Saturday, 27 August 2016

Freedom of Sexpression in JNU

Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) is in the news once again and surely not for the right reason.

Anmol Ratan, a Ph.D student and a very prominent high ranking leader (former state president) of the CPI (ML) affiliated All India Students' Association (AISA) has surrendered to Delhi Police after remaining absconding for 4 days on a case filed against him by a M Phil student of the same university for raping her in his hostel room on the campus on last saturday. The victim, who recorded her statement before a magistrate, has told the police that Ratan contacted her on Facebook after she posted looking for a CD of the Marathi movie “Sairat” and later also Whatspped her, offering the CD. He then picked her up from her hostel and took her to his room at the Brahmaputra Hostel on the JNU campus for giving the CD. He offered her a spiked soft drink there and later raped her after she fell unconscious. After that he told her that he did not have the CD of the film. He then called her 13 times through the night to warn her of dire consequences if she tells anyone about the alleged rape. Police found his phone switched off during investigation.

Something is seriously wrong in JNU, which is frequently in news for the wrong reason. There is nothing prestigious about this university anymore, which has become a den for anti-social and anti-national elements like drug addicts, rapists and separatist/terrorist sympathiser traitors. These students affiliated to various separatist, terrorist and specially communist political organizations, think themselves to be above the jurisdiction of law of the land citing democracy and freedom of expression as if JNU is a separate sovereign nation, where they are engaged in anything but research & studies, enjoying almost a free ride at tax payers expense.

This is not the first case against these people — they talk about female emancipation but indulge in such crimes. A few months ago, a JNU female student had accused the university’s Students’ Union President Kanhaiya Kumar of misbehaving with her by flashing his private parts and threatening her, after she had confronted him for urinating in the open on the campus. There are many other such accusations against these Communist student activists. In the past, they would silence the victims at gender sensitization committee against sexual harassment (GSCASH) level and would get these issues resolved there itself. But this time they have been exposed, as the victim straight away went to the police. What a shameless bunch. They are not really students but Communist party activists masquerading as students just to live on state largesse. It is the influence of the communists over the Congress Party that enabled these parasites to remain blood suckers for last 68 years. Communists are normally parasites on the state, the world over. Hence in most parts of the world - after people have understood their game - have thrown them out permanently.

When the incident of anti-India sloganeering happened a few months back, these activists and their supporter Left leaning-Nehruvian-Lutyenite-intellegentsia said that police should not have entered the JNU campus. Would the same logic apply even in this present case now and the campus should be treated as 'outside' the nation’s purview for any crimes committed? This is the Azaadi that these JNU hoodlums fight for and the Congressi-Marxist-Radical-Jihadi-Castiest (CMRJC) brigade of media, intellectuals and politicians support them. JNU today is a hotbed of all kind of illegal and anti-national activities in the name of freedom apart from right education, right values and nation building. I am sure this CMRJC brigade will very soon come up with the theory of "freedom of sexpression" to defend their Anmol Ratan, as a consensual sex conspired by political opponents led by the BJP. They are almost surely working on a plan to discredit the victim female student. These Naxalite-Maoist-Jihadi Terrorist sympathiser students in JNU, do not respect their nation, their civilization and their culture. What do you expect them to do with fellow lady students? At the age of almost 30s, people normally settle down in their family life but these scumbags in JNU call themselves student and enjoy life at the cost of tax payers money by indulging in anti-social and anti-national activities. If they continue to be students at an age when they should have been fathers, this is what they will indulge in. And the Left leaning-Nehruvian-Lutyenite-intellegentsia of our country are silent now, not worried that their ideal students are indulging in such activities in their “secular-socialist-sovereign” campus but more worried about Kashmir’s Azaadi. These intellectuals encourage these students to celebrate Mahishasur Divas during Durga Puja/Navratri & call Goddess Durga a prostitute and then go on in drinking binge and end up forcing someone in bed. These people can’t control these 30 something kiddos in campus but speak about Azaadi. Very soon we may see Rahul Gandhi, Sitaram Yechuri, Arvind Kejriwal visiting JNU to meet their Anmol Ratans to show solidarity with them for their great achievement. I would not be surprised if another theory comes out from these intellectual legal brains as to how the accused (even after rape is proved) should not be convicted.

It’s high time that law enforcement agencies and University administration act quickly & sternly against these students, punish them and permanently eliminate all such elements from the campus and create a positive education environment. There is an urgent need to lift the morale of those students who are truly interested in academics and improve the image of the university.