Saturday, 10 October 2015

Decoding Left-Libtard Pluralist hypocrisy

1. The Mumbai-based Raza Academy initiated and got fatwa issued by Muhammad Akhtar – the chief mufti of Mumbai against Oscar winner music composer A.R. Rahman for working in an Iranian film “Muhammad: Messenger of God”, which narrates the story of the Prophet's life from birth to the age of 13. They are also asking Indian Govt. to ban the screening of the film in India, which was released in Iran earlier this year and at the Montreal World Film Festival last month.
2. A play titled 'Agnes of God', which was  to be staged in Mumbai has been called off as some Christian religious groups, including the Catholic Bishop's Conference of India, has protested and written to the Union Home ministry asking for a ban on its performance, claiming it hurts their religious sentiments. It’s to be noted that the same 'Agnes of God' was performed at Sophia auditorium, Mumbai, more than two decades ago and was very successful. The play is based on a true story adapted from an American play that was also made into an Oscar nominated film where the lead, Sister Agnes, gives birth to a child and claims she is a virgin.
3. in a Bareilly village in UP, a 6 years old girl was killed by her own father Zafar, allias Chand Miyan after she failed to keep her head covered while having food. Zafar had a strict rule for the women of the house to wear veil at all times and they were not allowed to step out of the house nor were any visitors allowed inside.
4. The Missionaries of Charity founded by Mother Teresa says it has shut down its adoption services in India over religious objections to the country's new adoption rules. A new guidelines by the Govt. of India has brought ideological differences between the Charity and the Indian government in two points - first, Missionaries of Charity will not allow adoption by single parents and second, they also have issues with couples, one or both of whom has had a divorce earlier. Speaking about the decision not to offer adoptions, Sister Amala of Missionaries of Charity told media, "the new guidelines hurt our conscience. They are certainly not for religious people like us”.

But I don’t see any outrage among the Secular Media, Politicians and Intellectuals of India on the above incidents. Neither the main stream secular media carried these news and debated repeatedly in their prime time with interviews of the sufferers on how “fascist forces are on the rise” nor the intellectuals wrote “Op Ed”s, or tweeted their heart burn seeing the “death of secular fabric” of their nation or returned their long forgotten awards. For them, “Muhammad: Messenger of God”' or “Agnes of God” are not creative pieces of genius like PK or a MF Hussain painting. But the same set of “secular saints”, are frothing from their mouth to protect and promote the “Right to Eat Beef” for everyone in this country as if that’s the only burning issue for us. These “secular saints” despise anything Hindu or Hindutava and get offended when any references to Hindu Gods or customs are made but they merrily quote Biblical or Koranic references. I am not surprised that these Hindu haters and their pimps in the media always tirade at anything and everything Hindu - be it sanskrit, Gita, ghar wapasi or beef ban. They have no problem if Muslims or Christians ban anything citing their religious sentiment but are outraged when Hindus do the same. They never show outpouring of such anguish when Muslims and Christians stick to their religious belief even at the cost of breaking Indian law - Beef party is just a small form of protest to uphold secularism for them - but never fail to express their righteous indignation when a Hindu organization bans a book which makes derogatory remarks about Hindu religion.

The biggest divisive and bigoted force in India today are these “secular saints”, who selectively highlight issues to suit their agenda and spread lies in the name of upholding secular fabric of our nation. The root cause of all problems of India today are these so called pseudo-secular intellectuals, historians, politicians and the highly biased media.