Tuesday, 6 January 2015


When for the first time ever in its history, India after Modi Govt.’s coming to power  is  tackling the Pakistani sponsored and supported cross border  terrorism as well as military attacks  with strong, massive and effective response, the Congress party is raising doubts on the Govt’s version of the “terror boat” episode in the Arabian sea off the coat of Porbandar, Gujarat on the intervening night of 31st Dec- 1st January.  At a time when Pakistan is shocked by the ferocity and volume of India’s retaliation and running for cover in the face of India's onslaught from Kashmir to Gujarat borders, Congress is finding it difficult to digest the fact that this Govt. has been able to prevent a 26/11 type terror attack on our nation.  After miserably failing to prevent the terror attacks like 26/11, bomb blasts in almost every major cities and towns in our country during their tenure in Govt., now Congress party is questioning the authenticity of Indian coast guard operation. The Congress leaders and spokespersons are speaking Pakistan’s language by dismissing the India Govt.’s version and questioning, how did the Govt. come to the conclusion that it was a terrorist boat and which terrorist organization was behind it? It is a fact that during Congress rule of last 10 years, India’s national security was compromised and weakened due to its inefficiency and lack of intent. Ironically instead of standing with the Indian Govt. and thanking the intelligence agencies and Coast Guard for protecting us from a probable terrorist attack, Congress choose to be sympathetic towards the probable perpetrators. When the 26/11 attack took place - Congress floated the theory that it was RSS handiwork, when Samjhauta Express blast happened inspite of confirmation by US intelligence agencies - Congress tried everything to prove that it was a handiwork of Sangh Parivar affiliates, when the Batla House encounter took place - Sonia Gandhi shed tears on the death of the terrorists and Congress leaders like Salman Khurshid and Digvijaya Singh visited the families of the terrorists to express sympathy, thereby lending credence to the Pakistani stand of denial of any involvement.

And just see our “Secular Media” like Indian Express, Hindustan Times and NDTV etc. Looks like they are  official news agency of Pakistan Govt.  They are floating all kinds of theories like, this boat was used by diesel smugglers from Pakistan to India or that these were drug smugglers trying to bring consignment of drugs into India  or even that these were Pakistani fishermen illegally fishing inside Indian maritime geography. They seem to have no faith on the Indian intelligence agencies, Indian Coast Guard or the Indian Govt. but believe more on Pakistani Govt. versions.

The first point that needs to be made here is that why would someone from Pakistan smuggle diesel at Pakistani Rupee (PKR) 86 a litre to sell it at Rupees (INR) 56.26 here in India? When one does the conversions, it doesn’t make any sense to smuggle diesel from Pakistan to India at a profit of hardly Rs 2. And when one calculates the cost of hiring a boat, cost of diesel  to  cover the distance from Karachi to Gujarat or Maharashtra and manpower, it would actually be a loss making smuggling business only the Indian Secular Media or Congress Politicians can think of venturing into.  Now coming to the other theory of drug smuggling - a drug smuggler (or any other smuggler) will try to destroy or dump  the material  in the sea when he is about to be caught.  Also, when on high sea, it is easier to drown the material rather than set it ablaze. It is proved by records that in 8 out of 10 cases, the coast guards when  intercepted such smugglers, the first attempt made was to dump the drugs or such contraband material in the sea. When they failed, they have surrendered and not blown up the boat to commit suicide.  Also, it should be noted that the boat was travelling by an uncommon route not used by either fishermen or by smugglers.  Such suicide mission is undertaken by committed jihadi terrorists and not by common criminals or fishermen engaged in illegal fishing.

These Secular Politicians and Media are questioning why the people in that boat were not caught alive or their dead bodies were recovered to prove that they were Pakistani terrorists.  Hello, are you all hallucinating? Even after Ajmal Kasab was captured alive and his accomplice’s dead bodies were recovered, Pakistan was unwilling to accept that 26/11 was the handiwork of Pakistani terrorists. After everything was proved beyond any doubt not only by India but even by USA that the attack was originated in Pakistani soil, Pakistan claimed that the attack could be by “non-state actors” and that only their own investigation was genuine and final. Inspite of given all evidences, not even one handler or mastermind of that attack has been charge sheeted let alone prosecuted by that failed, rough terrorist state in last 6 years.  It is not so easy to recover body or anything in the high seas (as we have seen in case of Air Asia crash too near Indonesian seas). We have seen many times in the past, Pakistan agencies using fishing boats to carry out such terrorist  mission including the 26/11 attack. Similar operations had been conducted prior to the 1993 Bombay serial blasts also  and it was at the Porbandar port that the explosives had landed from Pakistan.

Some of these anti national secularists are even suggesting that the boat caught fire when Indian coast guards fired warning shots towards it and was not actually on a suicide mission as told by Indian Govt. If every operation is going to be questioned like this, I wonder whether the security forces will have the will to act in the event of a real threat. Can the security forces be expected to subject themselves to intense media scrutiny after every operation and yet retain their capacity for quick and efficient responses? Can the media really sit on judgment over the action of the coast guard in the middle of the night and in the middle of the high seas? Don’t you have that much trust in the honesty of our own security agencies?  But you are ready to trust and justifiably report whatever Pakistani Govt. agencies tell you.

The alert levels are particularly high across our nation since the Modi Govt. came to power and security forces have been given free hand to act and retaliate whatever way whenever they deem fit. The vigil along the coasts too has been stepped up after Intelligence Bureau inputs that there were attempts being made by terrorist groups to strike at the Indian ports and coastal areas. The Al-Qaeda too had attempted a similar mission in Karachi where they tried to hijack a naval ship in a bid to launch attacks on US and Indian vessels sometime back. In such situations, it is impossible to take any chances and any suspicious movement from Pakistan should be dealt with an iron fist by the Indian security agencies as we all know what happened during the 26/11 attack. Even if it was a fishing boat or a smuggling boat as its movement was suspicious, what our security agencies did was to protect all of us, who had the pleasure of celebrating New Year eve in our cosy surroundings with our families and friends safely by endangering their own life for the cause of our nation.

The main aim of the Congress party and the “Secular Media” is to denigrate the present Govt.  in the eyes of the people of India and spread  untruth that the present Govt. is incapable of tackling successfully Pakistan's evil designs and make it pay a heavy price for its misadventures.  This is primarily because of the incurable disease that they are afflicted with known as  “Modi Phobia & Obsession”. This Secular Brigade is truly a national shame.

Desperate, careless, depressed Congress party and their stooge media is demonstrating  nuts, idiots and anti-nationals like Salman Khurshid, Sakeel Ahmed, Sushil Kumar Shinde, Mani Shankar Aiyar, Manish Tiwari, Ajay Kumar, Barkha Dutta, Sagarika Ghosh, Karan Thapar, Vinod Sharma, Kumar Ketkar etc.  More than the jihadi terrorists, more than ISI, more than Pakistan, more than any enemy, India's real enemies are people like these politicians, journalists, intellectuals  and activists - who indulge in such anti national acts. We are actually “living and sleeping  with our enemies” within our country. These anti-nationals should be "encountered first" - fake or real for their complete illogical, irrational and unwarranted comments on country's security issues, events and personal. It is “Desh Droh” and they need to be tried for sedition.