Sunday, 24 January 2016

Suicide in Hyderabad University & India’s Political Vultures

The suicide of Hyderabad University student Rohith Vemula is sad and completely undesired. It has been converted into a political slugfest by a section of media, some political / castiest / communal groups orchestrated by Congress and its allies. But the truth is the major casualty in this ugly slugfest by vested interests for their quest for TRP and political mileage. Hence, there is a need to analyse this incident looking into the background of not only Rohith but also of the events and individuals associated with the University. These elements deliberately twisting the incident to make the narrative “Dalit vs Upper Caste bias”, ignoring the following facts :-

1. Why can’t the shameless Media and Political groups/parties say the truth that a "Hyderabad University Student commits suicide after being expelled on disciplinary ground” ? Why should there be a fake Dalit tag attached to it even after it has been exposed that Rohith belonged to Vaddera community notified as OBC in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.and not a dalit. But the media, Congress and its allies belonging to various political groups /parties are conveniently brushing this fact under the carpet. If they consider Rohith as Dalit, would they also call Narendra Modi (an OBC from Gujarat) as the first Dalit Prime Minister of India? Bandaru Dattatreya, the NDA Minister, whom they are blaming for Rohith’s suicide for forwarding ABVP’s letter to HRD MInistry is an OBC (Yadav). Even the disciplinary committee who took the final decision to expel Rohith consisted of university faculties from the Dalit community. Under court order, in a meeting of the Deans and administrative officers of the University consisting of at least 3 Dalit faculty viz., the Controller of Examinations, Chief Warden and Dean of Students Welfare decided that an EC sub-committee headed by the Senior most professor in EC as Chairperson would examine the matter and submit recommendations. Since none of the EC members were from Dalit community, Dean of Students’ Welfare (Prof. P. Prakash Babu) a senior Dalit faculty member was included in the EC subcommittee as he is also a statutory officer of the University. The EC sub-committee, after long deliberations and after consulting the University security and local police officers, upheld the recommendations of the proctorial board and recommended to the EC that 5 students including Rohith be awarded punishment as recommended earlier. In the full EC meeting that was held one day before the deadline given by the court, the VC proposed to the EC to be a bit lenient because the recommended punishment would deprive the students of their scholarships to continue Ph.D. after the one semester expulsion recommended by the proctorial board. The full EC agreed to the VC’s proposal to be lenient but as a regular practice followed in the University for several years, it was indicated that these students would be permitted in the respective Department, Library and Academic meetings and not in the hostel, administration and other public places in the campus. The decision of the EC was submitted in writing to the High Court by the University legal counsel. The Chief Warden (a dalit faculty) communicated the same to the students around 20th December and asked the students to vacate the hostel. 
2. The 5 students expelled from the hostel moved High Court seeking stay on the hostel suspension. However, the High Court did not agree to stay but asked their advocate to club this petition with another already in front of the court on the same matter and posted it for January 19, 2016. So the matter was subjudice when Rohith, realizing that the Court’s judgement in all probability won’t be in their favour committed suicide on 17th January.
3. This whole episode started with Rohith and his group from an organization named Ambedkar Students’ Association (ASA), staged protest in the university campus against hanging of Yakub Memon, the dreaded terrorist convicted by the Supreme Court of India in the Mumbai bomb blast case. They campaigned in social media and also distributed leaflets/posters in the university with the slogan “how many Yakub you will kill, Yakub’s will come from every house”. When ABVP student wing in the Hyderabad University protested and campaigned against them in social media, Rohith’s group threatened and assaulted the President of the ABVP wing Susheel at night inside his hostel, for which Susheel had to be admitted to hospital and also filed a police complaint. Even they misbehaved with Susheel’s mother who went to meet Susheel. And when the EC of the university didn’t act fast against the assault incident, Susheel’s mother filed a complaint with High Court and it was on her complain that High Court ordered the University authority to submit an action taken report as narrated in point No.2 above. So, Why can't we call a supporter of Yakub Memon anti-national if he happens to be a Dalit (as Rohith was made to be) or a Muslim? Why is our Media and Politicians can’t see that it was Rohith, who had assaulted someone who protested against his (and his group’s) anti national activity, was found guilty by the University authority of threatening/physically assaulting a fellow student and under Court order took disciplinary action. What should we call those citizens of our country , who celebrate terrorists as heroes and icons? Are such anti nationals - if belonging to Dalit or Muslim community - are above law of the university and even our nation? 
4. Rohith’s suicide note reflects his realization of the wrong political and social ideology he was made to follow by his organization ASA. It was his own remorse that he failed his family and himself by getting diverted from his goal of studying diligently in the university, wasting his time, money and energy into false ideology and the shame of getting expelled drove him to suicide. The suicide note clearly shows that he was disillusioned with his organization and felt cheated. The struck out para of his suicide note thus said “ASA, SFI, anything and everything exist for their own sake. Seldom the interest of a person and these organisations match. To get power or to become famous or to be important in between boundaries and to think we are up to changing the system, very often we overestimate our acts and find solace in traits”. But our media and political vultures are not talking and analysing why he wrote the above.
5. If our media and political groups are so interested in the Dalit cause, why is it that they didn’t notice the 8 suicides before Rohith in the same Hyderabad university in last 10 years of UPA rule both in Centre and in the undivided Andhra Pradesh? Oh, no as then there was no Modi and BJP to blame for.

What we see today in India is that a section of our intellectuals, politicians and media, in the name of democratic practices, are trying to convert our country into a breeding ground for indiscipline, law lessness and anti-national activities backed by forces within and outside India, who are scared that the present Govt. is trying to break the century old shackles of slave mentality of our nation and its people and their weak kneed submission to designs of invaders, who want to rule India by destroying its culture, heritage and civilization. These groups are the remaining artefacts of the colonial-casteist and leftist-communist forces, who ran amok in India's institutions making them political hotbeds to distort India’s history, culture and nationalism to keep them slaves to the teachings of the invaders. It is crystal clear now that these controversies are being engineered frequently by the Congress and the Leftists backed by their pet intellectuals, NGOs and media since the time they are on a decline infront of the nationalist forces. They cannot bear to see a nationalistic, patriotic, courageous and proud Indian in power and want to create all kinds of mischief and trouble. Their Hindu-Muslim divide strategy is not affecting BJP vote bank, thus there is constant attempt to erode OBC and SC/ST vote. Hence, these manufactured controversies are attempted at dividing Hindus by provoking Hindu phobia in/within castes to bring back the Congressi-Marxist-Jihadi-Radical-Castiest (CMJRC) dispensation back to power. All nationalistic Indians need to send a serious message to the Congress, Communist and the Casteist forces to stop this kind of anti-national behaviour and activity by making them politically extinct.