Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Coalgate & File Vanishing Trick

Now it has been proved beyond doubt that our country is ruled by a bunch of thieves. It is shameless on the part of Congress led UPA Govt. to come up now with the 'missing files' story related to Coalgate scam. Actually I’m wrong as embarrassment only happens to those who have some shame and this Govt. does not have any. It is very evident that the Prime Minister's office and the coal ministry have a lot of things to hide.  This same set of thieves had the audacity to doctor the investigation reports to be submitted to the Supreme Court earlier and now doing everything under their control to ensure disappearance of critical files. This is not the first time that this has happened under Congress rule. When Indira Gandhi lost the election in 1977, thousands of files were destroyed and later declared missing. Otherwise how can a Govt. achieve the unbelievable feat of precisely losing only those files, which are most crucial to unearth the size & scale of the scam as well as identity of the beneficiaries? The few hundred important files missing are those related to screening committee meetings, recommendations of states and PSUs/companies presentations, which were required to establish irregularities in allocation of coal blocks to private companies as well as joint ventures with government entities. Also missing are files containing recommendations made by Congress MP Vijay Darda and forwarded by the Prime Minister’s Office for the Bander block. By taking the affairs of the state to such level, this UPA thieves have turned our country into a Banana Republic. Great going UPA! The only thing now remaining to be missing is the Prime Minister himself along with his team of tricksters otherwise known as ministers before the next General Election. Mr.Manmohan Singh, please have mercy on this nation & the people and play this final magical trick of yours.