Sunday, 27 December 2015

Does India need enemies, when we have Congress & its allies?

While all the political parties are united in Pakistan in welcoming Modi’s sudden visit to Lahore, in India Congress is once again proving that it is the lousiest opposition party ever. Congress is peeved that they have been upstaged. They are peeved that Modi has done something, which they could never imagine and that too after proving to the world that India will only talk to Pakistan on its own terms from a position of strength at a time and place of its choice. There is no doubt anymore that Congress is anti-national and their only interest is to keep the rotten dynasty in power. They only have one concern - how much will their “Queen Mother and Prince” gain in any deal even at the cost of national interest. After what Mani Shankar Iyer and Salman Khurshid did in Pakistan, they have no right even to talk on any issues of national importance.

• It was Congress – who didn’t allow Sardar Patel to intervene in Kashmir & allowed a part of India to be occupied by Pakistan
• It was Congress – who took Kashmir issue to UN and created unending problems for India
• It was Congress – who freed 90 thousand POWs without gaining anything for India
• It was Congress – whose cowardice and appeasement policies gave birth to terrorism in Kashmir
• It was Congress – who allowed Dawood to flee from India & made him the Don operating from Pakistan and later supported Yakub Memon.
• It was Congress - who let 26/11 happen in Mumbai and tried telling us it was RSS handiwork
• It was Congress - who allowed monsters like SIMI and IM to flourish and bomb blasts to happen in India
• It was Congress – who inspite of proofs by international intelligence agencies blamed Samjauta Express Blast on “Hindu terror” & played into the hands of Pakistan
• It was Congress- who to protect Pakistani terrorists, created hurdles for our intelligence agencies
• It was Congress - who ordered our army not to retaliate against Pakistan's ceasefire violation and never acted against Pakistani forces who infiltrated in our territory to behead our brave soldiers, whose leaders even said that our soldier are only meant to die.
• It was Congress - whose leaders like Mani Shankar Iyer openly asked for Pakistan’s help to come back to power by removing Modi & BJP and Salman Khurshid criticised Indian Govt. to impress and appease Pakistan and the anti-national forces in India.

And still Congress expects Indian Foreign and Defence policies to be based on their unsolicited advises, whose ranks are full of Pakistani agents and supporters. In the past one and half years, that they are out of power, no one has seen anything positive from Congress. They seem to have lost their sense of balance and has taken the word ''opposition'' too literally. The Congress party never had a plan to deal with Pakistan strongly, primarily because that would upset their vote bank and the anti-India elements whom they have been patronizing to remain in power. They alongwith a section of Indian media and intellectuals are responsible for denigrating India and making it a soft state. But Modi and Doval are too nationalistic to give away anything to Pakistan even for any personal or electoral gains. And this is acknowledged by the Indian Armed forces and the intelligence agencies. The systematic destruction of India’s internal security apparatus by Congress and its allies during their rule in centre and states can’t be only for vote-bank politics, it has a larger dimension which is evident from the nervousness displayed by this dispensation with regard to ISI or Jehadi terror. After watching words and deeds of Sakeel Ahmed, Digvijaya Singh, Sushil Kr. Shinde etc. during UPA tenure, Salman Kurshid’s behaviour during and after his tenure as India’s foreign Minister and now what Mani Shankar Aiya told openly in Pakistan, is Congress worried that their age old practice of obtaining the services of the ISI, LeT, Dawood etc. for influencing vote-bank politics in India and winning elections to keep the dynasty in power will be exposed and stopped?