Thursday, 11 December 2014

The Politics of Conversion

The Indian “Secularists” (these include politicians, historians, intellectuals, journalists etc.) and the “liberal elite class” despise everything Hindu or Hindutava. These creatures get offended when any references to Hindu Gods or customs are made but they merrily quote Biblical or Koranic references. I am not surprised that these Hindu haters and their pimps in the media always tirade at anything and everything Hindu - be it Sanskrit, Gita or Ghar Wapasi. They have no problem with large scale conversions by the Christians and Muslims but are outraged when Hindus do the same. These 'secularists' frothing from their mouth now over the reconversions by some Hindu groups, never felt outraged all these decades when Missionaries and Moulavis were converting the poor and illiterate Hindu population of India by allurement, deceit or force. They never show outpouring of such anguish when Christians convert by sermons or cajoling (jobs, house, education, treating disease etc.) and Muslims convert by coercion (terror, jihad, killing the males, raping the females etc.). But never fail to express their righteous indignation when Hindus reconvert by bathing, sitting in front of havan, chanting mantras and no such lucrative offers or fear of rape or killing.


Earlier, when the Hindu groups were demanding ban on “forced” conversions, the “secular” political parties dismissed these demands as communal in nature. Muslim and Christian evangelists have always been opposed to laws that ban or restrain conversions in the name of “freedom of religion”. Only Hindu organisations have supported such laws. The truth these secularists have been unwilling to face or discuss seriously is that religious conversion has largely been a one-way traffic so far in India– away from Hinduism. Also these secularists try to defend the conversions by Missionaries and Moulavis from Hinduism as being the result of the Hindu caste system, even though there is no conclusive evidence that caste alone plays a part in such conversions. It is equally obvious that converting out of Hinduism has not ended caste inequalities for the converts as else Dalit Christians and Muslims would not been clamouring for SC/ST and OBC status. Conversions away from Hinduism are very systematically planned over a long period and heavily funded internationally by Gulf petro-dollars or rich evangelical Christian churches in North America and Europe. If the Agra conversions are generating communal feelings and hatred, by what logic can these secularists claim that conversions away from Hinduism are immune from it? Let there be laws preventing all forms of conversion. There should also be a judicial inquiry to unearth the truth relating to conversion so far happened and still happening in the country. But do these secularists have the guts to investigate, discuss and also implement a ban on all conversions?