Thursday, 19 November 2015

All the Queen's Men & all the Queen's Horses are back to being Humpty-Dumpty again...

Why the “Award Wapsi”s have suddenly stopped ever since the Bihar election results have been declared? What happened to our Secular media too, they have stopped all the debates and discussions on “why & how India has become intolerant”? Kalburgi’s killing, which was one of the main “provocation” for the start of the “Award Wapsi movement”, happened in Karnataka ruled by secular Congress Govt. But instead of questioning the Congress Govt. of Karnataka for the slow and tardy investigation, these long forgotten writers, historians and artists were blaming the Central Govt. for the killing. They are also now not questioning the secular UP Govt. of Akhilesh Yadav, on the progress of the investigation into the Dadri incident and as Bihar election is over Mohammad Akhlaq is done & dusted into the dustbin of history. May be now, we are back to being a “tolerant nation”, as we always were.

Is it a mere coincidence that the conscience of all these writers, historians and artists about “tolerance” level in India woke up suddenly when the BJP Govt. came to power at the Centre? If their conscience were true, unbiased and not manufactured, they should not have accepted those awards at the first place after seeing emergency, Bhopal gas tragedy, anti Sikh riot in Delhi, Bhagalpur riot, Genocides of Kashmiri Pandits, Loot of India through scores of scams during the earlier Congress Govt.

It’s high time we learn to differentiate between political writers, historians and artists and true writers, historians and artists. We need to distinguish between deserving award winners and award winners due to their excellence in bootlicking of Nehru-Gandhi dynasty and kowtowing the left-liberal-pseudo secular line of thought. Political agenda behind, why and what these fraudsters are doing needs to be examined, publicly discussed and exposed.

Frustration and the desire to be back in public memory to earn a few bucks has led them to perform this publicity gimmick. They were doing it because returning the awards would fetch them more publicity than getting those awards. This nation can see through their 'intellectual thuggery'. Their "manufactured rebellion" actually is proof enough of their intolerance towards a democratically elected central Govt.