Friday, 9 January 2015

Decoding Terror Apparatus – from Owaisi to Charlie Hebdo

Since last Sunday, two incidents have captured the headlines in Indian media :-

1. Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (MIM) leader and Hyderabad MP, Asaduddin Owaisi’s statement on last Sunday that “Every child is born a Muslim. His parents and society convert him to other religions. And Islam is the real home of all religions. There is no forced conversion in Islam”.
2. Three Islamic terrorists (2 of them are brothers) killed 12 people including 2 police officers and 10 injured in a shooting at the Paris offices of the satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo on Wednesday, which was also target of an earlier firebombing in 2011 after publishing cartoons on Prophet Mohammad on its cover.

When we look at both the incidents, we find that there is a similarity of “belief” which led to the above. However, another similarity we find is in the way the “Secular Media” in India alongwith their panellists consisting of “pseudo secular” politicians, journalists, intellectuals and activists are trying to explain the reasons for the above incidents. Therefore, I would like to analyse these two incidents impartially and factually:

1.   I am appalled to see that  the “secular press and political parties in India” are terming  Asaduddin Owaisi’s  this outrageous  statement as a tit-for-tat reaction to claims from Hindus organizations that ancestors of all Indians are Hindus and their recent “Ghar Wapsi’ programme. I just don’t understand why this “Secular Brigade” don’t feel embarrassed to  link everything to Hindu fundamentalism making such lame arguments. If some so-called Hindu fundamentalist terrorises or kills or loots or incites people for violence, by all means, please arrest him. And we have seen earlier how and why Varun Gandhi was arrested and Sadhvi Pragya was arrested. But no media house or secular party tried to defend them citing their alleged deeds to be a reaction to “Islamic fundamentalism”. But when Owaisi abuses Hindus and Hindustan – they blame “Hindu fundamentalism”.  Why our secular brigade start linking everything to Hindu fundamentalism whenever we talk about Jihadi terrorism in India? Which came first? Hindu fundamentalists or the 850 years old Islamic terrorism in India? Who waged war on India since 1192 AD, looted towns and cities, killed millions of Hindus, raped Hindu women, destroyed every major temples in India viz, Somanath, Kashi, Mathura, Ayodhya etc., burnt even libraries and universities like Nalanda, converted millions by the sword and imposed Jizya tax on Hindus? Who wanted separate country based on religion in 1947? But no, let us not talk about that and instead blame the fictitious “Hindu fundamentalists”, who are neither in “Most Wanted List” of any country nor have any organized groups like Al Qaeda, ISIS or Lashkar-e-Taiyeba. How can the statements of a few aged sentimental “so-called Hindutva” leaders, who can offer nothing more than empty rhetoric to which no one listens, can be stretched out of context and linked with a random spurt of provocations, riots and systematic well planned jihadi activities? Why nobody dares to say that Hindu fundamentalism is a reaction to centuries old Islamic atrocities, loot and conversion  in India, which is still continuing under patronage of "secular political parties, media, intellectuals and activists” and now has been made into an industry? But still secularists call it the "religion of peace" and the Hindu rights organizations are called “saffron terror groups”.

Radical Islam has tortured humanity more than anyone else for centuries and it still refuses to die. Rarely any effective voice is heard highlighting such radicalism from within Muslim community and condemnation of such terrorism. Many in the clergy give silent support to these terror-mongers. Thus an Owaisi is able to brainwash Muslim youths telling them that all their sufferings are due to injustice meted out by the Hindus. They are taught that Hindus killed them, looted them, discriminated against them, raped their women and that is why Muslims are backward. And that their religion is in danger in India. But Owaisi and the “pseudo secular brigade” refuse to highlight that thousand times more Muslims are killed in Muslim nations or by Muslims than in any unfortunate Hindu-Muslim riots. There are no Hindus in Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Algeria, Sudan, Somalia to dominate Muslims. But still mosques are bombed, innocents are killed, rape incidents are highest. The culprits are so-called Radical Muslims themselves.

2.      Now that there is a hue and cry after the shooting in the office of Charlie Hebdo in Paris, the same Pseudo Secular Brigade in India are condemning it very guardedly but at the same time saying that Charlie Hebdo has a history of angering Muslims and thereby was asking for such destruction and killing. And that we should not “stereo type” a whole community and only a few among them are engaged in such acts. What they fail to explain is that when cruel, inhuman, intolerant and barbaric terrorist acts are committed and justified in the name of religious duty called “Jihad” by members of one religion, naturally all other people would be forced to ask questions and issue statements referring to that religion. And there are valid reasons why most people/countries in the world today are forced to talk and suspect  the members of a particular religion in a way, which is not very pleasant for any one. But this so called “stereotyping people” of a religion  is though unpleasant and unfortunate but can’t be avoided for reasons of history, data, facts and logic. The members of this religion always say that Islam is a religion of peace but if you leave the faith - you have to be killed, if you insult the prophet - you have to be killed,  if you harm the Quran in any manner - you have to be killed. And still just saying that Islam is violent and intolerant could get people killed. Less said is better about Sharia. Probably that is why George Bernard Shaw once said, "Islam is the best religion in the world  and Muslims are the worst followers". If Islam is not a violent and intolerant religion, why don't we hear more Muslims voice their protest then we speaking out against the intolerance, violence and other atrocities carried out in the name of Islam by people around the world?  Unfortunately, Islam has a long history of  violence being perpetrated and the general silence of Muslims must be interpreted as consent or the fear of speaking out. By contrast, anywhere anything is said, written or done that offends Muslims, brings cries of outrage and appeal for violence and killing from the followers of this religion. So how can one say that we should blame only a few among them and not generalize, when their numbers are growing every day. That means, most of the passive followers also believe in the same ideology and it’s just a matter of time or opportunity they are waiting for to become active.

