Sunday, 20 November 2016

Demonization of Demonetization

While the entire Nation is appreciating and applauding PM Modi for his bold and revolutionary decision to demonetize Rs.500 & 1000 currency notes, most of the opposition political parties are criticizing his action citing inconvenience to the common men. But this nation has seen through their such pathetic argument. It’s not very difficult to understand the shock these parties are in due to Modi’s historic decision. It has created a sever tremor in their stashed black money kept hidden in bundles of Rs.500 & 1000 currency notes. The pain of seeing their huge treasure turning into toilet papers overnight is making them speak nonsense. But their lame arguments so far have been shrill, hysterical and devoid of substance or logic. Rather, their reaction to demonetization has shown a collective brain–freeze on their part. The common men are facing this hardship with courage and with a hope of a better tomorrow & greater good for this nation. The Govt. is also working 24 hrs. for making the process of exchange, deposit and withdrawal of currency notes faster and smoother. The entire Govt machinery is giving topmost priority to this process in the next 50 days period and continuously monitoring & improving the process.

The demonization of the demonetization decision has largely come from three political groups and their affiliate media, activists and intellectuals. They are A) Congress, B) Communists and C) Regional political parties like AAP, TMC, SP, BSP, NC, DMK, Shiva Sena etc. But let’s understand why do they condemn the demonetization decision? Is it because it is really a bad decision for our nation?

The reason Congress is opposing the move as Modi has hit not only at their “Khajana of Black Money” amassed over a long time but also at the root of their black money generating, circulating, multiplying and storing machinery. It is also due to the fact that Modi is trying to change the entire social, political & economic culture and discourse of India. If Modi succeeds, India's politics will change forever as then people will vote based on whether the Govt. is corruption free, builds roads & other infrastructure, provides 24 hrs. power, arranges for education, healthcare, world class manufacturing & services facilities, provides an intermediary free fare market for produces and helps people by creating opportunities for livelihood & prosper instead of voting just on caste & minority appeasement, subsidies and free bees. This is not acceptable to Congress as they are never really interested in India progressing to become a developed nation. They want to have more poor and socially divisive population, dirty-filthy cities, towns & villages, corrupt and scam full governance - so that they can continue to bake their bread on India’s woes and Nehru-Gandhi Pvt. Ltd retain their hold on power. Congress and its leaders, institutionalized corruption in India & made it into an industry, looted national resources and thousands of crores of tax payers’ money meant for development of the nation, destroyed & subverted every institution and office, twisted & distorted the social, political and economic discourse for clinging to power and even supported the enemies of the nation for own benefit. They made the nation dirty, mediocre, apologetic, submissive, divisive and status quoist so that they can continue to rule and amass wealth by deceiving & misleading the common men.

It’s a no brainer that Communism is the single biggest political ideology that was responsible for spread of large scale hunger, poverty, strife and mass genocide around the world. It’s the single most hypocritical and regressive political ideology which oppressed the masses it claims to represent using brutality and denial of fundamental rights wherever it flourished. But irony is that the Indian ideological descendants of Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot are giving sermon and certificate to the Modi Govt. of not being sincere to the poor and marginalized common men. These failed communist politicians who don’t have any nationwide political base and ready to sleep anytime with corrupt and criminal Congress & Regional forces to remain relevant are frothing from their mouth showing their outrage at Modi Govt’s decision of demonetization. While they provide leap service saying Black money should be eradicated, CPI(M) general secretary Sitaram Yechury says that Modi Govt. cannot decide the way people of the country live and warned of widespread protest against the “unacceptable” step. As per him India should remain an 80% cash economy which he calls “payment and settlement”. This “payment & settlement” is actually the “socialistic pattern of economy” adopted by India since independence due to hijacking of our Economic Model by different shades of Left-wing thinkers. They created a “License & Permit Raj”, supported by the failed public sector policies - where getting a phone connection took 5 to 10 years, getting a gas cylinder took 10 years, having 1 TV channel controlled by Govt. and going to ration shop for ration to kerosene etc. This system actively encouraged corruption and Govt. employees & middlemen became extortionists. Politicians became experts at stealing public funds. The Frankenstein state with a massive corrupt system, created over 60 years, found new ways to extend itself by conferring new rights on the hapless people - right to information, right to work (MNREGA), right to food, right to education and right to health etc. These are nothing but the state seeking new ways to retain the system of loot based on public resources. While Political wings of the Communist parties have pretended to be with parliamentary democracy, their underground Maoist-Leninist arms wings continue to wage a bloody war in various parts of the country to overthrow the democratic system to establish a "proletariat" ruled by a Marxist politburo of dictatorial governance. Seeing their hold eroding on the Indian Governance, Economic and Education system under Modi Govt, these hypocrites are demonizing the demonetization process.

The third vocal group is the various single leader (or family) centric Regional Political Parties like AAP, SP, BSP, TMC, DMK, Shiva Sena, National Conference etc. If we look at the track record of these regional political parties, we find that they have never done any good to their state or people they claim to represent. This is because caste or region based politics is just a parochial and selfish tactic of these vested politicians, just to get some short term political mileage. They just exploit economic reasons for political dividends and use these only as a short cut to achieve their own political and economic ambitions by emotionally exploiting the sentiments of the people they represent. Also, each of these political parties and their leaders are the most corrupt, criminal and anti-developmental. This is because once they come to power, they realize that they can remain relevant only till such time the people they represent remain socially, educationally, economically and even politically underdeveloped. Whenever and wherever they come to power, they push their state and common men backward by atleast 3x of the time they remain in power. The rise of Modi and BJP has heralded doom for their caste and regional politics. They are losing grip on their vote bank due to rise of developmental politics based on nationalism under Prime Minister Modi. Demonetization has hit them hard as they have lost their huge stock of black money earned through corruption during their rule in various states of the country and this is making their political future bleak in the coming assembly elections. Hence, they are demanding a roll back else threatening violence & riot.

Though all the above political groups are citing inconvenience to the common men as the main reason for opposing demonetization, their concern is not about poor people or their sufferings, but they want common men to remain poor and suffer continuously so that they can use them at their convenience for political mileage. PM Modi rightly says that we need freedom from the status quoist mindset and that the nation is "restless" for a systemic change. Modi is the change agent and all the above opposition parties are status-quoist. Corruption and black money are the biggest hindrances in our nation’s march towards development. The short term inconvenience that we are facing is worth and just a small sacrifice, when looked at the larger interest of our country's economy and fight against corruption and terrorism. So, it’s a solemn duty of every honest and nationalist citizen of this nation to support Prime Minister Modi in his endeavour to track & eliminate black money and thereby corruption from our country. We must stand with the Govt. in foiling the evil design of these corrupt and criminal elements to incite violence and create anarchy. We are fighting this war for ourselves and for our future generations. If we fail to stand up and help PM Modi defeat this corrupt and criminal Congressi-Marxists-Radical-Jihadi-Castiest (CMRJC) brigade of politicians and their supporter/ sympathizer/ collaborator media, activists & intellectuals, our future generation will never forgive us. They will hold us responsible for not doing our duty to give them a clean, corruption free, progressive and developed India.