Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Media Terrorism

“In Pune, ‘HINDU  ZEALOTS’ kill man over ‘offensive’ Facebook post, 13 arrested” – this was the Times of India (TOI) headline last week.  Is this a responsible head line by a responsible National daily? Are they not spreading communal hatred by publishing such headline? What if Hindu’s take offense to such labelling and large scale violence break out? Or have they taken Hindus for granted and consider deriding Hindus their  “secular freedom of expression”? We should condemn this killing and all such killings from any community because nothing ever justifies taking a human beings life and such acts should not only be condemned but the culprits should be brought to book to face the severest of punishment. The word "ZEALOT" means "a person who is fanatical and uncompromising in pursuit of his religious, political or other ideals". But by labelling a few disgruntle elements of one religion with such an adjective amounts to deriding a whole population who follows a particular religion. There were news reports last month about Muslim and Sikh clashes in Hyderabad and also it was confirmed that Muslims initiated it but TOI didn’t report the same as “Muslim Zealots” engaging in violence against Sikhs?? When the Sabarmati Express was burnt in Godhra  to kill Kar Sevaks returning from Ayodhya, which led to the 2002 Gujarat riots, none from media reported it as “Muslim Zeolots” killing Hindu Kar Sevaks? In last 3 days, 2 BJP leaders have been killed in suspected communal killings in UP, but TOI or other secular media are not reporting with such headlines. Why is it that anybody can say anything against Hindus but their secular sentiment stops them from saying similar things to other religions?
I don’t remember ever reading even once, any media house in India calling anyone a “Muslim Zealot” and rightly so. But the mere suspicion of rarely finding a few Hindus behind an act of terrorism gave our entire media and intellectuals the license to instantly coin a new word called the “Hindu Zealot” and “Hindu Terrorism”. Because it’s very easy in India to abuse Hindus as anyone like without any facts, figures and proof and not being prosecuted. Hindus can be arrested, tortured brutally (even women) by investigating agencies, kept in jail for years without trial and not even provide medical facility for terminal diseases as there aren’t any Human Rights Groups and NGOs jumping in and creating farcical noises. Pampering Muslims terrorists and their supporters and sympathisers give most media houses and journalists the license of “secular liberal media” and therefore they have made supporting terrorism their business policy as rights groups around the world then fund and recognize them. A weak spineless UPA Govt. for last 10 years  just said “we will take strong action”, then did nothing except it’s Home Minister creating controversy by accusing RSS of training terrorists but when asked for proof and action, made a complete U turn, a ruling party whose Vice President and “Shehzada” tells the US ambassador that Hindu terrorism is a bigger threat to India then Jehadi elements like IM, SIMI, LeT etc. but our slavish media  shamelessly remain silent or justify such incompetent Govt policy, ministers and leaders in order to show how ‘secular’ their outlook is and doesn’t miss any opportunity to create a false air of alarm that even Hindus are responsible for terrorism.
When Hindu are killed by Muslim Jihadists in Assam, Bengal, UP, Kerala or J&K, the news item is published on the 16th page of  the News Papers but when one  Muslim is victim of a crime, front page of all the pseudo secular newspapers are devoted to it. During the 26/11 Mumbai attacks or Bodh Gaya Blast etc. the reporters at the ground from such as NDTV, CNN-IBN etc. took utmost care to not point out whether  Muslims might have been involved in the attacks even though the evidence was overwhelming. Contrary to this, when a Hindu is mentioned even as a possible suspect, the same news reporters in India have no shame or reluctance in typing negative headlines that defame Hindu’s across the country and world and even when nothing has been proved afterwards they never retract or apologize for such blatant dis information campaigns. If you claim to be a “Hindu Nationalist”, you will be promptly labelled communal, fascist, anti-minority, a chauvinist pig and denounced & pilloried as pure evil.  If you claim to be a Hindu, you are essentially against the Poor, the Dalits, the Minorities and Democracy & Pluralism. But if you claim that you’re a “Muslim first”, nobody will even whisper. The pseudo secularists have long white-washed the crimes of Islamic invaders to establish Hindu society as a criminal society of upper-caste and lower-caste where the upper-castes exploited everyone else. So they often argue that the Islamic invaders actually saved Hindu society and the lower-castes and claim that Hindus destroyed other religions like Buddhism and Jainism.
This pseudo secular media in India is the biggest terrorist and supporter of “Jihad” against non-muslims in India. It is the No.1 enemy of integrity and security of our nation and its citizens.  No wonder that Ghulam Nabi Fai an undercover agent of ISI, who was arrested in the USA sometime back — his guest list included Rajendra Sachar (who sought reservation for Muslims) and Dileep Padgaonkar (the Editor of Times of India). Most of our senior pseudo secular journalists and their panel of intellectuals are in the guest list of several fronts of the Jehadi terrorist organisations and their lobbyists.
But why is this bias being accepted by a majority in India? Just because Hindus are majority in this country, it seems they have to bear the burden of secularism and prove their secular credentials all the time but Muslims are considered born seculars. In the desperation to appease and prove ourselves to be a secular democratic country to the outside world, India’s govt. and media have forgotten to represent the majority community of the country. The pattern and consistency of this bias is clearly evident, yet majority of the citizens of India choose not to question such forms of abuse. This has become possible because large portion of the Indian population is made up of various castes and also living in poverty. When a large number of people are caste and poverty stricken, it is easy to manipulate this population to follow any hidden agenda that a group is pursuing. When vulnerable minds are manipulated at desperate times, it is easy to change their way of thinking and as this process is continuing for years since independence,  perspectives of the general public has changed in line with what they are being fed,  by the media and the Govt. This manipulation can be so powerful, that people fail to see things that are so vehemently against their own people. Consequently, they see themselves as progressive thinkers and go along with whatever is being said without trying to question the abuse of their rights. However, it’s high time that every educated person with an independent thinking capability starts highlighting and protesting this infringement of rights and stop ignoring it any longer. The media cannot get away with portraying Hindu’s as the so called “villains” without valid history, reasons and proof, while others are always portrayed as the “victims” plainly because of their numbers. Such vicious, venomous and biased vilification of a single religion or the majority community is not good for any country except under communism or theocratic dictatorship.

Every nationalistic and patriotic citizen of this nation irrespective of religion will agree that every terrorism-believing  anti-Indian should be given the most ruthless punishment and should be pulled out from every hideout of theirs. Believing in democracy and secularism doesn’t mean compromising with the discipline, integrity and security of a nation. No strong nation does it and we should stop doing it right away. The pillars of democracy and secularism are about identifying ruthlessly – and without looking at religion – who are those who are time and again threatening this nation’s integrity and security and going behind them ruthlessly.