the bill and wanted to vote on it and that she would not leave the Parliament till food bill was passed though she was seriously ill. Referring to BJP, he went on to say that “people think that if they build infrastructure they can fill stomachs" and that “in 5 years NDA made 2650 kms roads but UPA in the same time made 9570 kms roads”. He also said "some people say the government should be this way or that way. But for me the most important thing is respect. Has the BJP government, which has been ruling for 10 years here, has given respect to tribals? Has it respected women?  I don't have a political relationship with you, it's a relationship from the heart".

The above statements actually expose, how Congress party has managed to make reforms during their almost six decades of rule of this country since India’s independence 66 years ago. Despite the numerous reform policies made by his own party’s Govt., if the dalits &  minorities need an escape velocity of Jupiter then every Congress leader should actually hang their heads in shame for the way they mis-governed this country. Rahul has actually opened a Pandora’s box on whether the congress policies and rule has really helped any common man of this country let alone the downtrodden, whose cause Rahul claims to champion and has taken up to get people’s mandate in 2014 election for another term in power. We have never heard Rahul Gandhi speak on corruption on the CWG, 2G or the Coalgate scam. Such statements, made in isolation, actually reflects his state of mind and maturity. Can he also produce some calculations on the achievements of his party’s Govt. in last almost six decades? It is paradoxical that a man who comes from the Congress party and the Nehru-Gandhi family only remembers to talk about upliftment of Dalits and minorities just before the election, when they had almost six decades to address the state of poverty and emancipation of the Dalits and minorities. This new found theory of escape velocity is only an eyewash and a trap to confuse the poor, dalits and minorities and use them as vote bank. If  Rahul Gandhi and his party had genuine love towards them then there would not have been a community called dalits in India. Calling anyone Dalit itself is offending. Every human being should be equal,  irrespective of family lineage or profession. Coming as it did on the day particle physics won a Nobel prize in physics, this speech proves that Gandhi family and Congress party’s political physics is just a tool to emotionally hoodwink the poor and illiterate voters of this country to use them as vote bank and nothing more.

 Does he think that this country has forgotten another of his foolish statement wherein he said that “poverty is just a state of mind. It does not mean scarcity of food, money or material things. If one possesses self-confidence then we can overcome poverty”.   The poor and downtrodden in India should be provided with quality and skilled education, infrastructure & opportunity and thereby help them to live a dignified life. A subsidy makes a beggar out of the poor, which is demeaning. An income is what the poor need. There is an old saying that “Give a man a fish & you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish & you feed him for a lifetime.  Congress parties program and policies like food security bill etc. make them dependent on the politicians so that they will permanently remain as their vote bank and this Nehru-Gandhi family can rule the country for few more decades. They have made the whole system of governance populist, so that uneducated/semi educated people only fall for populist slogans. This monster has been created in the minds of a generation of voters raised on expectations of government freebies. It is widely perceived by Congress party and it’s allies that providing individual benefits rather than benefits for a society, whole district, state or the country, is the surest way to win votes, especially of the poor. Such individual centric promises are a natural progression from their well-known practice of purchasing votes by allurements of liquor & cash. It seems through these speeches, Congress party is trying to unfold another low IQ emotional, sympathy plot to win the next General Election. Otherwise, it’s difficult to comprehend why they are allowing Rahul Gandhi to make such obviously juvenile speeches again and again.  Now, to cover up for the humongous mis-governance and corruption of the UPA Govt., Rahul Gandhi and Congress party is also taking help of blatant lies. The UPA Govt. through an affidavit in Supreme Court had admitted that NDA Govt in it’s six years of rule was far ahead in road construction and infrastructure development than the combined tenure of all the Congress Governments since independence. And as regard to his sermon on respect, citing his and his mother's behaviour – somebody should remind him of how he behaved with the Prime Minister of the country with his 'NONSENSE' press conference and how his mother behaved with late Prime Minister Narsimha Rao. How can a person born with a silver spoon understand what is “Gareebi” - a night in Jhopdi of a Dalit or a speech assuring a Kalavathi, never to remember her again doesn’t make him qualified to speak on behalf of the poor and downtrodden of this country. Can he answer, why his mother didn't cry when spectrum was looted during 2G scam or coal blocks were allotted arbitrarily to benefit his party and leaders coffers? Actually Congress party is the “Jupiter” and this nation and it’s people need Jupiter’s escape velocity to rid itself off, almost six decade old mis-governance and misery of the Congress party and it’s allies.

