Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Congress ka hath criminals ke sath…

Winston Churchill had said before India’s independence that once the British leaves, this country would be ruled by thieves and robbers. A qualification and character certificate is necessary  to get a job of even a watchman outside the parliament of our nation, but no qualification or character certificate is needed to be inside our parliament and be lawmakers of this nation. What else can we  expect from the most corrupt and criminal government since independence to rule India?? The Congress led UPA know that if they have to survive and again win the next election, they need to save Pawar, Mulayam, Mayabati, Lalu, Kalmadi, Raja, Bansal, Owaisi and Sorens of this country.  They had to do this, else they would run severely short of candidates. They have brought this ordinance so that these "good criminals” can "serve"  the people of this country without any hindrance. This Govt. has reconfirmed once again that being a criminal is not bad at all in India- you are eligible to run this country and the government will protect you from the law, setting a perfect example for all thieves, robbers, murderers, rapists and terrorists to join politics.
The Supreme Court judgement was a major positive step and undoing it, is a disservice to the nation. This has dealt a destructive blow to our democracy. But It hardly matters to the Congress party and it’s allies  that all right thinking Indian citizens, except the largely corrupt political class, had wholeheartedly welcomed the Supreme Court judgment, which immediately disqualifies Parliamentarians and legislators, once they are convicted by a court. For this political class,  all other citizens are just vote-banks. In a country where as much as 1448 MPs and MLAs, have serious criminal charges against them, this Landmark judgment of the Supreme Court had come not a day too soon. The observations of the highest judiciary that ‘the parliamentarians and legislators cannot enjoy a benefit which is not available to the ordinary citizen’ was very apt. But every such landmark judgement of the Supreme Court for the benefit of our country has been over ruled by the Congress starting from Shah Bano case to RTI to autonomous CBI, for their hunger for power and vote bank politics. Can’t the Congress led UPA government see the clear message from the Apex court's rejection of the UPA government's review petition in this matter that it is averse to the obnoxious move of the government to protect criminals and to allow known delinquents to occupy the high pedestals of the Parliament ? Why the UPA government is refusing to acknowledge that the rejection of the review petition is a reflection of the peoples'  voice. Taking the ordinance route to negate such a mandate is despicable. Our country is actually being run by a bunch thieves and autocrats. It’s a “Sham” democracy.