Sunday, 11 October 2015

Tales of Secular killings & Secular Bans in Secular India – for the Secular Sahitya Academy Winners, the Secular Media & the Secular Politicians

A person of Muslim community was killed in Dadri, UP by some people (one of them is a UP police constable) for their personal enmity with the excuse that he had killed a cow and consumed beef and the secular media, politicians and intellectuals are competing with each other to telecast, debate, sympathize to prove themselves as the flag bearers of secularism and bashing the present Govt. for communalizing our hitherto secular nation. Some 15 left-liberal poet and writers, who made their career even by praising Indira Gandhi for emergency are returning their long forgotten Sahitya Academy Awards (but keeping the money that came with it) accusing the present Govt. of destroying the secular fabric of the nation. So much for the value of a life from India’s recognized No.1 minority community.

But a few months back, in “secular Bihar” under the “secular CM” Nitish Kumar – a Hindu boy Sanjeev was murdered by the family members of a Muslim Girl he married. The deceased Sanjeev married the daughter of Mohammed Ajajul of Hajipur, Bihar four months earlier. After the love marriage, Mohammed Ajajul registered a case of kidnapping against Sanjeev, but the bride, Chandni, confirmed in the local court that she wanted to stay with her Husband. So, angry relatives of the bride, along with some villagers, abducted the bride and the groom and the next day Sanjeev’s dead body was found near the bride’s village. Police made all efforts to not give it any communal colour and hence the death of Sanjeev remained an unsolved mystery.

But no mainstream media ever picked up the story (only reported by Dainik Bhaskar), reported in their prime time with interviews of Sanjeev’s family members with graphic description of what happened, secular politicians didn’t make beeline to visit the aggrieved family and announced compensation or even flown the family members in state aircraft to meet the CM in full glare of the media. And no Sahitya Academy award winner felt it important enough to return his award.

Why only in the above one off killings, 26 years ago on the intervening night between 19th January and 20th January 1990, death was what a whole community of about 500,000 Kashmiri Pandits faced and hundreds of them were killed, hounded and eventually the whole community was thrown out of their homes of thousands of years. This genocide and ethnic cleaning of the Kashmiri Pandits in the Kashmir valley - the largest and the worst in the whole world after World War II - was perpetrated by the local Muslim majority population of Kashmir valley with active help and support from Islamic Jihadists backed by Pakistan. But, these Sahitya Academy Award winners never ever wrote an article in support of those killed and displaced, let alone returning their awards. Hindu's are in majority in this country, so killing a few of them makes no difference for the pseudo-secularists whereas Muslims are in minority (reproducing very fast and in many parts of the country they are on way to become majority) and even if a single Muslim is killed, these “pseudo seculars“ cry hoarse, distort actual picture and communalize by blaming Hindus but never report Hindu deaths even if it’s a genocide in the same way as reporting Hindus deaths don't increase the TRP of the secular channels run by the Barkhas Dutts, Karan Thapars, Rajdeep Sardesais, Sagarika Ghoshes etc. Dadri was just another example of the absence of any semblance of law in a state (mis)ruled by the Mulayam Singh Yadav family just like they say that the killing of Sanjeev in Hajipur, Bihar was another law and order problem in Bihar. However the biased media, which continues to remind us daily that Narendra Modi was the Chief Minister of Gujarat in 2002, pretended as if Akhilesh Yadav or Nitish Kumar don’t even exist in these cases. Instead it made the UP incident all about subverting secular fabric of India under the demonic rule of Narendra Modi and then stretching further by converting it into a debate about beef ban.
A few days back, Ghulam Ali, the Pakistani Ghazal singer was banned by Shiva Sena from performing in Maharashtra during Indian Ghazal maestro Jagjit Singh’s death anniversary saying Pakistan is sponsoring terrorism in India and killing Indian soldiers at the border by their unprovoked firing regularly. But now the secular politicians in India like Arvind Kejrial, Mamata Bannerjee etc. are queuing up to invite Ghulam Ali to their state to prove their secular credentials to their Muslim vote bank by distorting Shiva Sena’s opposition to Pakistan as opposition to a Muslim artiste. For them, opposing Pakistan is opposing Muslims and are ready to go to any length to appease the Muslims even at the cost of National integrity by playing Muslim card to favour our biggest enemy nation.

But, last week a play titled 'Agnes of God', which was supposed to be staged in Mumbai has been called off as some Christian religious groups, including the Catholic Bishop's Conference of India, has protested and written to the Union Home ministry asking for a ban on its performance, claiming it hurts their religious sentiments. It’s to be noted that the same 'Agnes of God' was performed at Sophia auditorium, Mumbai, more than two decades ago and was very successful. In another instance, Mumbai-based Raza Academy initiated and got fatwa issued by Muhammad Akhtar – the chief mufti of Mumbai against Oscar winner music composer A.R. Rahman for working in an Iranian film “Muhammad: Messenger of God”, which narrates the story of the Prophet's life from birth to the age of 13. They are also asking Indian Govt. to ban the screening of the film in India, which was released in Iran earlier this year and at the Montreal World Film Festival last month.

However, none of our secular Chief Ministers considered it appropriate to invite “Agnes of God” to be staged at their capital cities or arrange screening of “Muhammad: Messenger of God” in their states let alone declaring them as “tax free” similar to what they did for “PK”, which was opposed by Hindu groups as offensive to their religious sentiment.

Not surprising, the killed youth Sanjeev or the Kashmiri Pandits are Hindus and don’t determine winners or losers in any election and also are not backed by Fatwa following, fundamentalist, jihadi religious zealots. Therefore, these so called secular poets/writers/literary award winners, journalists and politicians don’t consider them appropriate for their attention. None of the “secular media” demonstrated their remarkable rage in reporting the smallest details, no investigative films with horror-inducing titles have been made, cases after cases are not filled in the Courts of India, no demonstrations have been arranged demanding judicial commissions and SITs, nobody returned their awards as the victims are all Hindus. Why Hindus can’t retaliate for any incident & why the pseudo seculars create so much of fuss even if one Muslim is killed? Why is it that if the affected party is Hindu, the same media coverage is not given and does not arouse the same kind of “public sentiment”? There appears to be a cardinal rule - never publish or debate anything that would be in the least bit negative about Muslims and Christians in general and Pakistan in particular. Hindu bashing is the truest form of journalism, literature or politics in this country. For these pseudo seculars – the only good Hindu is a dead Hindu. Secularism as practised in India today has become a defining manifestation of anti-Hindu communalism that is packed and marketed as ‘secularism’. The selective morality has redefined secularism as a politically convenient and expedient concept for maligning Hindus.

It’s high time, that all nationalist and patriotic people of this country socially and politically orchestrate these pseudo seculars from all kinds of social, political, cultural and literary activities. We are better off without you, your so called distorted history, left leaning biased literature, manipulative journalism and vote bank politics.