Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Enough is enough JNU variety Liberals…

Our pseudo secular politicians from Cong, Left and some of the regional parties, who are ever ready to sale their mother land to garner votes supported by anti-national intellectuals, NGOs and media are deliberately twisting the Ramjas incident to make the narrative as that of Freedom of Expression vs Modi Govt. There is a clear difference between free speech and spreading sedition. These forces are trying to destroy the educational institutions of our country by introducing their dirty anti national and leftist agenda into them. They are using the garb of freedom of speech to break code of conduct, when they themselves do not honour freedom of speech of others. What we see today in India is that a section of our intellectuals, politicians and media are going overboard with the term 'freedom' and 'democracy'. In the name of democratic practices, they are trying to convert our country into a breeding ground for indiscipline, law lessness and anti-national activities backed by forces within and outside India, who are scared that the present Govt. is trying to break the century old shackles of slave mentality of our nation and its people and their weak kneed submission to designs of invaders, who want to rule India by destroying its culture, heritage and civilization. These groups are the remaining artefacts of the colonial and communist forces who ran amok in India's institutions making them political hotbeds to distort India’s history, culture and nationalism to keep them slaves to the teachings of the invaders.

There should be a total overhaul of JNU, HCU and any other such institutions infested by the anti-national brigade masquerading as students. Their perverse and irrational fantasy about an “independent Kashmir” or “workers & peasants rule through Maoist type revolution” must be dealt strongly. Giving credibility to such forces by inviting them on prime time TV debates or for seminars must also be stopped even if that means curtailment of their “seditious freedom of expression”. From their fanatical support to Maoist terrorists and espousing the cause of Afzal Guru & Kashmiri separatists, their seditious activities have reached astronomical levels. This is only because they know that the secular political parties like Congress, Left front and some of the regional parties will come to their support even by defending terrorists and compromise national integrity and security. But, we must expose them alongwith the forces backing and sponsoring them. Questioning the integrity and sovereignty of the nation, espousing the cause of separatists & terrorists, opposing the judgement of the highest court of the land is anti-national activity. It should not be allowed to spread and grow. Anti national face of these Liberal-Leftists-Secular forces should be exposed, These are elements, who sympathize with militants & enemies of the nation and provide moral & logistical support to them. Govt. should clear the prestigious institutions from these forces. Otherwise such incidents will continue to reoccur and tomorrow they will say Hafiz Sayeed and Maulana Masood Azhar are saints and they are being accused only because they are Muslims. Judiciary should also not take these anti national activities lying down, as by organizing such events supporting convicted terrorists they are actually humiliating and demeaning the judiciary. It’s high time we show them limits of our tolerance and stop these nonsense in name of liberal democracy and freedom of speech. If some people in this country don't respect Indian law & oppose India’s sovereignty and take up causes for Pakistan & Separatists, they should actually not be allowed the rights & life of bonafied citizens of this country. JNU since inception has acted as a recruitment & nurturing ground for radical & anti-national ideologies at the cost of tax payers money. The whole atmosphere in the campus of this institution has been moulded to brainwash students by certain political forces towards anti India and pro naxal leanings. If that is called liberal, democratic ideology then better we be conservatives.

By now it should be clear to all that these controversies are being engineered on a frequent basis by the Congress and Leftists since the time they are on a decline infront of the nationalist forces. They cannot bear to see a nationalistic, patriotic, courageous & proud Indian in power and want to create all kinds of mischief & trouble. The nationalistic Indians have to send a serious message to the Congress and Communists to stop this kind of anti-national behaviour & activity by making them politically extinct. All nationalist & patriotic Indians also need to keep their eyes, ears & mind open, to burst all plans & conspiracies of the enemies sitting outside India and fighting a proxy war through their puppets inside India to weaken our nation.