Sunday, 13 November 2016

Surgical Strike on Black Money & Terror Funding

Corruption and black money are the biggest hindrances in our nation’s march towards development. Also, it is the lifeline for terrorism and the proxy war waged by Pakistan on our nation for last 3 decades. They are spreading counterfeit currency notes to destabilize India economically and through Islamic Jihad.   By stopping  circulation of the current  500 and 1,000 rupee currency notes effective  9th Nov, the Modi Govt. has effectively forced the entire nation to go to the banks or post offices to have their cash in hand in those denominations  added to their bank accounts thereby  forcing them to declare all such cash holdings. This move will have a massive impact on the black money and counterfeiting ecosystem prevalent in the country. This is because the monetary value of 500 and 1,000 currency notes in circulation far outstrips any other denomination, as the chart below shows. Also, 85% of all cash holding are in these two denominations. This very bold  strategy adapted by Modi Govt to dismantle the black economy and the terror funding infrastructure, deserves the highest compliment from every nationalist and patriotic Indian citizen. This should have been done long back but no Prime Minister or political party earlier had enough guts the way Modi has demonstrated and  had turned a blind eye, as there is political patronage to the whole business. He did it very systematically. When we look back, its now evident that the decision was not sudden. It started with the drive for bank account for all including for those who are at the lowest level of the economic pyramid, then linked bank accounts with aadhar etc., then brought disclosure of bank account in income tax return, added to it the various data mining and collection tools in the hands of the economic vigilance & tax authorities, then the income disclosure scheme. And finally this masterstroke. Truly a systematic effort at eliminating and punishing the back economy in the last 2 years.

All of us, of course, have to suffer some short term inconvenience but all that is worth it and is just a small sacrifice, when looked at the larger interest of our country's economy and fight against corruption and terrorism. While the common people are rejoicing  at the announcement, there are some Politicians/Political parties, Media and Individuals with vested interest are unable to digest this masterstroke and are raising irrelevant questions and issues. These political parties and their supporters /sympathizers  are very upset and protesting. They are taking the alibi that the move will cause inconvenience to the poor and common men. But the real reason for their opposing this move is not very difficult to figure out. Prime Minister Modi’s masterstroke aimed at curbing black money could have a far-reaching impact for political parties. It is estimated that about 70% of the funding for political parties come from undocumented sources. With Assembly elections round the corner in states like Punjab, UP, Goa etc., the pulling out of 500 and 1,000 currency notes could pose serious problems for most political parties and candidates.  Opposition political parties - specially Congress, Communists, the Castiest  and  Regional parties -  who have plundered common people through various scams over  almost 6 decades are hell bent upon opposing any move by the current Govt.  for their own interest and anti-national agenda. Also, huge unaccounted cash generated from corrupt practices are being held by individuals or organizations, which have become useless overnight and a major loss to them. The hawala money and counterfeit currency in the hands of the anti-India organizations/individuals have lost use overnight. A Home Ministry report says that remittances worth about Rs 23,000 crore per year reaches only Kerala through the hawala channel. So one can guess how much such money comes to the whole country in only one year. What is alarming is that also large fund comes to the country, camouflaged as money for charity or religion. Another report that analyses these money  found that majority of these are controlled by ISI and other such anti India organizations/individuals.

So, dear Politicians, Journalists, Jholawala Intellectuals & Activists – representing, supporting, sympathizing  - Congressis, Communists, Libtards, Castists & Jihadi lovers - kindly do not worry for inconvenience to the poor common men of this nation.  You have taught us enough resilience to bear with inconvenience through - your agitations, protests, bandhs, hartals on flimsy issues.  And to stand in Ques since our independence for …

Birth/Death certificate
Hospital treatment
School/College admission
Seeds & Fertilizer
License for business/industry
Train & Bus tickets
Electricity/Water/LPG/Phone connections and then to pay these bills
Municipality/Sales/Income tax
Darshans at Religious places
And above all for Voting you to power to plunder us.

So, this time for a few days, we don't mind to stand in the Bank/Post office/ATM Ques to prove our honesty and expose your black money as well as black deeds.

We are not frustrated and complaining. It’s our duty to  support our Prime Minister to bring systemic change in our nation. Our Armed Forces are fighting enemies of our nation at the border and it’s our duty to join them to fight internal as well as external enemies of our nation who are trying to destroy  us economically with the help of some of our own unscrupulous countrymen. We are fighting  this war for ourselves and for our future generations. Drastic change does not come slowly, it hits like a hammer and breaks all that is regressive and status quoist.  It can be inconvenient in the short term but it will be revolutionary transformation in the long run. We don’t mind bearing this short term inconvenience today, for a better tomorrow.