Sunday, 16 February 2014

Kissa Kursi Kejriwal Ka…

On the 14th of February, the nation witnessed for the first time in the history of India, the irresponsible, shameless and brazen act by an Indian Chief Minister of himself making his own Govt. collapse.  Knowing very well that he was not capable of keeping his commitments and taking the wild allegations he made against all and sundry to their logical conclusions, Arvind Kejriwal was in the lookout for an escape route to run away from responsibilities. If he would have wanted to change the system, he needed guts to fight. He had a chance as Chief Minister to usher in a new era of a truly “Aam Admi Govt.” and improve the life of millions of Aam Admi of Delhi by providing better civic amenities & infrastructure, a just & corruption free governance, with equal opportunity for a better living, which would account for every rupee spent. By being in the Govt. he could have done much more in a systematic way. However he was more interested in “Lok Sabha” than in “Lok Pal”. Kejriwal and his Ministers had shirked their ministerial responsibilities, accused everyone except themselves of being immoral and corrupt, shown scant respect to the 'rule of law' and adopted a 'my way or highway' attitude. They have in less than 50 days dumped the real 'Aam Admi' of Delhi to whom they made several poll promises. Finding that Governance is an altogether different cup of tea, Kejriwal has brilliantly orchestrated his own downfall, crying wolf and playing the role of a victim, hoping to win sympathy that will propel him to the upcoming Lok Sabha and positions of power. But he has left a feeling in the common people that only stability brings growth & riches. Activists come with personal ambition & agenda, to establish themselves at the cost of common men’s interest. They waste precious taxpayer's money, stop critical growth and leave common men in the lurch. What Kejriwal and AAP is doing is manipulating the emotions of common man to gain political mileage and has no progressive plan for the nation. The whole resignation drama was enacted as per a pre decided script. The first step was to call a press conference and file FIR on an issue which is already in the court and take big names of Central Ministers and Mukesh Ambani in the FIR. The second step was to quickly announced a mega-reward program for defaulters on power bills, saying they deserved a preferential treatment as they supported the AAP’s anti-State movement by not paying for electricity bills during Oct’12 & April’13 and the Government would also not charge penalty from them so that in case of snap polls there is a sure shot ready vote bank. At the same time it was declared that those who had paid their bills during this period would not be refunded. The third step in the script was to create a situation where the tabling of the Lokpal bill itself becomes a contentious issue as regards to the Transaction of Business Rules of the Delhi Statehood Act. The fourth step was to somehow resign and blame it on Congress and BJP.  This is a classic case of a dishonest politician, who wants to cash on ignorance of the public, extreme populism and extreme narcissism.

Otherwise, how can someone logically justify the stupid act of Arvind Kejriwal. On 14th Feb, the AAP Govt. wanted to table two bills - 1. Money bill (finance bill) & 2. Lokpal bill. For the Money bill they followed due process of consultation and approval of Lt. Governor and Home Ministry & not only tabled but got it passed. But for the Lokpal bill they didn't follow the same laid down process of the Delhi Statehood Act knowing very well that they were resorting to unconstitutional means and sure to be opposed by Lt. Governor and the opposition parties. Both Cong & BJP said that they would support the Lokpal bill but AAP should follow the constitutional process as Lt. Governor had written to the speaker of Delhi assembly not to table the bill without approval. Had Lt. Governor or Home Ministry refused to give approval for tabling this bill or after approval Cong and BJP opposed it, Kejriwal would have been justified in resigning. But without doing so he resorted to an unconstitutional act just to bail himself out from governance of Delhi as he knew that he was an utter failure as CM and was looking for an escape route to fight Lok Sabha election on sympathy wave. This is complete opportunism, falsehood and hoodwinking of the people of Delhi and the nation by framing stories of  Mukesh Ambani etc. Also, if he was against that very rule of the Delhi Constitution, he could have challenged it in the Supreme Court, got it changed and tabled the Lokpal bill and see whether Cong and BJP support or oppose it and then resign to go to the voters again. But what he did was just political theatrics.

 Arvind Kejriwal is a clever, opportunist and ambitious politician and is ready to do anything to stay in the news for free publicity and increase his appeal nationwide. Therefore, he has to invent a new fight or a new crisis or a new controversy every day to stay relevant in the minds of Indian voters.  His ultimate aim was and is to win 40 odd seats in the next Lok Sabha election and then either become a king maker or the king himself. This intention has already been made clear by Yogendra Yadav. Thus he was never interested in providing long term good governance in Delhi with hard work, sincerity and perseverance by fighting the system and brings about systemic change logically, legally and gradually.  Hence, he used Delhi for his martyrdom, so that he can take birth again as a national leader and the only messiah for the common man of this country by showing dreams to the gullible “Aam Admi”.  Delhi was just launching pad for his ambition to become a national leader and if possible Prime Minister some day and now he doesn’t need Delhi any more. He came to office with an 18 point agenda and reqd. to show equal importance and commitment to fulfilling each one of those 18 points. Though good governance is a continuous process and would not have reached the last mile post by achieving one or all of those 18 points but this agenda could have formed the basis of a clear road map for a transparent and honest governing system. Honesty is all encompassing and one can’t be honest in one issue or idea and not honest in another. But Kejriwal never believed in such virtues. He is a man in hurry to achieve his personal goal and the goal for his party. Hence he showed scant regard to the trust and belief of millions of voters of Delhi. In a large country with a complicated governing system, change can’t happen overnight but only gradually through persistence, sincerity and commitment. But he had no patience for such fair way of achieving success in bringing systemic change. He is a power hungry politician, in a hurry to achieve his political goal and therefore had this intense desire to give up office at almost any cost. Arvind and his group of activists do not have the skill set, maturity and patience for governance. Making tall claim and accusing people with sensational comments is one thing but delivering on commitments is another thing. With their leftist ideology, the Aam Admi Party’s agenda is to denounce some new entity each day, promise a permanent revolution and seek martyrdom. If only Kejriwal had his intention honest and committed to the cause of providing good governance to Delhi and not his eyes set on the powers in the centre, he might have succeeded in making an impact on the quality of politics in the country. But his lot is totally incompetent, incapable and inefficient and don’t have the commitment and intention to serve the people. Kejriwal showed that AAP is a big hoax and they made fools of Delhi people who voted for them. Hence, 14th Feb will remain as a disappointing day for all those honest citizens of this country, who had pinned their hopes on him for systemic change and good governance. Also why he did not seek public opinion for resigning when he took so much time in taking people’s opinion while taking support of Congress and forming the Govt? Thus he has wasted every vote he got and what is the guarantee that he won’t do it again. India in 2014 needs a change, needs stability and maturity in governance. Quitters can’t be change agents.