Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Are we a “Soft State” or an “Incompetent State”??

5 years ago on this day (26th Nov’2008),  Mumbai was brought to its knees by 10 Pakistani terrorists with brute force of guns and grenades, a nightmare which continues to haunt every patriotic and nationalistic citizen of this country till today. This terror attacks shook India and stunned the world, revealing huge chinks in our anti-terror policy and preparedness. The masterminds of this deadly attack are still roaming free and the country harbouring, financing, training and using these terrorists – Pakistan - is laughing at our weakness, dismissing us as a soft state. Inspite of ample evidence, Pakistan is still living in denial about its involvement & use of aggression & terrorism as a state policy against India. Indian citizens too have become used to live with disappointment at our Govts. failure to act decisively and bring the real perpetrators of 26/11 and other such attacks to justice. Our Govt. says that war is not the way to assert its strength and dialogue with Pakistan is the best recourse. But, is not this 'avoid-confrontation' policy responsible for India's failure to check aggression from Pakistan? Inspite of being the 2nd most populous country, having the 3rd largest army and the 4th largest GDP, India is pushed to a corner and its citizens have to live in insecurity from a country like Pakistan, 1/4th the size of India, with a much smaller population and even smaller army and a failed economy? It’s because, India is a soft state that follows an ostrich like approach to national security  and the Govt. digs its head into the sand and prays that the threat will eventually disappear and people will forget all the pain. Our Govt. haven't learned  anything from the past mistakes and hence repeatedly we have to sacrifice the life's of innocent people and our jawans. We have become a nation of eunuchs, who beg before USA to help us instead of taking care of our own security and give a befitting reply to our enemies in their own language, which they understand. Terrorists repeatedly kill hundreds of our people in our own territory, can hold our cities to hostage, enemy forces infiltrated into our territory, attack our military personnel, kill or take them away and return their mutilated bodies but then what we did - nothing. We just lodged our diplomatic protest. How disgusting are we?

We have become soft target because we the people are indifferent - we are to be blamed for it. India will never change, because we believe in nonviolence. So what if we have been hit on one cheek ,we have still 1 billion cheeks left, that’s what we believe in. We are only good at holding candle light every year in the memory those departed souls who were victims of terrorist attacks, listen to speeches of politicians full of false rhetoric & assurances, giving interview to news channels alongwith celebrities and social workers from “peace brigade”. We don’t have any guts to do anything, apart from just to speak. Just look around, every one is speaking on Radio, on TV, in Newspapers, in rallies, in candlelight vigils, just speaking or asking the same question - are you angry,  are you sad  and forgetting thereafter for another year. We see bomb blasts, terrorists infiltrating and killing but we nod our heads and point our finger at someone that we think is responsible, pick up our stuff, go to work and life goes on. This 'chalta hai' attitude encourages those responsible to get away easily. We hide under this supposedly comforting idea that Mumbai or India will never be shaken by these acts and we will not allow these acts to stop us from functioning. But the real fact of the matter is, we just don’t care. Until we change our attitude,  this nation would suffer and we would get killed.

Nawaz Sarif was right when he made his famous "Dehati Aurat" comment - Pakistani govt. is 'Jehadi' and Indian govt. & its response is 'Dehati'. The reason for  our this helpless state is due to leadership paralysis and lacunae in decision making in our Govt.  All the strong nations of the world are able to exert tremendous pressure on their enemy essentially because they have strong leadership that hold tremendous decision making ability. We need a very strong decisive leadership. It’s high time, the people of this nation make the govt. open their eyes, value the life & property of common men and make them realise that they are appointed by the people to protect each & every citizen of  the nation and in case they are incompetent to do so, they must resign from their posts. India needs to prepare for a full and final war as an answer to terrorism. This is the only solution because the ‘avoid-confrontation policy’ of India has, so far, proved to be ineffective, especially in the context of Pakistan-related incidents of terrorism and state aggression.

The following records of Pakistan can only be ignored by fools -
Aggression by its armed forces repeatedly by violating the LOC and staging Kargil or such type of attacks on Indian soil.
Breeding terrorism in India –no more proof needed than David Headley, Ajmal Kasab and  Yasin Bhatkal.
Infiltrating terrorists not only in Jammu & Kashmir but nurturing, patronizing and masterminding terrorist infrastructure across India through LeT, JeM, IM and many other such organizations.
Engineering endless terrorist attacks in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Gujarat and other parts of India including IC-814 hijack, attack on Parliament, 26/11 Mumbai terrorist attack etc.
Refusing to act against Dawood Ibrahim to Pakistani perpetrators of 26/11.
Using the Haqqani network to target Indians and Indian interests in Afghanistan.
Pumping arms, drugs and fake currency (minted in Pakistani government facilities) into India.
Open rallies in Pakistan professing balkanization of India, collection of funds and recruitment for jihad against India under the very nose of the govt. and with open support from the ISI & military.
Virus attacks on Indian defence & other networks.

Pakistan has formulated it’s nationalism around it’s hatred for India and its national goal is to destroy India culturally, economically and if possible militarily. The Pakistani establishment has a very clear India policy - bleed India by a thousand cuts with the task also outsourced to 3rd parties viz., Jihadi organizations and garner domestic support by transforming education & information into indoctrination of its masses.

Yet, India has been tolerating Pakistan and its evil design for far too long with patience and magnanimity, which has been attacking and humiliating us at every opportunity. This approach has obviously not worked and our “generosity” has been mistaken as our “weakness”. Pakistan needs to realize that there is a severe price to be paid for the dangerous game it has been playing with us. The time has come for India to give a befitting reply to its misadventures and must stop asking the US to apply pressure on Pakistan and start retaliating for all its acts of terrorism and aggression including 26/11. We must stop hoping that if we pamper Pakistan with our acts of kindness, which we have been doing for last 66 years and indulge in our “Aman Ki Asha” project, they will suddenly have this monumental change of heart and become our best friend & neighbour. We need to stop the peace charades, confidence building measures, cultural, sporting, economic ties and stop deluding ourselves that we are not at war with Pakistan (which we are for the last 66 years). We must stop linking our actions against Pakistan to the sensitivities of Indian Muslims. Yes all Muslims are not terrorists but it’s also true that not only in India but around the world 90% terrorists are Muslims and we must deal with it appropriately as USA or other such countries are dealing with. Anybody who is sympathetic to Pakistan or its actions can’t be a true Indian. We must also stop denying one of the fundamental truths of our relationship with Pakistan – the problem we are facing today is more a creation of our “inactions” of last 66 years, than the “actions” of Pakistan. Long-term actions are the need of the hour, without becoming hostage to vote bank politics and changes in Govt. It is a misconception that a “strong & stable” Pakistan is in our interest. This artificially created state out of our own body with full of hatred for us and with an antithetical self-definition, has caused untold miseries for India as well as rest of the world. Such a state can never ever be either friendly or beneficial for India. Like the USA’s objective with a similar “monster-state” called USSR, our long term objective and interest is the negation of this state for our own benefit and the benefit of a peaceful and civilized world order. And if we deny this reality and can’t act accordingly, we should stop pretending to be a great emerging power in the 21st century.