Thursday, 18 February 2016

What ails our Nation

My Dear Countrymen,

Today is one of the blackest day for my nation, when I saw an Indian soldier crying on national TV after being accused by a politician, a Kashmiri separatist and a few intellectuals of being “extreme nationalist”. For the Congressi-Marxist-Radical-Jihadi-Catiest (CMRJC) brigade, now not only patriotic Indian citizens opposing separatists but even Indian armed force personals are not good citizens as they have strong views about the Traitors, Anti Nationals and their supporter & sympathisers. A decorated soldier, Maj Gen G.D.Bakshi is taking part in national TV debates over last few days on the anti-India activities in JNU campus and today on the Govt.’s decision to mandatorily fly the national flag in central Universities. Today our nation has come to such a pass that these CMRJC brigade has the audacity to deride its countrymen including its soldiers as nationalist as if in India being a nationalist is a dirty word. To side with patriotic Indian people is akin to blasphemy in the vaunted circles of the free Indian media, politics and intellectual circuit. How else can one explain the relentless crusade against the people who are opposing the forces shouting anti India slogans in comparison with the near total silence on the anti-nationals and their act. Rather this brigade is trying to justify such acts under the guise of democratic Freedom of Expression.

Do you remember a traitor named AR Antulay, who even questioned the authenticity and complicity of Pakistan in 26/11 Mumbai attack saying that it was a RSS handiwork, do you remember those anti nationals named Digvijaya Singh or Shakil Ahmed or Arvind Kejriwal etc. who questioned the authenticity of Batala House encounter and even martyrdom of Inspector Sharma or existence of Indian Mujaheedeen, do you remember those Congressi morons who inspite of FBI and UN confirmation of ISI involvement, converted the Samjhauta Express blast into a Hindu terror handiwork, do you remember the mercy pleas for Afzal Guru, Yakub Memon and even Kasab from India’s Leftist-Liberals? Democracy and freedom of expression is a fashionable business in India for some dubious, individuals & organizations. These individuals and organizations are Indians but only in name. They are no more than mercenaries whose single-point agenda is to destabilise India and break India into smithereens. Is our nation so spineless & irresponsible that anybody can say anything to suit their political need without any accountability? Does Indian democracy give license for senseless behaviour & utterance? Is it not this 'avoid-confrontation' policy responsible for our failure to check such inimical elements? Is it not that -we follows an ostrich like approach to national security and the Govt. also digs its head into the sand praying that the threat would eventually disappear and people will forget all the pain. How disgusting are we? All nationalistic Indians need to introspect and look at India’s retched history of farcical democratic politics and consider the terrible price the nation has paid at the altar of appeasement because the Indian State has toed the line of least resistance.

But still majority of Indian citizens are not concerned as most of us are so self-serving that we have lost our nationalistic and patriotic blood. We have become soft target of Jihadis and Pakistani agents from inside and outside the country because we the people are indifferent. India will never change, because we believe in nonviolence. So what if we have been hit on one cheek , we have still 1 billion cheeks left, that’s what we believe in. We are only good at holding candle light every year in the memory of those departed souls who were victims of the terrorists, listen to speeches from politicians full of false rhetoric & assurances, giving interview to news channels alongwith celebrities and social workers from the “peace brigade”. We don’t have any guts to do anything, apart from just to speak. This 'chalta hai' attitude encourages those perpetrators and their collaborators to get away easily. We hide under this supposedly comforting idea that India will never be shaken by such “small acts” and we will not allow these acts to stop us from functioning. But the real fact of the matter is, we just don’t care. Until we change our attitude, this nation would suffer and we would get killed by Afzal Gurus and Yakub Memons. We need a real revolution to break the shackles of this "cowardice and apologetic farcical democracy" as well as our “chalta hai” attitude. I would advocate disproportionate response towards these perpetrators and their supporters & sympathisers as this nonsense of “Oh, you have hurt my nation but still I would be generous towards you” has made us cowardice, submissive and our enemies bolder.

What we see today in India is that a section of our intellectuals, politicians and media are going overboard with the term 'freedom of expression' and 'democracy'. In the name of democratic practices, they are trying to convert our country into a breeding ground for law lessness and anti-national activities backed by forces within and outside India, who are scared that the present Govt. is trying to break the century old shackles of slave mentality of our nation and its people and their weak kneed submission to designs of invaders, who want to rule India by destroying its culture, heritage and civilization. These groups are the remaining artefacts of the colonial-leftist-communist forces who ran amok in India's institutions making them political hotbeds to distort India’s history, culture and nationalism to keep them slaves to the teachings of the invaders. The pseudo secular, selectively democratic media is the biggest terrorist and supporter of traitors in India. It is the No.1 enemy of integrity and security of our nation and its citizens. RPN Singh, an Ex Military intelligence official recently said that it's well known and established fact that many of our Politicians, Journalists and intellectuals are in the pay roll of ISI. No wonder that Ghulam Nabi Fai an undercover agent of ISI, who was arrested in the USA sometime back — his guest list included Rajendra Sachar (who sought reservation for Muslims) and Dileep Padgaonkar (the Editor of Times of India). Most of our senior pseudo secular journalists and their panel of intellectuals are in the guest list of several fronts of the Jihadi terrorist organisations and their lobbyists. All these campaigns for “seditious freedom of expression” that we have seen are part of that plan of the Jihadi organizations based inside and outside the country to tear apart our nation by propping such “trojan horses” in the guise of leftist-liberal-secular groups, politicians, intellectuals and media.

But the current Govt has thrown the apologetic & submissive foreign, security and economic policies into the “Nehruvian graveyard”. That is what is making the “traojan horses” and their masters cringe in anger as they are increasingly becoming irrelevant in political circles and their master’s grand plan is in danger of getting crushed. Therefore, the attacks on the Govt. has increased. So far, these left-liberal-Jihadi sympathisers were following this policy with the so-called Internet Hindus. They would say something totally outrageous and when people would counter them with facts & logic, they would complain that people are intolerant and they are being victimised. So all the opposition and protests that we see today against the Govt. are actually manifestation of hatred and frustration of this CMRJC brigade as they feel that the rise of Narendra Modi is the beginning of the end of their age old hegemony on this nation and its people. Hence they are indulging in such “camouflaged” events and actions, crying victimhood in the name of “freedom of expression”. They are trying to trick, supress and defame whoever is showing any strength of conviction to expose them. Just see the smear campaign they are running against Arnab Goswami and TimesNow or ZeeNews. They give sermon and certificate of secularism, democracy and freedom of expression to all but has basterdized the meaning of all these virtues for far too long and made mockery of the nationalistic citizens of this nation. So, When nationalistic citizens find themselves tricked, supressed, ridiculed to the extent of ostracized – their pent up anger and frustration will come out someday even in the form of overreaction and even violence against such forces – "Shut down JNU", "Punish the Traitors" comments on FB and even Patiala House Court incidents are all a reflection of such situation only.

Every nationalistic and patriotic citizen of this nation will agree that every supporter and sympathiser of separatism and terrorism, should be given the most ruthless punishment by pulling them out from every hideout. Believing in democracy and freedom of expression doesn’t mean compromising with the integrity and security of our nation. The pillars of democracy and nationalism are about identifying ruthlessly and without looking at political affiliation, ideology, religion or caste –those who time and again are threatening this nation’s integrity and security and going behind them ruthlessly. The word Nationalism has some respect and therefore please don't allow anybody to insult it.