Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Salman to Shallowman...

Congress leader and External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid on Tuesday launched a vicious attack on BJP's Prime Ministerial nominee Narendra Modi in his constituency Farrukhabad and slamming him for not being able to rein in violence during post-Godhra riots, called Modi 'impotent (Napunsak)'.
Its sad that the political slugfest has reached to such low level talking. This is disgraceful to say the least and that too coming from the External Affairs Minister of India, makes it even uglier. Salman Khurshid has any way failed India many times during his tenure as External Affairs Minister - whether handling China, Pakistan, Italy, Sri Lanka etc., but this time he has failed Congress, who anyway is a big failure as UPA II and most importantly failed himself. But what more one can expect from a low-life, whose NGO swindled money meant for differently abled people?
Mr. Khurshid, before you point fingers at others please accept that you were Napunsak in 1984 Sikh riot case and hundreds of riots in India since 1947 when your party was in Govt. for most of the time, you were Napunsak during 26/11 Mumbai terror attack and all other such terrorist attack cases in India during your Govt.’s tenure, you were also Napunsak when Indian soldiers were beheaded by Pakistan inside India’s territory, China’s repeated incursion cases, Italian Marine case, Devyani case in USA, as you showed impotency when the integrity, sovereignty and honour of our nation was at stake. There are several Napunsak in Congress party and its government that is why a person like you could survive here even after all the above.  You seem to be mentally handicap.  What a disgrace that congress has such a disgraceful guy like you in the party and the cabinet. To counter the increasing popularity of Narendra Modi, you and your party try to impose falsehood and propaganda on the citizens of this nation and divide them in the name of religion and spread vendetta politics, projecting it as secularism. While repeatedly flogging your only issue of 2002 Gujarat riots, you conveniently forget your party’s direct involvement in the genocide of 2733 Sikhs in Delhi in 1984. Though photographs and testimony are available of Congress leaders, leading the mobs while massacring thousands of innocent, unarmed Sikhs, nowhere the police fired a single bullet or arrested even one person. Cases were not registered and investigated. A Commission of Inquiry was constituted which came with a sham report. The Judge heading the Commission was subsequently made a Congress Party Member of the Rajya Sabha. Justice evades the victims till today inspite of irrefutable proofs available but instead of punishing the culprits, they have been rewarded with ministership and other Govt. favours. But though in Gujarat thousands of people were arrested, police fired at several places killing almost 300 rioters from both communities, you still call Modi impotent. Thousands of cases were filed and hundreds of people have been sentenced so far. Chief Minister Modi, personally went through several inquiries including the Supreme Court constituted and monitored SIT and no evidence was found against him. Even when Supreme Court exonerated Modi, you still call him impotent but when Rajiv Gandhi casually approved the 1984 riots saying that when a big tree falls, the earth shakes, you don’t find any fault with him. You said that Modi is responsible for 2002 riots as he was the CM but by the same logic don’t find it appropriate to accept that Rajiv Gandhi was responsible for 1984 riots as he was the PM. If Modi, the then CM with limited resources was impotent, then which word from English dictionary would you use to describe Rajiv Gandhi, the then PM who had much more resources to control the 1984 riots? This nation has not forgotten what you wrote about the 1984 Delhi Sikh riot in your book “At Home In India: A restatement of Indian Muslims" – that  “Hindus and Sikhs paid for their 'sins' during that riot and they got what they deserved”. And you still dare to call Narendra Modi “impotent”? This is a classic case of mass schizophrenia in Congress. The entire present leadership of Congress party is full of obnoxious and despicable persons like you.
Congress party and its leaders are so scared of losing their positions of power in the 2014 general election that they have come to loathe BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi. Their visceral hatred for Narendra Modi is rapidly crossing all the limits in the run-up to the election that is certainly going to see the rout of Congress party. Unfortunately Mr. Khurshid, Congress leaders like you falsely believe that by mounting personal attacks on the most popular leader of India, you will be able to salvage your party’s pride and fortune in the upcoming general election. You have not learnt any lessons from your colleague Mani Shankar Aiyar’s ill-fated potshot that inspired a bold new initiative from Narendra Modi called “Chai Pe Charcha”. This initiative got Narendra Modi huge publicity across the country. Following it, Rahul Gandhi issued a diktat forbidding Congress leaders from indulging in personal attacks on opponents. But you have ignored your party vice-president’s instructions and made indecent remarks of the worst kind against the man who might well be the next Prime Minister of India. Modi has a knack of turning every abuse thrown at him into his advantage. Aiyer's “Chaiwala” barb has already cost the Congress dearly. Now, just wait and watch how Modi turns your “Napunsak" abuse also into another scoring point. It is this unique trait of Modi that makes him a “Real Mard” unlike the “Namard” like Aiyer, Sibal and you. You and the Congress party will shortly regret making such a derogatory comment. Ahead of the Lok Sabha election, the Congress is not going to be able to derive any political mileage out of attacking Narendra Modi, who has silenced most of his detractors by his good governance and development oriented politics. You may have been successful in grabbing both the headlines and attention of the media, but if you think that this will translate into electoral success for you and your party, you are gravely mistaken. You have actually realised that raking up 2002 is safer than having to answer for 2004-2014. Ironically, the truth is always bitter and that is why you, Mani Shankar Aiyar or Kapil Sibal etc. have indigestion that has resulted in such verbal diarrhoea.
Mr. Khurshid, we do not care if the person leading this nation is impotent. We do not want the Prime Minister of our nation to produce babies but give us good governance. You can be very potent but we do not want potent political leaders and ministers like you producing babies like CWG scam, 2G scam, Coalgate scam, Augustawestland scam and numerous other such scam babies.  We wish the fathers of all these corrupt and criminal Congress leaders and ministers had been impotent, wish sons and sons-in-laws of all these politicians become impotent as common men of this nation are being punished for generations by these corrupt and criminal potent scumbags, whose only job is to loot the scarce resources of this nation and pass on the genes as well as the loot to their families.

Sorry Mr. Shallowman, your dangerous & notorious game plan has been exposed & will not work with the electorate this time. Before you judge someone's IMPOTENCY, you will have to give evidence of your own POTENCY. Rest assured, 2002 will not be an issue in 2014. This Govt.'s unending failures in the last 10 years will be a far bigger issue.