Thursday, 26 September 2013

Indian Prime Minister & His “Aman Ki Asha Shop”

Today once again Pakistan sponsored terrorists affiliated to LeT, killed 12 Indians including 6 army man, 4 police man and 2 civilians by crossing over to India near LOC in J&K and attacking a police out post in Kathua and an army camp in Samba. But still our Prime Minister is adamant on talking to Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to further the “Peace Process” on the side lines of UN general assembly meet in New York.

Mr. Manmohan Singh, this nation has not forgotten that you  had assured us through both Houses of Parliament after 26/11, after beheading of two soldiers by Pakistani army in the beginning of this year and more recently after killing of 5 Indian soldiers by Pakistan inside indian territory near LOC, that India would not hold talks with Pakistan till it takes satisfactory action against terror. The same Nawaz Sharif with whom you are eager to talk, allocated more than Rs.6.1 Crores in June 2013 to Hafiz Saeed and the result of that is there to been seen for all today. Even after such open state sponsor of a terrorist like Hafiz Saeed and many others, to even think that you can talk peace or even shake hand with those whose hands are drenched with blood of Indian citizen and armed forces, will be absolutely a traitorous move  on the part of your weak and incompetent govt . Mr. Prime Minister, if you have an iota of concern for Indian sentiment and national pride, you must reject or atleast postpone your meeting with Pakistani PM Nawaz Sharif. Due to incompetency of your govt., we Indians have got into the habit of saluting the martyr’s coffins wrapped in our tri-colour and consoling with their families. But we are not used to seeing our govt. taking aggressive action to stop such acts from our neighbouring country. Is this not another example of shameful hypocrisy of your govt., who prefer to ignore such heinous crime towards it’s citizens by this enemy nation? What’s the point of talking with a terrorist nation, aren’t we making a fool of ourselves? Inspite of they killing our soldiers, we are inviting them for talks and having dinner over our soldier's dead bodies. Pakistan alongwith the whole world is laughing at us, as  how they can kill our people and still we are begging them to talk with us. How long will India be seen as an “Impotent Nation"?


This is not the first and last tragic incident of Pakistan sponsored terrorism, happening in Kashmir or any other part of India but the main question is India govt’s  response to such brazen act. Your govt. is giving only lip service and no concrete action is evident. It is time the govt. acknowledges the futility of diplomatic gestures towards Pakistan. With our past experiences, India should treat Pakistan as an enemy with whom there can be no business as usual and we are in a state of war with it. Why can’t we boycott and isolate Pakistan till it stops all state and non state terrorist activities and destroy all terror infrastructure in it’s soil? There can be no diplomatic, bilateral, sporting or cultural relations, no trade, transport & commerce with Pakistan- cripple them economically, hit where it hurts them most. If they want to behave like enemy State so be our response. Why are we falling over each other to please them?  It is the result of our weak leadership that has encouraged Pakistani army, ISI and terrorists to come and kill our citizens in our territory. Also, there can’t be any talk with Pakistan under any foreign pressure – let’s not bother what the US or UN will think or say. Until Pakistan understands  that India is not just serious in words but even in actions about the loss of Indian lives and that it must provide answers that India has sought for so long and hand over all the terrorists like Dawood etc., India would not talk to Pakistan. Also, crush the militants and their supporter/ sympathisers inside our country ruthlessly. The reality is that this problem is not going to be solved even in another decade and after another 100 rounds of talks at the highest level unless Pakistan's capabilities – both economically and militarily- are not destroyed.  And this can only happen when, Indian armed forces are allowed to respond at a time and place of its choosing. This drama of talks with Pakistan  has become a bit too predictable. Every time, talk of talks emerges, these intrusions and incidents happen. But our govt, keeps harping on expecting Pakistan to take some credible action against its state and non state actors of terrorism. When we ourselves fail to take any action against our enemies, why would Pakistan act on our behalf? Are we not ashamed of referring to our own territory as Pakistan occupied Kashmir (POK)?


The current Indian govt. doesn't have a strategic policy to deal with the Pakistan's proxy war against India. Pakistan abandoned the conventional all out battles with India long back to focus on constant proxy war of “thousand cuts” with attacks on our border, attacks inside India through both it’s armed forces and  state sponsored terrorists as well as economic warfare of circulating fake currency to cripple our economy. The processes of hate India and islamization have gone so far in Pakistan’s state and society that all institutions of that country and citizens are under varying degrees of influence of Islamists, who do not desire or tolerate improvement of relations with India. We have been holding talks with Pakistan for so many years, but still there is no result and our citizens are getting killed by acts of Pakistan. Why? It shows that the leaders, whom we are talking to in Pakistan are either not serious in improving relations with India or are not capable or influential enough to convince the state of Pakistan to stop acts of terrorism. What is then the use of having talks with such powerless leaders who are not the real masters so far as Indo-Pak relations are concerned? Peace talk with Pakistan will go on without any result as Pakistan’s real power lies with it’s army, and the terrorist organizations and politicians are controlled by it.  So India  is wasting it’s time and resources and rather agree to peace talks only when all the three parties come together. Therefore, India should refuse talks with Pakistan on any issue, unless Pakistan declares and proves on the ground that it would stop terrorism as a state policy and stop using terrorists as strategic asset.

So Mr.Prime Minister, it’s still not too late for you to reconsider your insistence on having dialogue with Nawaz Sharif. Please keep your “Aman Ki Asha” shop shut for a while, hold the terrorists & their supporters/sympathizers by their neck  and retaliate strongly for any breach of LOC.  We have known you as mild mannered and not a tough talker. But for once, please use your legendary silence as an effective weapon of toughness. You need to use it on Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif now and for which your nation will remember you with gratitude.