Thursday, 30 October 2014

An Open Letter to Syed Ahmed Bukhari of Jama Masjid

Dear Mr.Bukhari,

My this letter to you is in reaction to your invitation today to Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif for the anoinment ceremony of your son as the 'Naib Shahi Imam' (Vice Imam) of the Jama Masjid and your statements about Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.  

I have a few questions for you which are as below :-

1.       What do you consider yourself to be? Are you living in Mughal era India where your forefathers were “Shahi” Imams and by dint of that coincidence, you still consider yourself to be the “Caliphate” of Indian Muslims as Mughal “Shahi Nababs” have cease to exist? Is Jama Masjid a “state within a state’ in India, which can have independent foreign and strategic policies?

2.       If Indian Prime Minister is to attend the private ceremony of a “Jihadi sympathiser & supporter” like you, I will stop respecting and endorsing him. I am sure even if invited, PM Modi would have never attended your ceremony as the position of Indian PM is far above the position of a petty “thug” godman like you. But who are you to invite the head of Govt. of an inimical nation like Pakistan? Do you consider that you are running a “Shahi Kingdom” in absence of the Mughal Kings? Or do you consider that Pakistan and its PM is the rightful inheritor of Mughal India and still hoping that someday Mughal rule will be restored over the Indian subcontinent?

3.       You said that you and your followers can’t relate to Modi but consider Nawaz Sharif as your friend. That means you don’t care if the person is an enemy of India but still ready to continue your relationship. Nawaz Sharif is responsible for the death and misery of lakhs of people in India in J&K and other places as his Govt. is using ISI and the barbaric Islamic Jihadi groups like LeT, JeM, Al Qeada etc. to spread terrorism and proxy war against India. I am sure you have sent invitation to Hafiz Saeed and Dawood Ibrahim too through “proper channel” to send at least  their representatives to your ceremony.

4.       You also said that Modi has no contribution to Indian Muslims. But can you enlighten us, as to what contribution Nawaz Sharif has towards Indian Muslims except instigating, supporting and financing some of them through ISI and the Jihadi groups to wage jihad against their own Govt. and nation?

5.       You again said that you and the Muslims of India have not pardoned Modi for the killing of Muslims during 2002 Godhra riots. Who are you to pardon or even question the Prime Minister of India, who has been absolved of any complicity in that riot by the highest court of the country? Can you answer, if you have pardoned Sharif for the killings of lakhs of Hindus, Sikhs, Jews and Christians under his rule earlier and even now in Pakistan? Have you also pardoned Sharif for killings of Lakhs of Indians in J&K and other parts of India? Let me tell you, even if you have, the people of India have not.  But your invitation to such a person proves that you and your followers/supporters  consider that killing of Hindus, Sikhs, Jews and Christians in Pakistan, other Islamic countries  and even in India are all right but you value only life of Muslims all over the world. For you, all Muslims from anywhere in the world are your brothers and sisters but not people from other religions even if they are from your own country. For you Islam comes before your own country of birth and where you are living. You are the same person who praised Osama Bin Laden and refused to unfurl Indian tri colour in Jama Masjid complex on India’s Independence and Republic Days a few years back. Now we know where your loyalty lies.

Mr. Bukhari, you have done a great favour to us by your these actions and statements. It remains to be seen now, how many “Indians” attend your function and still be wanted to be called "secular, nationalistic and patriotic". We will now come to know who the traitors of India are. I am sure Jihadi activists, their supporters & sympathisers, Kashmiri separatists along with pseudo secular politicians, intellectuals and media crooks of India will be there to show solidarity with your this “secular freedom of expression and action”. “Sickulars” like Salman Khurshid have already given statement to the media that  India is a "democratic" country and you have the right to choose whom to invite and whom not. After destroying the word 'secularism', now they are out to abuse the word 'democracy'.

Mr. Bukhari, you should thank your God that you were born and living in a civilized nation where the majority of the people are tolerant and believe in progressive ideology. Had you been in one of the theocratic Islamic states and would have behaved in a similar way against the interest of that state, by now you would have been beheaded on live TV. But, don’t take the generosity of this country and its civilized people for granted considering it as their weakness. Now this country knows how to retaliate towards its traitors and enemies and refuse to be slave of the earlier spineless, cowardly, apologetic and submissive culture. You are a traitor and   enemy of the Indian state. You are also an agent and working for the interest of the enemies of the nation.  Very soon this nation will put you into trial for sedition and treat you at par with Kasab and Afjal Guru.