Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Muzaffarnagar – The Secular Riot of the Pseudo Secular Politicians & Media

For the Pseudo secular politicians & media houses of India, secularism is not a constitutional principle but rather an instrument to stay relevant politically and economically. This has been amply proved by them during the still on-going Muzaffarnagar riot in UP.  These politicians and media houses, who never loses any opportunity to speak on 2002 Gujarat riot conveniently forgetting the Godhra train burning which triggered the riot, are totally silent on giving detailed, factual and live commentary on the Muzaffarnagar riot citing their age old principle of not inflaming communal tension by reporting every minute details of such riots, which they conveniently forgot during and after 2002 in Gujarat while projecting the majority communities brutalities. Whatever little they are reporting are also biased, one sided and only talking about the sufferings of the minority community. For them secularism in India is fashioned and practised only for protecting the life and property of a particular minority community against alleged majoritarian excess. For secularism to serve their political and economic purpose, there needs to be a perpetual fear in the minds of this minority community about the potential threat to their religion, lives, property from the majority community. Only such a scenario suits their needs as only then they can project themselves as the saviour of the “secular ethos” of India. Since, SP Govt. came to power in March 2012, in last about 550 days there are about 100 plus riots in UP. But these are not to be highlighted as they are all socialist secular riots, only Gujarat was a communal one. In the run up to the 2014 General Election the UPA constituents, supporters and their paid media are all desperate. Secularism in India, provides a great escape route to politicians & political parties from performance & accountability. Therefore every mediocre, non-performing & corrupt Indian politician or political party is a self-proclaimed secularist.  After the Himalayan blunders created by Congress led UPA Govt. in economy, social issues, law & order, defence, external affairs and the loot raj they & their allies unleashed on this nation by indulging in scams in every affair of governance, they have realised that the age old  boggy of 'secularism'  would have to be their last resort to hoodwink  people. Therefore, Gujarat gives them an opportunity to build up a fear factor around the BJP and their Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi, so as to claim themselves to be the sole guardian of ‘secularism’. This, they hope, will consolidate minority votes for them. In a fractured Hindu society, managing the 15% Muslim votes would make all the difference between winning election to control power or sitting in the opposition. Congress and it’s allies need only another 20% votes from the majority community to rule & that is what they have done in the last 65 years. The 2002 Gujarat riot provided the pseudo secularists, just the "enemy" that can be projected to this minority community for times to come and ensure that they are kept busy fighting this "enemy" and vote in block for the so called secular parties. A master narrative that has been shoved down the throats of this community is that the only communal riot that ever took place in the history of independent India was the 2002 Gujarat riot and that "communal forces” in the form of BJP are trying to destroy their religion and the supreme commander of these “evil forces” is one man named Narendra Modi.

The Annual Reports of the Ministry of Home Affairs – before it was discontinued in 2012 – used to list “Cattle Trafficking” and “Eve Teasing” as the most common factors for Hindu-Muslim communal incidents in India. If Blood is spilling in Muzaffarnagar today, it’s precisely for these reasons. Massive political manipulation of police is the immediate trigger for Muzzafarnagar riot but that has not been reported by the secular media This belt of western UP is predominantly inhabited by the Jats, whose livelihood is dependent on cattle and cultivation. This hardworking and very proud community has established this belt as the “Sugar Bowl” of India. Their cattle were being stolen by the minority community, which was the cause of many earlier riots in Western UP. The immediate cause of the current riot is that on 27th August last, a hindu Jat girl of Kawaal village, under Jaansath tehsil of Muzaffarnagar was eve teased and harassed by a muslim youth, for which the two brother of the girl warned the youth earlier but when he continued harassing their sister, they had a fight with him in which the muslim youth was injured and died later. This infuriated the muslim community and they attacked the two brother and killed them. While police accepted FIR from the Muslim community against the hindu family of the girl, they refused to accept the same from the hindu family against the muslim community for killing the two brothers of the girl. The hindu community of predominantly Jats waited for a week for the police to take action but when the administration turned a blind eye, they convened a “Maha Panchayat”, which the UP Govt. tried to scuttle. But inspite of many hurdles created by the state govt., thousands of people attended the Panchayat. On the way back from the Maha Panchayat, the Jat villagers were attacked by Muslim mobs in a pre-planned manner, who had spent the last 7 days gathering weapons and people. However, the police administration under the instruction of the UP govt. did not take any step to protect the life and property of the Hindus and selectively allowed the situation to go out of control. Even Army was called in much later. So, when not finding any help from anywhere hindus were forced to retaliate to protect their family and property, now the muslim religious bodies and the vote hungry secular brigade of politicians and media are crying hoarse and spreading conspiracy theory. The secular media which was almost sleeping for the first 10 days when the violence broke out, now have gone to Muzaffarnagar to create tales of minority victimhood. So, suddenly since last 4-5 days our television screens are filled with pseudo secular intellectuals, journalists and politicians. Thus now Muzaffarnagar riot has found salvation in Amit Shah’s visit to Ayodhya and Narendra Modi’s ability to “polarize” the voters. Everything Modi has been accused of during the 2002 Gujarat riots, happened and is still happening in UP. But the secular political parties and their paid media are silent and the truth are being buried unreported as the hundreds of dead bodies of Muzaffarnagar riot victims. This partisan media is today the biggest threat to our nation and should face prosecution for falsification & wilful suppression of facts.