Saturday, 10 October 2015

Ghulam Ali and Indian Secular Brigade’s Pakiphilia

During the last couple of days, I have seen much heartburn from the Indian “Secular Brigade” of Media, Artists, Politicians and Intellectuals as Ghulam Ali was banned by Shiva Sena from performing in Maharashtra. These Sickulars and AAPtards want to hear Ali’s “Mujra” over the dead bodies of our soldiers and citizens. We have become a soft nation because of these people, who are indifferent inspite of Pakistan hitting us with their policy of thousand cuts in any and every way possible. They don’t allow India to change, because they are baking their bread on appeasing Pakistan and its constituency in India by their anti-India stands and ideologies. As per them, so what if we have been hit on one cheek ,we have still 1 billion cheeks left, that’s what they believe in. They are only good at holding candle light processions, every time there is a terrorist attack and giving sermons of peace and brotherhood with Pakistan – the failed terrorist state and its people. As per them Pakistani public are flag bearers of peace and brotherly relation with India. But they fail to explain how the same Pakistani public is donating money to all the terrorist organizations like Jamaat ud Dawa, Jaish E Muhammad, Harkat Ul Ansar etc. and also participating in thousands in all the anti-India rallies conducted by such terrorist organizations? Can they explain, if the foot soldiers of these terrorist organizations have come from any other planet if not from the Pakistani public? So entire Pakistani public irrespective of rich or poor, educated or uneducated, rural or urban, artists or sportsmen, politician or journalist, intellectual or armed forces – every single person hates India and hope for death/destruction/distress/division of India and Indians and contributing towards this goal. Every single day in Kashmir, Pakistani sponsored terrorists are killing our Jawans and every few months Pakistan sponsored attacks on different cities in India is responsible for killing of hundreds of our fellow citizens. Pakistan is sending thousands of jihadis to Kashmir to destabilise it and also the rest of the country. They are circulating fake currency in India to destabilise our economy. When Pakistani PM goes to UN, he openly criticises and opposes India’s bid for permanent seat in the security council and says that India is violating human rights in Kashmir while its they, who are the perpetrators of all terrorism – economic and military in India. And on the other hand we keep allowing these Pakistani bastards to perform in India and earn money here and donate to Hafiz Sayeeds and their organisations so that they can fight Jihadi battle back in India. So indirectly its we, who are paying to kill our fellow citizens and destabilize India. There should be a complete ban on Pakistani players, artists, goods and services until they start behaving and acting like a civilized neighbour. If these Pakistani artists, sportsmen are so great human beings, why can't they jointly issue statements and hold demonstrations in Pakistan condemning terrorist attacks emanating from Pakistan or against the state policy of that country? But they would never dare to do that else either they will be beheaded or deported. Whereas, people like Mahesh Bhatts, Sabana Azmis, Arundhati Rays, Sagarika Ghoshes, Mani Shankar Aiyars can say/write/propagate anything here in India and still get away with it.

This ‘secular brigade” says that breaking cultural, sporting and economic ties with Pakistan is not the way to assert our strength and dialogue with Pakistan is the best recourse. But, is not this 'avoid-confrontation' policy responsible for India's failure to check aggression from Pakistan? What have we gained by following their policy of extending hands of friendship and brotherhood to Pakistan over last 68 years? We gave MFN (Most favoured nation) status in Trade and Commerce to Pakistan long back but till today inspite of repeated assurances, Pakistan didn’t give us the same status. We have given enough opportunity and avenue for earning to people from Pakistan – be it sportsmen, artists, journalists, diplomat or educationists since independence but has that changed heart of Pakistan? So why should we continue the same forever? What worse can happen if we don’t continue the same from what is happening today? Pakistan has formulated it’s nationalism around it’s hatred for India and its national goal is to destroy India culturally, economically and if possible militarily. The Pakistani establishment has a very clear India policy - bleed India by a thousand cuts with the task also outsourced to 3rd parties viz., Jihadi organizations and garner domestic support by transforming education & information into indoctrination of its masses. Yet, India has been tolerating Pakistan and its evil design for far too long with patience and magnanimity, which has been attacking and humiliating us at every opportunity. This approach has obviously not worked and our “generosity” has been mistaken as our “weakness”. Pakistan needs to realize that there is a severe price to be paid for the dangerous game it has been playing with us. We must stop hoping that if we pamper Pakistan with our acts of kindness, which we have been doing for last 68 years and indulge in our “Aman Ki Asha” project, they will suddenly have this monumental change of heart and become our best friend & neighbour. We need to stop the peace charades, confidence building measures, cultural, sporting, economic ties and stop deluding ourselves that we are not at war with Pakistan (which we are for the last 68 years). Anybody who is sympathetic to Pakistan or its actions can’t be a true Indian. We must also stop denying one of the fundamental truths of our relationship with Pakistan – the problem we are facing today is more a creation of our “inactions” of last 68 years, than the “actions” of Pakistan. It is a misconception that a “strong & stable” Pakistan is in our interest. This artificially created state out of our own body with full of hatred for us and with an antithetical self-definition, has caused untold miseries for India as well as rest of the world. Such a state can never ever be either friendly or beneficial for India. Our long term objective and interest is the negation of this state for our own benefit and the benefit of a peaceful and civilized world order.