Saturday, 21 September 2013

Yeh To Hona Hi Tha…

The motivated leak to the Indian Express newspaper over allegations that a secret intelligence unit Technical Services Division (TSD), set up by ex-Army chief Gen VK Singh was involved in trying to topple the Omar Abdullah Govt in J&K, to pay off an NGO to try change the line of succession in the Army top brass, to buy off-air interception equipment and to conduct "unauthorized" covert operations - totally seems like a Political Vendetta. It is clearly driven by the desire of the Congress Party to tarnish the reputation of Gen Singh, who during his tenure as Chief of Eastern Command and later Indian Army had rubbed many powerful politicians & bureaucrats on the wrong side by exposing their involvement in corruption in matters related to armed forces. Otherwise, when this information was available with the Govt. for last 6 months, why it has been selectively brought to public domain only 5 days after Gen Singh shared the stage in a public rally at Rewari with Narendra Modi? What was the Govt of India doing for 6 months over a matter of National Security? Does it not make the Defence Minister also culpable for negligence to act fast on such a grave matter that today it warrants a CBI inquiry?

If the report is to be believed, an attempt was made to topple a State Government just by paying Rs.1 crore to someone, then it’s the most bizarre thing that one could hear. If one can topple a State Government for just Rs.1 crore, our politicians would keep toppling the Government of each other at the drop of a hat and they would never leave that job to an Army Chief. Congress has mastered the art of bribery and is expert in toppling opposition govts. by purchasing rival members. Congress knows the exact rates of MPs and MLAs. The report is unable to explain - what did Gen. VK Singh try to achieve by toppling J&K govt.? Did Gen. Singh want to do something which Pakistan Army and ISI would love to do in Kashmir ? The story says that Rs 1.19 crore was provided to J&K agriculture minister Ghulam Hassan Mir to topple the state govt, perhaps due to its opposition to the Armed Forces Special Powers Act. But, Mir is an independent MLA, so he would need a group of MLAs to form a majority in the J&K assembly, which has 87 members. Now, let’s consider the strength of various parties- the National Conference has 28 MLAs and Congress has 17, forming a narrow majority. Opposition People’s Democratic Party has 21 and the BJP has 11. But undoubtedly none of the 3 parties, NC, Congress & PDP will ally with BJP. So to get a majority, even by splitting the NC and allying with the PDP, Mir would have still needed the help of Congress — which means that Gen Singh should have gone to 10, Janpath, and not to Independent MLA Mir for help in such a matter. But if he had 10, Janpath on his side, he won’t need Mir — who has, already denied the allegations as "blatant lies".

Interestingly, the entire Kashmir problem today is a gift of Nehu-Gandhi Dynasty. Nehru didn’t allow Sardar Patel to handle J&K’s merger with India in 1947, the way he handled the other muslim dominated princely states like Hyderabad, Junagarh etc. Nehru in the first phase by mishandling the J&K merger and then by taking this issue to UN messed up the problem. Then in the second phase, Indira Gandhi and later Rajiv Gandhi gave birth to militancy and anti India movement during mid eighties by rigging almost every election in J&K and then toppling Farooq Abdullah's legitimately elected government by using puppet governors. If Indian Army is there in J&K today and forced to give their life every day to protect the integrity and sovereignty of our country, it’s because Congress and more particularly Nehru, Indira and Rajiv completely messed up the situation there with their corrupt and manipulative power play to remain in Govt. Now Sonia Gandhi is taking a leaf out of her predecessors and hell bent on demoralizing the army with such ridiculous charges against a honest ex army officer who is highly respected not only in the armed forces but by the common people too. He is being hunted down as he has dared to raise his head and voice against Congress. This nation wants to know from Sonia Gandhi’s UPA Govt., the final count of the coups that General V K Singh had planned. Earlier, it was the rather ‘spooky’ attempt to overthrow the central government itself as reported by coup expert Mr Shekhar Gupta in the Indian Express and now we have this story in the same news paper. Congress party for it’s selfish gain can go to any extent and even compromise National Security. India has never seen this kind of brazen compromise of national security by any past government. This has serious implications on morale of defence forces specially involved in intelligence operations. It only shows how desperate the Congress led UPA has become just before the next General Election.