Thursday, 8 August 2013

Defence Minister for Whose Defence?

I really wonder whether Mr. AK Antony is in the payroll of Indian Govt. & paid from Indian tax payers money or in the payroll of Pakistani Govt./Army/ISI.

He made a statement that “approximately 20 heavily-armed terrorists along with pe...rsons dressed in Pakistan army uniform ambushed an Indian Army patrol along the LOC in the Poonch sector of Jammu & Kashmir in the early hours of Today, killing five Indian soldiers”.

Why is he scared to directly say that Pakistani Army killed 5 Indian soldiers by intruding & ambushing them inside Indian territory? Why is he favouring Pakistan by providing an escape route to say that it’s army & thereby the Govt. is not involved?

How is he so sure that those who were in Pakistani army uniform, not Pakistani soldiers?? Is it that Pakistani army never indulged in such acts?? Or he has photo IDs of all Pakistani soldiers to know that these were not regular Pakistani Army men? Or has he been told so by the friendly & trustworthy Pakistani Govt. ? Or he & his Govt. doesn’t want to embarrass Pakistani Govt. & hoodwink Indian people into believing that these are “non state actors” not under the control of Pakistani Govt./Army/ISI? Or is he trying to save his spineless & cowardice Govt. from being accused of ineffective defence & foreign policy?

Have we forgotten Kargil, which Pakistan first said was done by terrorists but actually was a well-planned Pakistani Army operation? What was India’s offensive response after 26/11 Mumbai attack & many such terrorist attack in Indian soil directly aided & abetted by Pakistan Govt./Army/ISI? What action did India take after bombing of Indian embassy in Kabul more than a year back & again last week? What action did India take after beheading of 2 Indian soldiers a couple of months back? What action it took after Pakistan killed Indian prisoners in Pakistani prisons? What action did India take even after repeated violation of ceasefire rule by Pakistan along the LOC?

Now India Govt. will say these are acts by forces, who are against peace & peace talk between the two countries. And to defeat such forces India should refrain from provocative words, actions & go ahead with CONFIDENCE BUILDING MEASURES.

Why & how are we allowing this “Aman Ki Asha Shop” to be set up & run by this Govt.??