People have made up their mind whom to vote for in next election and sadly for Congress, young India understands Congress’s ploy better than the previous generations and it’s a much more smarter India now. There is no sympathy wave this time around on which Raul Gandhi and Congress can ride the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty to power again. This Nehru-Gandhi dynasty is the root cause of all problems plaguing India today and they have inflicted more harm than any other enemy to this nation. In our chequered history, we were always called upon to make a political choice between two contrasting characters - Nehru or Patel, Indira or Morarji, Rajiv or Pranab, Sonia or Rao, an unaccountable Sonia or an accountable Manmohan, were the earlier dilemmas and now Rahul or Modi would be the question before us in 2014 - but in the hindsight it appears that either having been emotionally swayed or for being politically naive we had always picked the wrong one. Jawaharlal Nehru came to power side lining Vallabhai Patel because of his proximity to Mahatma Gandhi. Had we made Patel the first Prime Minister after independence, we would have been living in a different and much better developed, inclusive, equal,  just societal, safer and stronger India today.  When Shastri died, Indira Gandhi was catapulted into the post of Prime Minister in spite of having better, more experienced and capable candidates like Morarji Desai due to sympathy of some Congress members towards the Nehru family and also a  thought  of some senior but jealous Congress members towards Morarji Desai that they could more easily control a lady they thought to be a “gungi gudiya” (dumb doll). But she consolidated her power and finally split the Congress party in 1969 and converted it into an extension of the whims & fancies and insecurities of a single individual and a family. Thus started an era and a culture of “chamchagiri” in the Congress party. What was loyalty to the party earlier became loyalty to an individual and a family, which Deva Kanta Baruah, President of Congress in the mid seventies summed up as “Indira is India and India is Indira”. The lack of governance, appeasement of a particular minority community,  license raj combined with “mai baap sarkar” policies, giving illusion to the people that the state would arrange everything for free is a gift of her style of governance as the Prime Minister. She destroyed every democratic institution in this country - she dismissed 59 elected governments in states which didn’t toe her line, imposed emergency to save her prime ministership, the bureaucracy & police lost their independence and became handmaidens of the executive. Even she damaged the judiciary and wanted faithful judges. For the first time in the country’s history, government machinery came to be used for political purpose of the ruling party. She effectively killed Indian democracy. Indira Gandhi converted the Indian National Congress into a family business by first bringing her son Sanjay and after his death, his elder brother Rajiv, who till then was almost settling abroad after marrying Italian Sonia Gandhi. And thus Rajiv Gandhi became the Prime Minister after Indira’s assassination in 1984 beating a more mature and experienced politician like Pranab Mukherjee and brought with him a scam culture where almost every scam since then has an uncanny ability to find an Italian connection – be it Bofors to HDW submarine to black money in Swiss bank to Augusta helicopter of 2013. When Rajiv Gandhi was killed by a Tamil human bomb in 1991, courtesy the sympathy votes her widowhood earned for her husband’s party, Sonia became the kingmaker and had allowed Narsimha Rao, the scholar, statesman politician to be the next prime Minister. But  as long as he was only loyal to Nehru-Gandhi family and not to his duties to the nation everything was going well. But as sycophancy is not a scholarly vice, Rao stopped bowing to Sonia’s dictate and started governing the country by taking grip of Congress party and the Government. Sonia waited to hit back and when Rao failed to lead the Congress back to power inspite of  India’s destiny changing economic reforms, she found support from enough Chamchas to  first oust Rao and then Sitaram Kesari, for her to take over the party reins in right earnest. Her vengeance was such that  when Rao died, Sonia had ensured that his cremation was never given the status of an ex-Prime Minister  and since then the Congress party forgets all contribution of Rao to this nation similar to what her mother-in-law Indira Gandhi did to Lal Bahadur Shastri. But alas, President Kalam stopped her from becoming Prime Minister in 2004 and as such she installed Manmohan Singh as the puppet Prime Minister, keeping all the control of the party and Government in her hands. Sonia’s thirst for power is such that she has installed herself as the Chief of the National Advisory Council, a non constitutional but all powerful body who alongwith a few of her sycophants decide  and instruct the  Govt., how to run this nation without any accountability. This has brought to this country the most corrupt, criminal and anti -national government since independence. And now when the writing is on the wall that people are fed up of this Govt. and sure to throw them out in the next election, the mother-son duo is trying all tricks to hoodwink the people to believe that the dynasty completely understands and sympathises with the social and economic problems plaguing the common men and not at all responsible for the mis-governance and corruption of the UPA Govt. They want people to believe that if elected again in 2014, Rahul Gandhi as Prime Minister will end all their miseries. Therefore, all these drama from Kalavathi to having food in Dalit’s home to nonsense ordinance to Jupiter’s escape velocity to mere paas maa hain speech - towards achieving this single objective to continue the rule of this Nehru-Gandhi dynasty. That someone as intellectually handicapped as Rahul Gandhi could become India’s Prime Minister and that some people who are members or beneficiaries of Congress party and it’s allies enthusiastically endorses his candidature is one of our many descents from the times of the iconic Gandhi to that of his surname hybrids. Apart from the fact of his birth in the Nehru-Gandhi family, how is he qualified to lead the Congress party let alone the nation, can’t be convincingly explained by any member or advocate of Congress party. Such demeaning flattery of someone who has so far failed to distinguish himself in any field of human activity, is a reflection of bankruptcy of the Congress culture. Rahul Gandhi’s father was PM, grandmother was PM, great grand father was also PM . Both larger (China) and smaller (Israel) countries have become far more develop than India and still this Ma Ma Mia is blaming opposition - what an irony !!
If only our “aam aadmi” are “alive” to the fact that this Nehru-Gandhi Dynasty has been the bane of our country and it took a “chaiwala” from Gujarat, who is a dalit and who doesn’t need Jupiter’s escape velocity, to give a clarion call for a Congress Free India, should be determined to write an epitaph about this dynasty by not only defeating Congress and it’s allies in 2014 general election but must also ensure that Congress is cut into pieces and never able to get  near power again. The ecosystem built around the Congress garbage truck is massive. Once the hydra's head is cutoff, the backs of each one of the corrupted institutions need to be broken and rebuilt. Voting out Congress in 2014 is only the beginning and not the end. Let Rahul Gandhi’s mother cry once more, when the common men of this nation throw UPA out of power in 2014.