Wednesday, 9 April 2014

ऐ मेरे वतन के सेकुलरों, जरा आँख में भर लो शर्म: ... जो शहीद हुए उनकी क़ुरबानी का नहीं था कोई धर्म

Samajwadi Party leader and UP minister Azam Khan has created another controversy by saying that India won the Kargil War solely because of Muslim soldiers and no Hindu soldier was behind the victory. Addressing a rally in Ghaziabad(UP) on last Monday afternoon, Khan while asking “Hindu brothers” to embrace Muslims, said,”…isliye mohabbat karo ki Kargil ki pahadiyo ko fateh karne wala koi Hindu nahi tha, balki Kargil ki pahadiyo ko nara-e-takbeer Allah-Hu-Akbar kehkar fathe karnewale Musalman fauji the… (love us because peaks of Kargil were not conquered by Hindus, but by Muslim soldiers raising the battle cry of God is the Greatest).”

We all should believe that the defence personals of the nation should not be divided or counted by their religion. Former Army Chief General VK Singh rightly said that it wasn’t any particular community but “Indians” who won the battle for India. While all nationalistic and patriotic Indians should follow the above but it’s also necessary to give a strong reply to anti-social and religious fanatics like Azam Khan and people like him alongwith   their supporters and sympathisers by taking appropriate actions to teach them a lesson. Else they will be encouraged to continue such anti national activities. Also, they need to be exposed with facts and figures that what they are saying is just to mislead Muslims in India to believe lies similar to what Pakistan teaches to its school students about victories against India in the wars including Kargil. It is well documented that India lost 527 nos. of soldiers during Kargil war and only 11 of them were Muslims.

For making such outrageous comments, Azam Khan would have been behind bars in a true secular democracy  like USA or UK or French for treason against the Nation Or would have been shot dead in Saudi Arab or Iran or even Pakistan for hurting national sentiment. But as India is a pseudo secular democracy, we have to tolerate such anti national, jihadi, religious fanatic traitors like Azam Khan and our so called secular media, politicians and intellectuals are not crying hoarse. This culture of appeasement and undue tolerance of a particular minority community needs to change in this country. Our politicians, law makers and majority of nationalistic and patriotic citizens need to show spine and our criminal panel code needs to be strengthened. Such traitors should be immediately either shot dead or sent behind the bar for treason against the nation and national army and this nation needs to show to all citizens that such utterances would not be tolerated here. Such inhuman can’t even ask for human rights and we need not offer any mercy to such morons. His track record clearly suggests that he is an ISI and Pakistani agent who is trying everything to harm our nation from inside at every opportunity. He is still leaving in Aurangjeb’s era with Mughalian superiority complex and taking advantage of our nation’s democracy, democratic institutions and so called secular tolerance. These comments are another old Islamic fantasy they like to tell themselves to feel good about themselves- that Muslims are better soldiers than Hindus. What Pakistani soldiers heard when they died in Kargil was "Hah Har Mahadev, Jai Maha Kali, Ayo Gorkhali". He needs to be told that Captain Vikram Batra  was not a Muslim. Neither Saurav Kalia, the prisoner of war- whose eyes were gauged, private parts were chopped and mutilated body was handed over to India by the Pakistani savages, because he did not disclose to Pakistan anything about Indian Army deployment was a Muslim.  Since when did Gorkhas, Sikhs and Jats become "Muslims"? Even in mixed units like the grenadiers that fought on Tiger Hills, Yogendra Singh Yadav from 18th grenadiers earned the Param Vir Chakra. Azam Khan should be made to realize that the religion of nationalism and Indian Armed forces is not UP political arena and beyond the realm of parasites like Azam Khan, who are living in India but are loyal to their religious masters in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. Kargil war was thrust upon India because  of a Muslim Pakistan and it’s 100% muslim armed forces. There is no country who has fought more wars against another country in modern times than India against Pakistan.  

Azam Khan is more dangerous than Afzal Gurus and Kasabs. This country has not forgotten what this same Azam Khan said when SIMI was banned for the first time that “the move smacks of political vendetta against the Muslims of the country”. As per him SIMI is a socio-religious organization of Muslim youth and involved in character-building of the youth and other social work.  But it is on records that SIMI, originally was formed as the student wing of the Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH) in an effort to revitalize the Students Islamic Organization (SIO) established in 1956. It is an Islamist fundamentalist organization, which advocates the ‘liberation of India’ by converting it to an Islamic land. The SIMI, an organisation of young extremist students has declared Jihad against India, the aim of which is to establish Dar-ul-Islam (land of Islam) by either forcefully converting everyone to Islam or by violence. SIMI’s slogan is "Allah is our Lord, the Qur’an is our constitution, Muhammad is our leader, jihad is our way & shahada is our desire". SIMI maintains that concepts of secularism, democracy & nationalism - keystones of Indian Constitution, are antithetical to Islam. They aim to restore the supremacy of Islam through the resurrection of the khilafat, emphasis on the Muslim ummah & the waging of jihad.  He is also on record saying that he doubts whether Kashmir is a part of India. Terrorism is flourishing in India unhindered courtesy politicians like Azam Khan, who are sponsored by ISI and other anti India organizations and countries.   This nation should have the guts to put on summery trial such traitors like Azam Khan, who has brought disregard to the noble sacrifices of Indian Army. He is unfit to be an Indian citizen let alone in politics in this country. Anti-national politicians like Azam Khan are today the biggest threat to our nation and should face prosecution for falsification & wilful suppression of facts.

It's strange how 66 years after Independence the debate on secularism dwarfs the real issues a progressive nation should be debating.  And therefore, we see a total silence from most of the political parties, pseudo secular media and  the so called secular intellectuals, who normally jumps into almost everything said by the BJP, RSS etc. The only reason behind such silence of  the political parties like Congress, SP, BSP, JD(U), RJD, TMC, NCP, Left front etc. is because they can’t risk alienating the Muslim vote-bank  during the election time and even otherwise too. Congress party and its supreme leader Sonia Gandhi anyway thinks that only the Muslims are secular. But it’s strange that even the media, intellectuals and other social activists, who are self-proclaimed protector of secularism from communal forces (read BJP) are also silent. Does being a minority leader give Azam Khan the right to say anything even at the cost of national integrity and security? Why such privileges are accorded only to the minority leaders from a particular community in this country, while if a Hindu leader talks of the Hindu’s rights, he is seen as communal and committing a sin?

Hopefully the coming elections will settle this debate once and for all. Otherwise it would not be long before we become slaves again.  Azam Khan, Akbaruddin Owaisi, Shakeel Ahmed etc.’s recent utterances should serve as wake up call for all of us to respond appropriately.  It’s high time, that we follow, the preaching of Kathopanishad, popularised by Swami Vivekanand, “Arise, Awake & stop not, till the goal is achieved”, the goal being liberating our country, from the clutches of these Pseudo Secular Politicians, Media and Intellectuals.