Saturday, 26 December 2015

Modi’s Bold Statement – Pakistan is just a small stop in India’s Global Diplomacy

In what took India, Pakistan and the whole world by surprise, PM  Narendra Modi  today made a diplomatic coup by flying into Lahore on his way back from Moscow and Kabul for a two and a half hour stop over to meet Pakistani  PM Nawaz Sharif for a brief bilateral dialogue.  Anybody with a little sense of global politics and diplomacy would admit that this conveys a right message to the international community and caught many in Pakistan and India including the worthless and anti-national Congress party napping. The fact that he made this visit in itself is important inspite of Pakistani Army & ISIS’s plans and Congress &  its allies criticism. But mark my words, it should not be seen as a sudden shift in Modi Govt.’s position vis-à-vis Pakistan. National Security Advisor of India - Ajit Doval, the main adviser to Modi on Foreign and Defence policy doesn’t make any move without deep analysis. It’s very evident since Modi took over as Prime Minister that India has dumped the Congress’s policy of appeasement and cowardice subjugation towards Pakistan. It has been proved beyond doubt  now that India will talk to Pakistan only at a time and place of India’s choice from a position of strength on an agenda selected by it. Till this Govt. came to power Pakistan was calling the shot and humiliated India at every opportunity. Now it’s payback time for India. Pakistan has very well realized it repeatedly - when bilateral meetings were cancelled at the last moment by India, ticked it off during UN summits and strong & massive retaliation to cross border firings by them – that Modi Govt. is very different from the earlier  spineless, cowardly, apologetic and submissive Congress led Indian Govt.  Now after this visit by Modi, Pakistan would be in trouble in the eyes of the International Community if they don’t reciprocate in the right way. But, India still doesn’t expect them to reciprocate and any false step by Pakistan will be India’s victory. So, Modi’s this diplomatic coup is actually to create trouble for Pakistan internationally and project India in the right perspective without conceding anything to Pakistan. And Congress and their allies understand this but don’t want to concede as that will either expose their failure in dealing with Pakistan or upset their constituency of anti-national vote bank.

Gobal diplomacy is more a matter of maneuver & perception then actual facts on the ground and Modi understands it very well. Hence, these “blow hot and blow cold” positions depending on time, place and situation. He just wants to show to the world that India is a large economic and military power  too powerful to be constrained by a small irritant like Pakistan in its plans and designs. India will treat Pakistan and drive its policy towards them as per its own wish and need,  without being bothered by Pakistan’s likes, dislikes or needs. India knows very well that not only Pakistan, but no Islamic state in this world can be a true friend and well-wisher for not only India but any non-Islamic nation in this world. Like USA’s friendship with Saudi Arab or Pakistan, which is not due to any bond of heart, ideology or civilization but due to only economic or political reasons, India also needs to engage with Pakistan only for political and economic reasons but not for developing any brotherhood. No amount of concession and good gesture will change the hearts of Islamic zealots in  Pakistan or for that matter in any Islamic theocratic state. For this first those Islamic states including Pakistan has to move their education and social life away from religion based culture, value system, thinking and behaviour. Till they move to modern and progressive education and social system based on respect for all religion, human values and universal good, they can’t be equal and true global nations. Their citizens are made to believe that only lives of people of their religion has value and all others are Kafers meant to be enslaved and slaughtered. Pakistani nation state is based on hate towards India, its culture and civilization. We are not dealing with a civilized, rational and progressive country and people. So all rational thinking, nationalistic and patriotic Indians should stop their idiotic pipe dreams that a jihadi Pakistan will guarantee a safe and peaceful India. Trust Pakistan at your own peril and this is realized by Modi & Doval. This Islamic theocratic state and humanism don’t go together. Irrespective of whatever we offer or do, they will continue their war of bleeding India through thousand cuts. Hence, Modi Govts. long term objective and interest is the negation of this failed rogue state for our own benefit and the benefit of a peaceful and civilized world order. And in this endeavour, creating difficult situations for Pakistan - bilaterally and internationally, humiliating and defeating them in every move, every forum, every encounter – economically, politically, militarily is the mission of this Govt. And Modi’s this visit to Lahore is part of that plan only. Pakistan is just a small stop in the Global Diplomacy of Modi’s India.