Whom are we requesting "to live and let live"? That's the ideology of all other religions but not theirs and hence they would ask others to follow such ideology but they need not. Hence when questioned on his above statement Owaisi said that “this is his religious belief and others may disagree but he won’t change his belief. In India he has the constitutional right to follow and practice his religious beliefs as taught by his religion”. But the irony is that his co-religionists don’t believe that the same right should be enjoyed by the cartoonists in France and hence they need to be killed. People from all other faith can be beheaded in thousands but not one of them should be touched or it is unsecular. Other people can be forced to change their beliefs into false beliefs but their people will be killed if they leave Islam. Others women can be converted and give birth only to forcibly Muslim children but their women will force other  men to convert. Other women should mix with their men and marry them, but their women will sit uneducated at home as baby-manufacturing robots. Others  law need to be secular, but their nations will be Islamic and force all non-Muslims to pay tax and harassed them into converting or flee or die. Others must protect their people using the secular laws, but they will use their Islamic laws to root all other  belivers out from their nations. Others must preserve their architecture and mosques, but other’s  heritage must be destroyed when they begin their rule. Is that the difference between teachings of other  religions and the  "religion of peace"?

If we keep our heads buried in the sands of denial saying that terror has no religion or remain non vocal about the real threat of Jihadi terrorism, this problem neither gets solved nor Jihadi’s  are going to change their heart. We need to make all peace loving, liberal people aware about the threat from the ambition of majority of Muslims of the world to convert the whole world specially wherever they are majority into Islamic theocratic states and eventually either convert or kill all non-Muslims from all over the world. They are working with a long term plan very systematically. This is a historic reality. Only by making people aware of it and also preparing a systematic plan to stop their adventure, we can save the modern, secular, liberal civilized world.

Even after we have seen and experienced, the track record and on-going  misadventures of the members of this religion from Australia to USA and from France to  Philipines- why do we still want say that they are just a small minority? Have you ever seen any Muslim persons, organizations, countries forcefully oppose these organizations and their work? So pls accept the fact that this is a religion, wherein the people who are moderate are not effective and the people who are effective are not moderate. Why Pakistan was created? Why Kashmir is a dispute? Why Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains are almost Extinct in Kashmir valley, North Kerala, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Indonesia etc. ? Why the Parsees had to flee from Iran?  Why Christians are being killed in North Nigeria, Egypt, Libya, Ethiopia, Somalia, Sudan, South Philippines, Turkey, Kosovo, Chechnya, Dagestan, Albania, Bosnia, Indonesia et al? Why Buddhists are being killed in South Thailand, West Burma, Indonesia and Bangladesh? Why Jews are being killed in Palestine and all over Middle East? Why people all across the world are dying in terror attacks by Muslims?

So all these persons (from Owaisi to the killer brothers of Paris) and organizations (MIM to Al-Queda) and the conflicts must be seen from a larger picture – their  ideology and aim is one and the same - to establish superiority of Islam over everyone else (the non-Muslims either by conversion or by force). it’s not that they just want and will remain satisfied by just creating/capturing a Palestinian or Syria or Iraq or  Afghanistan or Nigeria or Kashmir or Chechnya. If any one of these terror organizations is successful, it will be a victory of barbarism over civilization. If a Kashmir or Israel cannot survive, perhaps none of the modern, pluralistic, liberal, secular, civilized nation will survive either. Jihadis of various label view Israel, India, Russia, Europe, USA and the rest of the secular, liberal, modern nations as conjoined and inseparable – “Satanic”. Even though we may not see our destiny as inextricably linked with France or Israel's, they do. If we give up on Kashmir or Israel or Afghanistan or Egypt or Nigeria or Chechnya, they will simply take that as a sign of our weakness and  pressure us next to give up on every other secular, liberal, modern country. What would organizations like ISIS, Al Qaeda, LeT, Boko Haram, Hamas, Hezbollah etc. do if they ever managed to win their immediate goal - pat itself on the back and close up? Not at all. They would then  turn their efforts to spread of Islam in the rest of the non-Islamic world, by force. So, to save Humanity, we all must stop denying the true facts, stop appeasing these terror sympathisers and supports and make them understand that we will use all our might to stop their aggression – overt or covert. All their co-religionists  must understand that either they join us in opposing  these terrorists or they will also not survive as they will be the collateral damage in our fight against these barbarians.